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We hear you - no one liked the order checker! We thought it would be helpful but due to it not being fully updated often, customers were frustrated. We've removed it until we can make sure its 100% accurate and up to date. In the meantime please check with us to see the status of your order - but please note delays do happen as we are a small, family owned business.


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Note: Manufacturing custom leather jackets is an art, not a science. Delays can occur due to events beyond our control such as sickness, holidays, or supplier issues. Please hang in there with us as we do our best to produce the best jacket you'll own, even if it takes a while!

Be aware that this order checker will only update every 6 weeks (because I only get shipments every 6 weeks, and update manually after that). So if you check back everyday you're going to be frustrated! Even if it says 0 jackets in front of you, that means that your jacket is finished but is waiting on the next shipment to our shipping partner. So it could still take a few weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we're a very small family-owned business, we can't provide guarantees like multinational corporations. We simply have a few people in our workshop, working day to day.
- Scott