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February 19, 2021 8 min read

by April Quibido

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A leather jacket can be an excellent winter apparel investment because it is a timeless piece, and it can keep you warm and cozy in style. However, many people can hardly get their hands on the best leather jacket because of some common purchasing mistakes.

Here, we’ll talk about the top mistakes to avoid when buying a leather jacket and how to pick the right one for you!

Leather Jacket Overview

The beginning of the leather jacket trend can be traced back in the early 1900s. It was first popularly used for military wear by German fighter pilots. By 1940, leather jackets came to be known as bomber jackets. It later became the jacket of choice for pilots worldwide because it helped keep them warm in the extreme cold they experienced when at a high altitude.

By the 1950s, leather jackets began making their appearance in the Hollywood scene. Then, in the following decades, it became acceptable for females to jump on the bandwagon thanks to musicians such as Joan Jett and Blondie.

Today, leather jackets are versatile apparel that is closely associated with rock and roll. There's also a wide range of design options and embellishments available in the market.

Distinct Features of Real Leather

There are two types of leather in the market; real leather and faux leather.

Real leather is made with animal skin, such as crocodile, cattle, and cows. On the other hand, faux leather is also known as synthetic leather. It is typically made with a plastic base then treated with polyurethane, wax, or dye to create its color or texture.

Obviously, the superior one is real leather, but some faux leather nowadays is made to look like real leather, which is why many consumers are finding it difficult to differentiate between them. To prevent you from being duped with faux leather, here are the distinct features of real leather:


  • Skin-like Feel

You can easily identify real leather because it has distinct blemishes and imperfections. In fact, imperfections are considered to be a sign that the particular leather is of excellent quality. It also does not feel smooth when you run your fingers across it, and it tends to have some wrinkle spots.

Touching real leather will give a similar sensation as touching human skin. When you press the leather, it should feel a little stretchy but not enough for it to go out of shape.

Leather jacket mistakes
  • Durable

Real leathers are long-lasting. It will also look better as time passes by due to the development of patina. However, it does require proper care so that wear and tear does not easily occur.

With proper care and maintenance, real leather will last for decades. However, the only problem is that it can be quite sensitive to temperature. If it is exposed to hot temperatures for an extended period, there’s a chance for the leather to shrink


  • Environmental Impact

In the past, real leather earned a bad reputation because of how animals were slaughtered for their skin. However, that is not the case anymore, thanks to stricter regulations today. Real leather does not have much negative impact on the environment anymore.

Also, note that most real leather in the market today is made from cows raised for milk and meat. This means that they are not just dying to become jackets and purses. Besides, just throwing their hides away is wasteful and bad for the environment.

How to Choose a Leather Brand

Buying from the right brand can determine whether you get a good quality leather jacket. However, how exactly do you choose a leather brand? Here's a quick guide for you:


  • Check the Company's History

The most important thing when choosing a brand is to check the history of the company. Make sure that their leather is sustainably sourced and that they adhere to ethical practices.


  • Look at Reviews About Them

Reviews can be used as an excellent tool when deciding which brand to choose. It serves as a first-hand testimony of those who have already purchased from the brand.

When checking the reviews, do not only pay attention to the positive ones. Check the negative comments too. This way, you can get a realistic expectation out of the said brand.


  • Compare Brands

You can easily identify which brand is better when you compare them with each other. You can use factors such as price, quality, and service as points of comparison to make things easier.

Used leather jacket

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Leather Jackets

Now that you have a deeper understanding of leather jackets, let's move on to the common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. Here are they:

●       Picking the Wrong Color

There are plenty of leather jacket colors available in the market. Although this is a good thing, one of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for a leather jacket is picking the wrong color. As a result, they only have limited outfit options for the jackets.

To avoid this mistake, the first thing that you must figure out before buying a jacket is your purpose for it. Are you buying a leather jacket for everyday wear, or is it only for a particular event?

Once you figure out the answer to that question, picking the right leather jacket color will come easy. For everyday wear, the best options are neutral colored leather jackets such as black and browns. This way, you can mix and match it with a lot of existing pieces in your wardrobe.

Also, avoid choosing leather jackets with so many colors. These often look tacky, and you can experience the same issue mentioned above.

●       Not Paying Attention to the Features

Another common mistake done by shoppers is prioritizing aesthetics over the functionality of the leather jacket's features.

For example, you find a leather jacket that looks so cool, which is why you decide to buy it. Later on, you realize that the button front leather jacket does not have the same warmth as a zipper front leather jacket.

