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January 13, 2020 8 min read

by Sarah Makhluf

Sarah is a freelance content writer from Boston, MA. She loves traveling, fashion, and the beach.

Independence Brothers is not affiliated with Gucci and the opinions expressed here are my own.

If you're into fashion, read a magazine, or watched TV in the last 30 years, chances are you're familiar with Gucci. This fashion powerhouse is synonymous with luxury, high quality, and opulence. Did you know how Gucci got its start, or who exactly is Gucci? How about if you should invest in one of their leather jackets? Is a leather jacket off the rack at your local mall just as good? We're diving into the world of high fashion and giving you the inside scoop on Gucci. Do you think you're ready to purchase a Gucci leather jacket? Before you click the add to cart button, be sure to read the review below to learn if Gucci is right for you.

History of Gucci

Like any other legendary fashion brand, Gucci had to start from the ground up. In 1921, Guccio Gucci founded the Italian fashion label. It's one of the oldest Italian fashion brands still in operation today. You may be surprised to learn that in the beginning, Gucci wasn't making their famous purses, shoes, and accessories. Instead, the fashion house crafted fine Italian leather luxury travel goods and equestrian equipment. Their target market was the wealthy upper-class. In 1932, Guccio added shoes, purses, and luggage ties into his collection of exceptional leather items in his Florence shop. High profile celebrities took a liking to his designs. High-status men were seen wearing Gucci shoes, and women loved his iconic bamboo-handle bag. The bag was debuted in 1947 and became an instant success. Powerful women like Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor, and, later, Princess Diana could be seen wearing his handbags. After gaining more exposure, it was time to expand. The company expanded to Milan and Rome, and the famous Gucci crest we can all recognize today was created during a leather shortage during WWII.

The Death of Gucci and the Beginning of an Empire

In 1953, Guccio Gucci passed away in the UK, and his family was left to run what would become one of the world's most influential fashion houses. The same year Guccio died, the first Gucci stores opened overseas. Boutiques started to pop up in major cities, and the 'GG' symbol began appearing on products in the 1960s. While some family turmoil and a close call with bankruptcy may have almost shut down Gucci in the 70s, the company was re-established in the 1980s. By 1998, Gucci was selling a pair of jeans that rang in at $3,134; these Gucci "Genius Jeans" entered the Guinness World Records as the most expensive pair of jeans in the world at the time. Today, Gucci is one of the most profitable Italian fashion houses of all time. Gucci operates a whopping 550 stores worldwide along with an e-commerce site. As of 2019, the franchise is valued at approximately 10.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Gucci leather jacket

Shopping Online at Gucci

Gucci has only 55 stores around the United States, many of which are in big cities like NYC or LA. The good news is, you can live anywhere in the country and still purchase Gucci items as long as you have a laptop and access to the internet. That gets us to, the official website of the brand. Keep in mind that counterfeit Gucci is all over the internet. While a website may seem legit and offer a great deal on a new Gucci item, only purchase from trusted sites, like large department stores or directly from the official Gucci website.

The Website

The layout of the US Gucci website is easy to navigate, and you can scan the top column to click on what you're browsing for quickly. They sell everything from men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories, home goods to children's clothes. Finding a men's leather jacket takes just a few clicks narrowing down your search items.

Leather Jacket Options at

Once you've made it to the men's outerwear section of the site, narrow your results down to show only leather jackets. They currently have eight jackets available ranging from $4,500 to $13,000. All of the Gucci leather jackets available have a bigger, looser fit, which was one of the top trends in 2019, so it's not that surprising. It is a little surprising they don't have at least one classic black leather jacket, but Gucci has never been known to do anything subtly. If you like fringe, racing stripes, or padding on your leather jacket, give Gucci a try.

Gucci jacket

We believe Independence Brothers to be the best choice on the market today. We've evaluated that the high quality of materials, superb customer service, innovative custom fit, and customization options are unmatched, especially when you take into consideration the very affordable price they offer.

If you're a savvy customer who cares about more than just a popular brand name, you can't go wrong by trusting this up and coming startup that is revolutionizing the leather jacket scene.

You can check out their jacket lineup here.

User Experience, Good or Bad?

Something that really stood out to me when browsing the options on the Gucci site is the range of size options. If you're shopping in the US, you will have to convert your size, which can get a little confusing. They have eight different size options. The US equivalent would be XXS to XXL, which is more than we see from most leather jacket retailers. There is a catch here though, about half of the sizes are currently unavailable and they show no indication of when and if they will restock.

