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October 27, 2022 3 min read

by Monique Youzwa

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Leather jackets have a distinctive look you can spot from a mile away. They come in various styles and colors to match every preference. Of course, unless you’ve spent a great deal of time researching leather jackets, you probably don’t know as much about them as you may think. To help you broaden your knowledge in this area, we’ve found 7 surprising facts about leather jackets that you may not be aware of.

Several Hide Options

Cowhide is one of the most common options for leather, though it isn’t the only one available. In fact, there are several hide types to pick from, depending on what you’re looking for in a leather jacket.

For instance, calfskin is tough and durable like cowhide but much softer against your skin for a more luxurious choice. Sheep or lamb skin is another silky-smooth option, with a glossy finish, though it’s more delicate, requiring extra care. Goat leather is another extra-soft option, with visible pores for a distinctive look.

Pig skin, deer hide, or horse leather are less frequently chosen for leather jackets, though they are also options. For an exotic look, you can even opt for crocodile, alligator, ostrich, or snake leather.

Safety And Protection

Leather jackets aren’t just chosen for their unique style. These jackets have been used for protection since World War I. German pilots wore the first aviator-style leather jackets as protection against the cold, and it wasn’t long before American pilots copied this style.

Bikers were also known to don these protective layers as a defense against road rash if they should take a spill on a ride. Such protection is due to the rugged, durable material that won’t fall apart, even after such rough handling.

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Year-Round Use

Leather jackets aren’t one-season items in your wardrobe. Many leather jackets can be worn for a few seasons. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can wear the same jacket in the summer that you can in the winter. A lighter coat is fine for late spring until early fall, depending on where you live. For those extra-cold months, you may want to opt for a heavier garment, like a sheepskin leather coat. Keeping a couple of options on hand ensures year-round leather use.


Leather jackets are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. A decent garment can be worn for almost any occasion. You can layer it over a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up with a button-up shirt, tie, and dress pants. Whether clubbing with friends or attending a classy business dinner, a leather jacket will fit right in.

A Long-lasting Investment

Leather is one of the most durable materials on the market. When you buy a leather jacket, you’re guaranteed a garment that will last for decades. In fact, many people pass their leather pieces on to their children. No matter how much it costs, your leather jacket is a worthwhile investment that never goes out of style.

Easy Maintenance

Leather jackets are one of the simplest pieces to maintain since you can spot clean them as needed and leave them alone the rest of the time. Leather jackets also need conditioning now and then to maintain their softness. but this is only required once or twice a year so it won’t take up much of your time.

A Perfect Fit

If you buy off the rack, you may not get the right fit when purchasing a leather jacket. You don’t have to settle for an ill-fitting piece, though. Getting a custom-made leather jacket tailored to match your body ensures the perfect fit. No matter your size, you can get the right jacket to accentuate all of your dimensions.

Surprising facts about leather jackets

Final Word

Leather jackets are phenomenal pieces that look, feel, and smell fantastic. They work well in any situation, no matter the outfit or the outing. Now that you’ve read our interesting facts about them, there’s no reason not to add one to your wardrobe.

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