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January 25, 2021 8 min read

by Charl Jooste

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A classic leather jacket is one of those must-have clothing items in any closet. They are stylish, durable, and highly versatile. A popular choice is the ASOS Leather Jacket. We take a closer look at this option so that you can make an informed decision.

The company was founded roughly two decades ago in June 2000. In this time, it has grown into the UK's largest independent fashion retailer in the online space. They offer a wide range of brand name items and also have their own lines.

A large part of their success has been the good user experience on their platform, particularly in mobile shopping. They offer free returns and free shipping worldwide.

ASOS has offices in New York, Paris, and Berlin with their head office being in Camden Town, London. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company was founded by Quentin Griffiths, Nick Robertson, Deborah Thorpe, and polar explorer Andrew Regan.

Former CFO Nick Beighton took over as CEO in 2015. He has been instrumental in the global expansion of the company as well as driving improvements in online technology.

The website and mobile app

One of the strengths of ASOS is its website and online shopping experience. The site is user-friendly from a computer or laptop as well as a mobile device. Mobile shopping is growing exponentially and their app does everything you need from an e-commerce platform and then some. It is available for Android and iOS and is naturally free. Feedback on both the website and the app has been extremely positive.

From the first page, navigation is simple. It will intuitively guide you towards your goal. As the site will remember past behavior and shopping patterns, this gets even easier the more often you log onto ASOS.

Styles, brands, specials, or any other items you are looking for can be found quickly. Images are of good quality and the descriptions are informative and detailed enough for your needs.

There is a comprehensive FAQ question if you are unsure of anything as well as details of how to contact the company should you need any assistance.


With more than 850 brands available and their own ASOS lines, you are spoiled for choice. All the big brands are there and they are quick to find new and exciting products as trends develop. Apart from shoes, clothing, and accessories, you can also find cosmetics, toiletries, and a range of related products.

The range of styles, fits, and sizes are extensive. They also cater to those wanting a slimmer fit, people needed larger and taller sizes, and they do maternity wear.

Prices are reasonable and they have regular specials where you can pick up quality bargains.

Checkout and payment

Once you have decided on what you want the checkout process is quick and painless. ASOS accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Logistics and deliveries

The primary fulfillment center is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and they have several others in the UK, Europe, and the USA. They ship to an impressive 196 countries around the world. Subject to a small minimum order, shipping is free worldwide.

Apart from the occasional slip up that all online stores have from time to time, there are few complaints regarding delivery. There is an express delivery option if you are in a rush although it is slightly more expensive.

Another plus is a no-hassle returns policy which gives you peace of mind when shopping online.

ASOS leather jacket review

The ASOS Leather Jacket – Behind the Scenes

While there are many factors that determine the quality of a leather jacket, the leather used is one of the most important. Each type of leather has pros and cons and it is often a trade-off between comfort, appearance, durability, and cost.

The popular ASOS Leather Jacket is 100% leather including sheep leather. This makes for a soft jacket that will be comfortable from day one. Unlike pure bovine or other leathers, it does not need time to “break-in”. It also looks good. The jacket is also not too heavy which is often a problem with some leather jackets.

ASOS has numerous manufactures in different parts of the world. They strive to ensure they only work with businesses that provide safe and fair working conditions. This is something they are working on and monitor closely.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

The Finished Product Review of the ASOS Leather Jacket

Although not a premium leather jacket, the ASOS jackets are well-made from quality materials. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with their options.

They have a range of leather jackets to choose from.


ASOS DESIGN leather biker jacket in black

The classic black leather biker jacket from ASOS is one of their top sellers.


Lining material

It is fully lined with polyester making it warm and comfortable but not too hot. The added cotton also helps with temperature control and absorption. There is minimal padding on the shoulders that add to the style without looking obvious.

While a leather jacket is not suitable for hot weather the design and materials used on this jacket make it highly versatile. It will keep you warm on colder days but still be comfortable in moderate temperatures.



The sleeves, like most leather jackets in this style, are on the long side. One complaint some people had was that the sleeves have a bit of a tight fit and restrict movement to some extent. This will ease over time but makes it tricky to wear the jacket over other layers. Apart from that aspect, most find the ASOS Leather Jacket to be a good fit.


Stud detail

The lapels as well as the epaulets sport button studs in silver.



Zips are present on the sleeve ends, the front pockets, and a handy pocket on the left breast that has easy access. The inner lining has generous pockets on both sides. These are YCC zips from China which are narrower than the YKK zips from Japan.


