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September 21, 2022 3 min read

by Monique Youzwa

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Red is one of the most distinctive colors in the world. When you combine it with the appeal of a leather jacket, you get an eye-catching garment that is as stylish as it is beautiful. Of course, knowing how to maintain a red leather jacket is a must to keep this piece noticeable for all the right reasons. The following tips will ensure your red leather jacket never loses its charm.

Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning is a must to keep your red leather jacket looking fantastic. First, be sure to check the label for any cleaning instructions. Of course, if it says to place your leather jacket in a washing machine, disregard this advice. Washing machines can destroy leather, regardless of the color.

The type of dirt you’re dealing with can alter the cleaning process. For instance, if the dirt or dust is dry, you can brush it off with a soft brush or a dry cotton cloth. If you’re dealing with wet dirt or spills, spot cleaning with a damp cloth works well. You can even use a drop of gentle dish soap for extra-grimy areas. Be sure to use lukewarm water and wring the cloth out well to avoid soaking the leather.

Use Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner is a must to keep the material of your red leather jacket soft, supple, and hydrated. Conditioning also increases your jacket’s durability while protecting it from moisture and stains.

You should be careful what type of leather conditioner you use on your red leather jacket. Some leather conditioners, particularly animal oils like mink or neatsfoot, can alter the color of your jacket. Avoid these to maintain your jacket’s stylish red coloring.

To apply leather conditioner, clean the leather first and let it dry if needed. Then spot test it to be sure the conditioner is safe for your red leather jacket. If so, use a small amount of conditioner, gently rubbing it into the material in a circular motion. When the entire jacket is conditioned, let it dry again, remove any residue, and it’s ready to wear.

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Store It Safely

Proper storage for your red leather jacket will ensure it maintains its shape without sustaining any creases or wrinkles. The best way to do so is to hang it on a heavy-duty wood hanger since these are sturdier and strong enough to hold the weight of your jacket.

Be sure to hang the jacket away from other clothing. The red dye in the leather could be transferred to other apparel, particularly light-colored pieces. The reverse can also happen, with dark-colored clothing staining the red jacket.

Avoid Heat

Heat can dry out your leather jacket, regardless of the color you’re wearing. Exposure to high heat damages the leather, sucking out the moisture and causing brittleness and cracks. To prevent this, keep your red leather jacket away from all heat sources. These include space heaters, fireplaces, and heating vents. You should never use an iron, clothing steamer, or dryer on your leather jacket. Hot water should also be avoided at all times.

Keep It Dry

Too much moisture can be as harmful to a red leather jacket as too much dryness. That’s why it’s best to keep your red leather jacket as dry as possible. Though you can wear it in light rain, once you’re home, be sure to use a soft towel to remove as much of the moisture as possible. Then hang your leather jacket to dry completely. Don’t try to speed up this process by putting it in the dryer. As we mentioned above, such high heat can destroy leather, so let it air dry to keep the material intact.

Red leather jacket

Final Word

A red leather jacket adds a unique touch to your wardrobe, drawing the eye without looking garish. To maintain the distinctive look of such a garment, be sure to learn how to maintain a red leather jacket properly using the tips we’ve described above.

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