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The Moto

Independence Brothers $230$320

Jacket pictured is Whiskey Brown Lambskin with quilted grey lining. Jacket features snap collar, two zippered hand pockets, two zippered chest pockets, gusseted shoulders, and adjustable zippered wrists.

All jackets come with two interior pockets, one zipped, one slip. All jackets include highly durable YKK brand hardware (zippers, studs and snaps). All jackets are made with top grade 100% leather.

Individual design changes can be performed for $10 per change. Changes may include zipper location/number, pocket location/number, type of pockets, wrist adjustment, ribbed cotton locations, collar type, stud locations and any other minor details you can think of!

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    Black Light Brown Tan Blue Brown Red
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    Cowhide 1.2 mm - 1.3 mm (+$60) Goatskin 0.9 mm - 1.0 mm Lambskin 0.8 mm - 0.9 mm
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    Default Style 1 Change (+$10) 2 Changes (+$20) 3 Changes (+$30)
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    Gunmetal Silver Brass Black
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    Black Red Gold Purple Quilted Grey Red Mixed Paisley Grey Mixed Paisley Yellow Mixed Paisley

This product is custom, made on an order by order basis. If you want any additional features or different colored leathers let us know and we can work with you. It takes roughly 2 weeks for the product to be made, then an additional 1-2 weeks for shipment so please be patient with us. Quality handmade products take time and care.

NOTE: Due to a large number of orders, please expect a total of 4-6 weeks for turn around time. Thank you for being patient.

Once you have bought the jacket, Scott or Robbie will work with you personally to get your size measurements so you can get a jacket that fits you perfectly. We will send you a detailed guide with photos on how to take your own measurements. If at any point you get confused just shoot us an e-mail and we'll be glad to sort it out for you.

Should I use conditioner on my leather jacket?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. Leather is a very unique and wonderful type of fabric. It can be difficult to maintain given that at one time it was part of a living thing. However with minor maintenance and care it can last decades. There is one very important fact to remember when thinking about leather care; leather is porous. This means that anything it touches, it wants to soak up. Whether it’s water, motor oil, human oil, paint, you name it.

The best thing you can do to care for your jacket (besides cleaning it) is to condition it. Most leather jackets don’t need conditioner as frequently as, say, boots, or other goods that take lots of abuse like a bag. But if you like you can buy some off Amazon with good reviews just make sure it won’t stain your leather first by using it on a small patch of the interior first. We recommend once every two years. We also recommend purchasing what is called ‘saddle soap’. This is a specially formulated soap that will not ruin the leather’s natural oils and dry it out like almost any other soap on the market. It’s a very gentle product that has oils in it.

The steps you should take to condition your jacket will vary based on which saddle soap you use, and which conditioner but basically we recommend these steps:

Wipe down your jacket with a wet, clean rag. Get rid of all the obvious dirt and any contaminants on the surface.

Dry the jacket.

Use the saddle soap’s instructions to clean your jacket. Often this involves finding a damp clean rag and rubbing the soap into it, then rubbing the rag all over the jacket.

Let the jacket dry(or whatever the instructions say on the saddle soap).

Use your preferred leather conditioner on the jacket, make sure to spot test it first so you know what effect it will have on your leather’s color.

Enjoy! Repeat once every 2 years on average. We don’t recommend overdoing it however, this can saturate the jacket and make it flimsy and prone to scratching.

How do I store my leather jacket?

It’s fairly important to store your leather jacket in a safe manner. The reason for this is because leather creases and however you store it, it will want to retain that shape. However if it comes down to it and you have to fold it to travel or otherwise, it won’t damage the leather, it just may take a few days to a week for the creases to work their way out.

We always recommend using a coat hanger every time you hang up your jacket. Especially one like the hanger we gave you! This will keep it’s silhouette mostly intact and allow creases to be smoothed by gravity over time. If you use a normal thin wire hanger, it will crease in odd places and when you go to wear it, those creases will be fairly obvious to anyone looking at it.

Some people ask us why we don’t use cedar hangers or recommend them. While cedar has great bug-repellent properties, and it smells great, we aren’t so sure that everyone wants their leather jacket to smell like a cedar closet! Leather is slightly permeable and this smell can linger for days. Use our hanger. If you’ve lost one of our hangers, send us $30 and we’ll ship it out to you as soon as possible. Or go buy any jacket hanger from a store, they’ll be much cheaper! Just make sure it’s a nice thick jacket version.

When storing a jacket for any lengthy period of time, be sensible. Don’t put it in your basement where humidity and bugs can get to it. Leather is organic and as a result will decay over time given the right conditions. Mold can even grow on leather’s porous surface given enough humidity! Store it in a closet with relatively low humidity and room temperature on a nice hanger, or fold it very carefully (find a guide on youtube for proper folding etiquette to reduce weird creases).

How do I clean my leather jacket?