ASOS DESIGN leather bomber jacket with MA1 pocket in black


For those wanting a more contemporary look, their leather bomber jacket is one to consider.

It is quite similar to the biker jacket in terms of leather and lining. Where it differs is that it has a baseball collar and no epaulets. It also does not have the silver studs detail or the zips on the front pockets.

The diagonal breast pocket is absent but there is a MA1 pocket on the left sleeve. This pocket has a zip. Again, YCC zips have been used.

Where can ASOS improve?

While this is undoubtedly a good leather jacket in this price range there are a few concerns to be aware of. The fit is not perfect for all people. You want to be comfortable in your jacket as it is more than just a fashion accessory. The off the shelf design might be a bit snug in some areas, especially the sleeves. A larger size might be baggy or loose in other areas.

The leather, while decent, is not the softest nor the most durable. Some might like the look of the thinner YCC zips but YKK is the market leader for good reason.

How to choose a leather jacket

The best leather jacket is the right one for you. It needs to fit your style and personality. A leather jacket, probably more so than any other item of clothing, is a personal statement. Let it work for you. Fashions and trends may come and go but a classic quality leather jacket will always be in style.

When and how to wear a leather jacket

The only time a leather jacket is not a good idea is when it is extremely hot. Apart from that, there is no bad time to wear one, provided it is quality of course.

The right leather jacket is highly versatile and can be worn day and night with pretty much anything. The classic jeans and t-shirt look is great but it can even be used for formal occasions when worn correctly.

What to look for when investing in a leather jacket

Apart from the style that works for you, it is important to consider the leather quality, lining, and zips. You also want to ensure you are buying from a reputable company that is not only easy to purchase from but also looks after you if you have any issues with the product.

The fit of the leather jacket is all-important. It is rare to find a good leather jacket off the shelf that fits perfectly all over. Sadly, a poor fit will make even a high-end jacket look unpleasant.

This is where Independence Brothers come to the party. They make it super easy to order a custom fit leather jacket that is designed and made to your exact specifications.

Leather jacket

The Independence Brothers Solution

The process is super-easy and the user-friendly website will guide you through step by step. Before long, you will have a tailor-made leather jacket delivered to your door. The fit should be perfect and look amazing.

They not only customize the jacket to your exact build and size, but they also offer a host of options. These include the leather type and color, the lining type and color, the collar style, pocket options, zip preferences, and a host of other options.

Like building your own home, the end result will be exactly what you want. It might cost a bit more than the average off-the-rack leather jacket but it is an investment in your style and personality that should last you many years.

What is more is that Independence Brothers use quality full-grain leather. The traditional process of vegetable tanning ensures durability as well as a classic look.

Their website is easy to operate and they deliver efficiently.

Final thoughts

If you are in the market for a good leather jacket, the ASOS Jacket is worth a look. If you are looking for a decent leather jacket off the shelf and do not want to spend a fortune, this is not a bad option. It looks good and the quality is good for the price point.

Although some might find the sleeves a bit on the tight side, the jacket is otherwise comfortable. It is made from decent leather and is well-made.

The style is modern while still retaining the classic leather jacket look so it will suit most people wanting to invest in a leather jacket.

Buying it online is safe and convenient. ASOS has a wide range of sizes so you should find what you need and you will not have to wait too long for delivery to your door. If you are not happy with the product you can return it with ease.

It is available at a fair price for what you get so you are not paying extra for a high-end brand with little more to offer.

Due to the soft leather, the ASOS Leather Jacket is pretty comfortable from day one. Unlike thicker harder leathers there is no “breaking in” period. It might soften and stretch slightly as it is a natural fabric but this is minimal.

Pros and Cons of ASOS Leather Jackets


  • Soft quality leather
  • Appealing design
  • Not too heavy
  • Value for money


  • Not the most durable leather
  • No customized fitting option
  • Sleeves might be a bit tight for some
Custom made leather jacket


A leather jacket is not something you buy and wear for a season. It is an investment in a classic garment that will give you many years of service and style. Take the time to consider the best option for your needs so that you can truly appreciate your jacket. It is a versatile and timeless item that says a lot about you. Choose wisely.

The ASOS Leather Jacket is affordable and is of decent quality in its price range. It is a popular option and worth looking at when comparing leather jackets. Take the time to consider a few alternatives to find the best fit and look for your needs.

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