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September 15, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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A leather jacket is a great investment that you can wear for style and comfort regardless of the season. When it is hot, however, you might want to tuck it away until the colder days arrive. Its material requires more care to stay in good shape. Read on for more information on how to store your leather jacket for the summer.

How to Store Your Leather Jacket in Summertime

  • Clean

You must clean the garment to prevent dust and dirt from embedding in the material. It is best to use saddle soap or some other gentle soap on a soft cloth. Wipe the surface, rinse off with water on a damp cloth and then a dry one made of microfiber. Let it sit to dry completely.


  • Condition

Leather conditioners preserve the softness and suppleness of the material. It is important to find the right product for the specific type of leather jacket. Apply a tiny portion of it to a soft cloth and then wipe the entire surface to coat it completely. Massage the product into the leather using a circular motion for around two minutes. Lastly, wipe off excess liquid on the surface and wait for it to dry.


  • Hang

A wooden hanger made specifically for leather jackets is ideal here although a regular one with thick padding will suffice in a pinch. It should be wide enough to accommodate the width of the jacket to avoid damaging the shape. Slip the jacket’s shoulder straps over the hanger and ensure that the grips support its weight properly.


  • Stuff

Due to the susceptibility of the material to creases and wrinkles, you should stuff the leather jacket before storing it. After hanging, slide slightly crumpled acid-free tissue paper on the arm and chest areas. Doing this also helps to neutralize smells and draw out moisture. Button or zip up the leather jacket once the paper is in place.


  • Store

Place the leather jacket inside a fabric garment bag to let it breathe and prevent direct sunlight, dust, humidity, and moisture from damaging it at the same time. Somewhere dark and dry is recommended although a climate-controlled spot is ideal.

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Consequences of Improper Leather Jacket Storage in the Summer

The following might happen if you do not store your leather jacket properly during this time of the year:

  • Mildew or mold growth

When stored somewhere moist or humid, your leather jacket might witness mildew and mold growth. They can soften the leather, which may then result in the growth of fungus and bacteria.

  • Loss of shape

Leather jackets tend to get saggy and lose the crispness of the material, so make sure to hang them properly.

  • Becoming dry and brittle

The summertime heat can dry up the moisture and essential oils in the leather. It is possible for the leather fibers to become so brittle that they break. On top of that, the jacket might fade and lose color as well.

  • Bad odor

Due to the growth of bacteria and fungus, the leather jacket might emit a stench. It might even be so strong that you won’t wear the piece ever again. This can be avoided by stuffing your leather jacket and storing it in a place with good ventilation.

How to store your leather jacket for the summer

End Notes

When your leather jacket is not in use, you must store it carefully and properly to prevent any damage. This will ensure that it will be ready for use once you take it out again. Did this guide solve your leather jacket summertime storage woes? Use the comment section to tell us what you thought of this article.

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