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October 10, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Leather is a popular material for apparel and accessories because it is both fashionable and long-lasting. However, leather products may fade quickly when exposed to particular external factors and regular everyday routines.

If you want your leather items to look good and last as long as possible, keep reading to find out how to keep your leather from fading.

How to Prevent Fading in Clothes

It should be noted that leather is a natural product, and therefore fading is unavoidable. Even so, the things below may help to keep your leather items looking brand new for longer.

  1. Keep the leather clean at all times

The most crucial element of leather upkeep is cleanliness.

Even dry particles, such as dust and tiny gravel, can cause the leather to lose its luster. Unfortunately, many users either do not maintain their leather goods at all or maintain them in a way that causes more harm than good.

Cleaning leather items once a week or so is recommended, depending on usage. Take a slightly damp piece of cloth and wipe it all over the object until it restores its shine.

  1. Moisturizing is essential

Regular cleaning of your leather pieces will not suffice. To keep them from fading, you'll need to utilize additional products such as leather conditioners and polishes.

Moisturize the leather at least once every 3 months to keep it looking great. If the leather becomes extremely dry, the pH level of the material might become a pain to deal with, increasing fading and color changes.

  1. Never expose your leather to direct sunlight

While many of us may enjoy spending time outside in the sunshine, our leather clothing may have a problem with it. This applies to leather furniture and accessories as well because they will also fade easily when exposed to UV light.

As a result, pay great attention to where you keep your leather goods. If it's furniture, never place it outdoors and keep it away from the windows. If it is a leather clothing item, keep it in a clean, dry place far from the sun's harmful radiation.

  1. Have a leather restoration kit at hand

Take a leather restoration kit to soften and revitalize the leather's appearance while also protecting it from future deterioration.

It's significantly less expensive than purchasing a new leather item. As an extra bonus, many of these kits can also be used on leather furniture, footwear, handbags, and other items.

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Things To Do When Your Leather Fades

Every leather item, whether a jacket, sofa, or boots, will eventually lose its brilliance. So, starting with a high-quality product, such as those from the Independence Brothers, is indeed a wise decision.

However, before you toss away your faded leather item, it is best to learn about ways to save your valuable possession. When it comes to preserving damaged leather products, leather users and experts agree on these tips.

  1. It is possible to resurrect

A specialized leather dye or recoloring solution is one alternative.

However, this must be done by a professional because getting the right outcomes might be difficult. However, if you're skilled with your hands, this could be a practical solution for you.

  1. Give it to a professional

If you believe your leather apparel can be saved, you should consider having it professionally repaired. This is a more costly option, but it may be worthwhile if the item holds special meaning for you.

The Takeaways

Leather is unquestionably one of the best clothing items you can wear to make you look your best on every occasion.

While high-quality leather can last for years without fading, low-quality leather fades quickly. Furthermore, inferior leather fades in a way that detracts from the piece's aesthetic value.

We hope the article above provides you with valuable insights about your leather products. If you have anything to say about the topic, make a comment below and let us know if you need more leather tips from us!

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