To prevent this scenario, consider the different purposes of the leather jacket that you are buying. Think about the other features as well, whether you will be comfortable with it or will it bother you at some point.

●       Buying a Jacket with the Wrong Fit

A leather jacket with the wrong fit will make you look awkward instead of edgy. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of buying leather jackets that are not in their size or do not have the proper length.

To avoid this mistake, you have to remember that a leather jacket's right size must have enough rooms for you to move your arms without feeling stiff like a dancing robot. In short, you must still be able to move comfortably in it.

As for the length, make sure that the jacket that you will buy is not too short. If it is, you will have to move your hinges every time you do something like bending. When it comes to the length of a leather jacket, the rule of the thumb is that it must at least be around your hip level.

●       Buying a Used Leather Jacket

The biggest advantage of buying used leather jackets is their price, so many think it's a good deal. However, that is not always the case.

There's a high chance that used leather jackets might have signs of wear and tear. Also, if it is worn in by a previous owner, it might not be as comfortable for you. Even if it is barely used, there's a chance that the previous owner neglected taking care of the leather jacket resulting in some issues.

The risks of getting your hands on low-quality or damaged used leather jackets are not worth saving a few bucks.

  • Buying Bad Leather Quality

Many people are convinced by the marketing tagline "made with 100% leather" only to end up with bad quality leather materials. This is why it's important to check the source of your leather jacket before buying it.

Ideally, the best quality leather material out there is made with sheepskin leather. These have shiny surfaces and soft texture. They are also long-lasting.

However, sheepskin leather can be quite expensive. So, if you find brands selling it for a surprisingly low price, take it as a red flag and investigate further whether you will truly get what you expect or not.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Should You Go Custom?

Finding the right fit and length from pre-made leather jackets might be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of shops out there that offer custom leather jacket order. Here are some reasons why custom jackets might be a good choice for you:

●       Perfect Fit

A custom leather jacket is made to your specific measurements to ensure that you could move comfortably while wearing it. Although doing this might be a little more expensive than buying a pre-made one, it's a long-term investment, so you will be getting your money's worth. Also, you are 100% sure that you will be comfortable with it.

●       Wide Range of Design Options

Do you want a bomber jacket with a hoodie? That is more than possible with custom leather jackets. You can also choose to add other embellishments to your jacket to make it look more unique and highlight your personality.

●       Less Time-Consuming

Opting for a custom leather jacket will save you more time than visiting other shops and looking for one that fits you best. All you have to do is go in for a fitting, discuss your vision, and get final adjustments.

Although it might take some time before it will be delivered to you, you are sure to get results that will truly satisfy your needs and preferences.

Important Questions About Leather Jackets

Do leather jackets stretch and shrink?

Yes, leather jackets can stretch and shrink or stretch over time. This is a natural occurrence that happens as the jacket becomes worn in.

However, if you have a leather jacket that's too big for you, there are ways to shrink it without waiting for the natural process to occur. Here are some methods:

  • Using a tub of water
  • Using a washing machine
  • Using a bottle sprayer
  • Getting it altered

Take note that there are some risks included when you decide to shrink your leather jacket. This includes unpredictable results or wavy zippers.


Is it okay for a leather jacket to get wet?

Yes, getting your leather jacket wet is fine. However, it is not advisable because there might be some issues once it has dried out.

Getting your leather jacket wet will affect the oils of the leather. Once the water dries out, it also removes the leather's oils, making it look dry and turn brittle.

This is why if your leather jacket gets wet, wipe off the water immediately. Also, apply leather conditioner while it's still damp to help preserve the oils.

How to take care of your leather jacket

What can damage a leather jacket?

Several things can cause damage to a leather jacket. On top of that list is sunlight exposure. Too much sunlight can cause discoloration on the leather and make it look old prematurely.

Another primary cause of damage for leather jackets is harsh chemicals and soaps. This can affect the texture and the shine of your leather. To avoid this type of damage, make sure to only use chemicals and soap that are compatible with leather.

Also, never wash your leather jacket in a washing machine. It will develop creases and wrinkles, making it look less attractive.

Final Words

Buying a leather jacket can be a significant investment. This is why you must be aware of the common mistakes when buying it to really get the best bang for the buck.

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, kindly share it with your friends and family so that they do not fall victim to the mistakes mentioned above. You can also share with us your own experience with buying leather jackets in the comment section below.

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