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An Apology

Hi I'm the co-founder Scott and I'm writing this after you submitted a poor review of us. I'm sorry you had a frustrating experience with us and wanted to personally apologize to you.

I started this business a few years ago hoping to make a lot of people thrilled to throw on their custom leather jacket. Unfortunately I soon discovered that one of the biggest challenges is how to ensure everyone gets a perfectly fitted jacket without being there in person to take measurements.

There's a good reason you don't see big brands doing this sort of work: It's very difficult and requires a personal touch.

I'd like to offer you the best coupon we offer, for $75 off your next jacket if you'd like to come back to us in the future with BESTOFFER.

I'd also like to offer you the opportunity for us to remake your jacket entirely, for just the cost of shipping. You see we produce down in Mexico in our own workshop, and international shipping is very expensive. It costs us $10 to return the jacket in the US, then $60 to Mexico, then $20 back to us in bulk, then $10 back to you.

We ask that you pay these shipping charges of $100, and in exchange we will remake your jacket for you entirely for another $100.

We can only offer this once per order as we lose money every time we do this since we essentially making the jacket 'at cost', with material costs, labor, packaging costs, handling time. It essentially means we lost money on your order and I took money directly out of my pocket to pay for this.

I care a lot about my customers and I wanted to come up with a solution to the 5% or so that are having difficulties while we grow and learn as a business. This seemed like the best resolution I could come up with to a tricky situation.

Please reach out to us at so we can try and make this right for you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

 - Scott