High Quality Custom Leather Jackets

Our Process

A product is only as good as the individual components and the people that bring them together. We put thought and care into every facet of our jackets. We want our jackets to last you a lifetime and bring you as much pride and joy as they bring us.

Customer Order

It all starts here, with you. Your order is customized to you and we encourage you to tell us what modifications you’d like on your order. The type of leather, the color of leather, any hardware color preferences: your jacket will reflect you and we want to be sure we get that right.


Once we have your order, we will send you our measurement guide. We will work with you as long as it takes to be sure that your measurements are on point. We have made hundreds of jackets without needing to meet our customers in person. Our testimonials and happily returning customers are a testament to our ability to accurately gauge if your jacket will fit you.

Layout & Cutting

When we are sure of your measurements, we send that information and your order along to our shop manager who will check again to make sure everything is copacetic. Once approved, production begins with the laying out of the design on paper, sizing of the individual components of the jacket, and cutting of the leather exactly to specification.

Stitching & Finalizing

After the leather is cut to size, it is given to our master stitcher—an artisan with the skill to turn a bundle of leather into a stitched jacket in under four hours. During this step, all the hardware, including zippers, buttons, belts, and pockets, are sewn and riveted onto the leather.

Worldwide Delivery

Once your jacket is complete, we will ship it to you anywhere in the world! We offer flat fee shipping for both domestic and international shipments. Domestic shipping typically takes between two to three days while international shipping usually takes about a week.

Manufacturing Ethics

We condemn the practices that many clothing manufacturers employ today. Independence Brothers’ jackets are made with both the consumer and the producer’s well being in mind.


We stand against abusive wages
in developing countries.


Our leather is sourced from
sustainable practices.


Workers work reasonable hours with adequate
ventilation, filtered water, light, and even coffee.


We believe child labor is an
ethics violation.


Our shop is properly maintained
and safe to work in.


We Exclusively

  • We Exclusively Use Top Grain
  • Top Grain leather is Full Grain leather that’s undergone a sanding process to remove its imperfections. The leather is then coated with a sealant to make it more weather resistant. This process makes the leather more supple, lightweight, and perfect for making jackets.

  • Full Grain leather is a high quality leather that is usually untouched by any finishing process. This leather retains its animal hide imperfections and strength. Consequently, it tends to be very rigid and rough. It is useful for creating heavier motorcycle jackets, shoes, and furniture.

  • This type of leather is often considered a low cost alternative to Top or Full Grain leathers. After splitting the leather in half, manufacturers take the weaker half and call it ‘Genuine’ or ‘Split’ leather. Split Grain leather scratches easily and usually breaks down after a few years.

  • The lowest quality of authentic leathers, Bonded leather is a pulp made of leather scraps glued (or ‘bonded’) together. Favored by mass-market manufacturers wanting to advertise their jackets as ‘100% leather’ for cheap, Bonded leather doesn’t last very long and is easily damaged.

  • This isn’t leather at all! It’s plastic and, like many artificial fabrics, doesn’t breathe, doesn’t age, and cracks easily.


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