We currently have three openings available. Scroll past the job offerings to submit your info and we will reach out to you.


Social Media/marketing Outreach Intern

This position is for a college student looking to work with us on our marketing efforts. This position will be focused more on social media, marketing outreach, and general PR work. Position is extremely flexible and we encourage any thoughts or suggestions you may have on how you may contribute to our company. This position has room for growth in the future as the company expands.


Fashion Blog Writer

Our blog is located at and we have a staff of writers we use to create weekly content in the world of fashion, leather jackets, and how-to leather guides. If you have any interest in creating high quality content that people actually want to read and enjoy, you should apply. We try to incorporate the latest trends in content creation using infographics, proper formatting and video content. If you have skills in these areas that is also a benefit.


Pattern master/fashion designer

This position is for someone who is in the fashion industry, or currently in college looking for a way to branch out on their own, and produce high quality, one off custom made leather jackets. We're looking to expand our operations in Philadelphia so you must be local. NYC residents also considered. Must have some knowledge of pattern making and leather stitching and be willing to learn. This position will start off small but eventually may provide opportunities for growth as shop manager or designer as our company grows our local manufacturing efforts.


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