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Independence Brothers Returns & Exchanges Policy

We offer refunds up to 24 hours from purchase, after that all sales are final.Due to the highly custom nature of our jackets, we do not offer refunds. We cannot resell our jackets. However we do guarantee to make your jacket to a very high degree of accuracy based on the following policies.

You qualify for our remake policy if any of the following conditions are met within 30 days of receiving your jacket:

1. Your jacket’s measurements are off by more than 1/2" when measured flat.

2. Your jacket’s requested features are missing or different than shown in our photos. Note that requested features discussed on phone calls, or e-mails prior to purchase are not recorded for your order. You must specify after your order by e-mail.

3. Your jacket is the wrong color. Different shades of the correct color do not qualify as being incorrect as all leather hides are slightly different and all monitors/devices do not display the same colors.

Features: We often have customers ask for feature changes on standard styles. We cannot change features on a style, it causes a huge amount of extra work and expense. If you want a custom feature or change, you must order our custom design.

Qualifying for Alterations: In order to go about obtaining alterations on your jacket you must send us photos via e-mail showing the discrepancy. If it is an incorrect measurement, please take your jacket, lay it out on a table, zip it up, pull the leather tight and place a measuring tape over the incorrect measurement and take a photo. We will review photos and get back to you. Make sure the leather is taut when you take a photo to ensure accuracy. Measurements must be taken as we instruct, according to our measurement guide. 

We are not responsible for customers submitting incorrect measurements.Our measurement guide tells you precisely how much additional room we will add to certain body measurements, and exactly what you will end up with. It is every customer's responsibility to ensure they are satisfied with their measurements before submission. If you are unsure, we recommend going to a local tailor. We may make suggestions based on our experience and past customers, but that does not imply a guarantee it will fit you.

Once it's determined that you qualify: we will discuss whether or not to simply replace the jacket entirely, or reimburse you for any tailoring costs, or take it back to alter it ourselves. If we make you a replacement jacket, or alter the jacket, we will only use the original measurements that you gave us. We will not change these. Ultimately it is up to the customer to be their own advocate - we are not standing there next to you with a measuring tape. If you request that you can layer with your favorite sweater, or have enough room to move your arm while driving, we cannot promise that will be possible.

NOTE: International customers must pay for their own return shipping costs before we can alter their jackets. Domestic customers will not pay shipping costs.



Custom Designs:

Custom designs are inherently difficult. There's a reason why there's only a few custom design leather jacket company's out there! While we promise to make your jacket very accurately, there are limitations to what we can do by looking at an online photo and trying to translate that into a physical leather jacket.

If you have a jacket that was made by a large, typical company, and want it replicated, most likely we can reproduce it almost precisely. We get into trouble typically when someone sends us an instagram photo of a design by a brand that no one has heard of, with lots of small features and seams. Those are near impossible to replicate and are usually heavily photoshopped. Or if someone sends a photo of a character on a tv show. You are not a model(most likely): you will not look like them! That actor had a jacket precisely built for them with a personal tailor worth thousands of dollars. It would be impossible for your jacket to look precisely like that.

We ask that all changes/features/images are sent either in your initial order, or included in your measurement guide notes. Any information sent before your order will be ignored.

Colors: We have to use our own available leather and materials shown on our website. We cannot 'color match', that sort of work is low quality. We fully dye our leather so it's resistant over time to damage and will look great for years. Color matching companies simply spray paint over whatever they have on hand.

Leather: We also only have the available types of leather on our site. We cannot do exotic leathers like alligator, snakeskin, etc.

Cosplay: We do not make cosplay. This means we do not produce garments worn by people in tv shows, or comic book movies with extravagant styling, metal parts, plastic horns, spikes, you name it. However if you see a classic jacket style on, say, James Dean or Arnold Schwarzenegger, yes we can absolutely replicate that!

Embroidery/Painting: We do not embroider our jackets. We do not paint them. You can take your finished jacket to a local embroider or painter for that.

Interior Pockets: All jackets Independence Brothers produce have 2 large interior pockets. 1 will be zippered, and 1 will be open. We do not change the size, or number of pockets. They are both amply sized and can fit almost anything you'd have on you.

Zippers: We only use our currently available YKK zippers you can see on our site.

Features: When you send us a photo of a design and we have a few images to base an entire jacket pattern and sewing pattern off of, often there can be small adjustments. We guarantee to get any 'major details' correct. That means zipper placement, number of zippers, general seam locations, pockets, style of collar, etc.. However, if, say a leather panel on the back is wider than you expected, that is not covered by our guarantee and we call that a 'minor detail'.

Examples of Major Details that we guarantee: 

A horizontal, left side, chest pocket with rectangular seams around it.

The sleeve on the left is blue leather while the right sleeve is black.

The jacket has a belt around the waist.

There is a snap pocket in the lower right corner of the jacket with a triangular flap.

There is a 2 panel back, with one seam closer to the top (within reason, sometimes we cannot find leather large enough for certain back pieces)

There is a bi-swing back.

There are 2 adjustment belts on each cuff.

The epaulets have snap buttons on them.

There should be quilting on the shoulders, elbow patches, and back hem.

Examples of Minor Details that do not qualify: 

The zipper is 4 inches long instead of 6.

The chest pocket must be 2 inches from the center line instead of 3.

The seam is not angled precisely.

The stitching used is the wrong type/color/technique.

The zipper on the sleeve is too far up the bicep, it should have been lower.

There should be 4 adjustment holes on the belt, there are only 3.

The epaulets are thicker than I wanted.

The shoulder padding is not big enough.

The color isn't the exact shade I wanted.

The quilting is too large/wrong angle.

Overall: We do not accept returns/refunds of custom work. They are impossible to resell, and are the only one of it's kind in the world. If a major detail is wrong, then we will accept the jacket back, fix it for you, and ship it out again. Keep in mind this is a bit of a judgement call, and we have the final word in what is a major detail or not but we will stick to the above guidelines as much as possible.