All in all, the site is easy to use, there's a good amount of options to choose from, and customer service is on hand to help if needed. They have a few different shipping and payment options as well. Use the links below to go directly to the leather jacket options and learn which shipping option is best for you.

Gucci jacket quality

Behind the Scenes at Gucci

Something that many of us don't think about while we're shopping is where our clothing comes from, who made them, and what were the conditions like in the factory? Gucci boasts themselves on adhering to a strong code of ethics. While Gucci claims they produce their clothing in Italy, many trusted resources suggest they do outsource many of their production to China to cut costs. We're not here to report on the insider business at Gucci, though; we're just here to give an honest opinion on their clothing quality and service. All of their jackets listed on the site at the moment do state they are made in Italy.

The jacket quality (Leather bomber jacket with patch)

As you would probably expect from a leather jacket that costs over $4,000, the quality is there.

  • The feel: The leather is soft, and the small details like the classic red and green Gucci racing stripes along one of the sleeves give it something extra.
  • The Look: Most of their leather jackets do have some sort of quintessential Gucci accessory, like the stripe motif, the Gucci logo, or a patch.
  • The craftsmanship: All of the stitching is done beautifully, and the zippers seem like they will last for decades. This Gucci bomber jacket has a patch stitched on the sleeve reading "Amor Caecus," a Latin expression meaning "Blind Love."
  • The lining: The lining is made from a super soft viscose, which is one of the most commonly used lining materials in leather jackets.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

The Finished Product Review

The fit: This fits like a classic bomber jacket, not too loose and not too tight. This is the kind of jacket to throw on over any outfit when you're serving a more casual look. The equestrian-inspired red and green web detail runs down the sleeve, and the knit rib trim falls right at the bend of the wrist. This jacket feels like it's already worn in, most likely because of the high-quality leather. It's soft, feels like butter to the touch, and doesn't feel stiff or rough at all.

Is the Gucci Bomber Jacket right for you?

If you're looking to add a fun article to your wardrobe, and don't mind dropping $4,800 on a jacket, this could work for you. Keep in mind this is a much more casual piece so wearing it to the office probably won't bode well with your fellow colleagues. Keep this piece for nights out and the weekend. Use this jacket when you want to stand out. The big Gucci patch is anything but subtle and this jacket will surely call attention. Keep in mind this particular and all of the other leather Gucci jackets are not for everyone. In fact, Gucci caters to a very specific niche of men. If you're looking for a more classic leather jacket, skip Gucci and look elsewhere. If luxury items are your thing, check out the leather jackets from other major fashion brands like Burberry, Saint Laurent, or Balmain. This jacket will also require a bit of care to keep it looking sharp. You probably don't want to wear it in the rain and always keep it in a cool, dry place when you're not using it.

Can Gucci do Better?

While they do offer a decent range of sizes, there are only eight leather jackets to choose from on the site. Another disadvantage aside from the astronomical price point is that many of the sizes were out of stock. The website suggested looking in store for your desired size, but since most of the standing shops are only located in major cities that cuts out a significant portion of the US. This could be due to the fact they only produce a small number of each item they make. They do this to show exclusivity, and it's a major marketing technique many high-end brands use to drive sales. If you think there's only 500 of an item in the world and only 100 in your size, you're more likely to purchase it, knowing you won't be able to get your hands on it again.

What's the Alternative?

There are plenty of less expensive, just as good leather jacket options on the market. Keep in mind if you buy Gucci, you're also paying for the name. Another company can use the exact same Italian leather, but if they don't have the Gucci crest, they can't charge as much. If you're looking for a more cost-friendly option, check us out at Independence Brothers. We offer bespoke leather jackets guaranteed to fit you like a glove. We want every man to feel confident, well dressed, and put together, no matter their size or shape. Everything is up to you from the color, shape, lining, and hardware. If you're picky or can't ever seem to find your perfect fit in standard sizing, going custom is your best bet.

Gucci leather jacket

What is it about this brand that has people dropping thousands of dollars on a purse or a pair of jeans? Is it a status symbol? The feeling of owning something not many people can have? Whatever it is, people are flocking to Gucci. In my opinion, if you can afford luxury items like a Gucci leather jacket, go for it! Is this a necessary purchase? By all means no, this is strictly a splurge. The good thing is that there is no lack of leather jackets on the market today. If you're someone who is always on top of the latest trends, Gucci is all the rage right now. We see it on everyone from celebrities to internet stars. This jacket is excellent for anyone who wants to add a unique piece to their current wardrobe. It's not an everyday kind of jacket, so maybe just keep it for special occasions. I personally think the jacket feels incredible, but it's not something that you need to spend a month's rent on.

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