If you love your jacket, you’ll wear it. Getting it dirty is a natural consequence of life. Don’t worry too much about it. Dirt, food stains etc. can come out very easily. Things such as oil and paint that can be absorbed may need a professional touch to not damage the leather itself when you have to use more stringent cleaners. But for most daily problems, follow our guide:

To clean, just grab a slightly damp cloth with water and gently wipe it down for minor dirt. Then dry quickly with a paper towel. If you have more serious dirt or oil or food stains buy some saddle soap(special soap designed for leather) and follow the directions. Usually after saddle soap it recommends using conditioner as the soap can slightly dry out the leather.

It’s EXTREMELY important that you do not use regular soap on your leather jacket. Regular soap will wick away all of the natural oils and protective chemicals that are used in the tanning process. This will leave the jacket dry, brittle, and prone to cracking.

After any sort of cleaning, use a conditioner designed for leather jackets. It’s always important to spot test your jacket’s leather with the conditioner first, and allow it to dry, to see the full effect of the conditioner. Some conditioners can lighten/darken your leather or leave it greasy. Find a spot on your jacket (such as a strip of leather on the inside) that no one will see, and rub in a little to see it’s effects. If it looks fine, follow the instructions on the bottle for the areas you cleaned.

Can I wear my leather jacket in the rain?

We get asked all the time if it’s OK for leather jackets to get wet. I’ve worn my jackets for years with absolutely no negative consequences from getting wet. With that in mind, don’t over do it. Mild rain is perfectly OK. Just try to wipe it off quickly afterwards. If it does get wet it will soften a little, but should return to normal quickly once it’s dry. During this soft period it can be damaged more easily so be careful.

We’ve seen some crazy ideas out there, such as people putting their jackets in the washer, or soaking them in a bathtub. Please, don’t do anything like this. Any attempt to shorten the amount of time it takes to wear in your jacket is going to end with an inferior result. This is like taking a dremel to a pair of jeans to give it ‘that worn in look’. Just don’t do it.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 14 days if any of the following conditions are met:

1. Your jacket’s measurements are off by more than one half of an inch.
2. Your jacket’s requested features are missing or different than shown in our photos.
3. Your jacket is the wrong color.

If the jacket is returned and, upon inspection, we find that it is incorrect, we will remake the jacket free of charge to the correct specifications.

How are you different from other leather jacket companies?

Other leather jacket companies bring high-quality, custom-made products to market, but at three to four times the price of our jackets. These companies typically use much thicker leather and sometimes include layers of filler to stiffen-up the jacket. These materials are often sourced from, and the jackets produced in, the company’s home country. All of this adds a lot to the cost of their products. We source our leather and manufacturing services from vetted suppliers in highly competitive markets. We don’t use filler materials or excessive layers of leather. This allows our jackets to be fitted, lightweight, fashionable, and, most importantly for the consumer, low-cost.

Where can I find reviews of your products?

We have asked our customers to create review threads on popular fashion forums such as SuperFuture, StyleForum, and Reddit’s r/MaleFashionAdvice. We will also be selling on third-party websites in the near future and will link to those pages as well.


Check out our reviews here!

How are you able to produce high quality garments at low prices?

As an independent operation, we have shaped our business to save money for our customers. We have chosen not to market our products through purchases of ad space. We rely purely on word-of-mouth advertising from our satisfied customers. We don’t use middle-men: no retailers take a cut and no online stores take a commission. We source our leather and manufacturing services from vetted suppliers in highly competitive markets. All of this reduces the cost to the consumer without sacrificing the quality of our product.

What if I don’t know what I want?

Ask us! We’ve helped many customers who were new to buying a leather jacket. We often recommend first choosing the style you want and then sticking with the basics. Too many added features and breaks from the traditional style can make a jacket look overbearing; after a few months, you may grow tired of the hyper-unique look and that’s the last thing we want. In fashion, like in most things, simplicity is often best.

How do I measure myself?

Measuring is a very straightforward and easy process. We will ask for standard things like height and weight. We will also send you a PDF outlining exactly how to take your own measurements. We’ll work with you personally via e-mail to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the fit when you receive your jacket.

How long does the process take?

The whole process takes about a month for each jacket. Once we receive payment, it takes roughly 1-2 days to get your measurements and correspond with you about what will fit you best. When we are sure you’ll be satisfied with the fit, we will send out the instructions, design, and measurements to our shop manager. From there, production of the jacket can take roughly 2-3 weeks. Once production is complete, we will take 1-2 days to perform our quality audit to ensure you get exactly what you ordered. Once we’re satisfied that the product matches your custom order, it will take up to about a week to ship it anywhere in the world.

"The moto jacket began as a light weight motorcycle jacket in post-WWII England. Also known as the café racer, this type of jacket was sported by former soldiers racing between local pubs and cafés on souped-up prewar motorbikes. Traveling at times in excess of 100 MPH on the trails that passed for roads at the time, the riders needed a streamlined, minimalist leather racing jacket. The moto jacket’s simplistic design avoids unnecessary detailing like epaulets or large lapels. Like the motorbikes these riders raced on, the moto jacket has become a symbol of speed, status, and rebellion. The moto jacket is an excellent choice for those looking to maintain a polished look while still adding a touch of edginess to their outfit."


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