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March 29, 2019 9 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Independence Brothers is not affiliated with Belstaff and the opinions expressed here are my own.

What is Belstaff?

Belstaff is a clothing company that was founded in 1924 in Staffordshire, England by Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg. The company creates men and women’s clothing, outwear, footwear, and accessories. They are known for their leather products, especially their leather jackets. They have had their leather jackets used to dress major actors, such as Steve McQueen, in major picture movies. They also have partnerships with some movies, creating limited-edition jackets inspired by the film. You can see their jackets in movies or on celebrities that you may admire.

Belstaff leather jackets have been rated as a top pick in Men Style Fashion, and Maxim featured it as “the coolest British outerwear brand of all time.” The company has a distinctive brand: that of a motorcycle-inspired, rugged wearers look. While that has transformed slightly, with other sites stating that now fashionista hipsters are wearing their jackets, we still see that the look and feel of the jacket holds that rough yet chic juxtaposition.

Belstaff has locations all around the world, however you can also order their products online and get it delivered to your door. If you want to physically go to one of their brick and mortar locations, their website has a store locator, ranging from their mother country in England to the United States, Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and many other locations.

The main site with all of their products can be found at . The site has a US website, a .co.ek UK website, an .eu EU website, and a .de website. This allows Belstaff to have the ability to deliver to over 50 countries worldwide. Upon arriving to their site, you can easily browse through their various product pages, which is divided into men’s, women’s, motorcycle, and their iconic pieces.

How Can I Order a Belstaff Jacket?

Your first option for purchasing any Belstaff product, including leather jackets, is going to a store nearby if that is a plausible option. If you want to do your shopping for delivery, you can peruse the website. Upon finding a product that you like, add it to your cart for purchase. When you are finished shipping, you can check out through their state-of-the-art secure system. Their site guarantees that your payment details are encrypted, making it virtually impossible to read over the Internet. You can also call their Customer Care Service and place an order through the telephone. Shipping charges vary based on location and whether you want your purchase to get to you in 1-2 business days or 2-7 business days, with a shorter timeframe having a higher delivery charge. If a product that you like is not available, you can back order it, as well as pre-order items that have not yet been released.

Once you place an order, Belstaff sends an order acknowledgement email. All orders can be cancelled before they are dispatched, which is usually 24 hours within the purchase and receipt of order confirmation. Once is it dispatched, however, your order cannot be cancelled. You can track you order by referring to the payment confirmation email and using the tracking information that they provide.

Belstaff leather jackets

What if I Have Other Questions or Concerns?

The Belstaff website has a list of FAQs that make the process easier and answer some more common questions before needing to call the Customer Care Service center. Questions regarding ordering, shipping, returns, and customer care can be found and answered at If you have other questions or concerns that are not covered there, the Belstaff Customer Care service offers both an email and a phone number to be reached at. You can visit for phones numbers, email addresses, and hours of operation.

Belstaff leather jackets

Having a Belstaff Leather Jacket

Belstaff leather jackets are made of a durable leather and waxed cotton to make them waterproof. They are designed to keep their wearers warm, dry, and comfortable, all the while looking great. Every jacket as the same signature details, which is important to note for authenticity:

  1. Metal hardware that is engraved with the Belstaff brand logo or name
  2. Zip pulls and fasteners with a textured grip on metal that is similar to motorbike handlebars and foot pedals
  3. A logo, if applicable, on the left sleeve.


Each jacket has other defining qualities after that, depending on the collection and piece. The leather jackets range in price, with some going as low as $500 and others as high as $1,700. Below is an overview of some of their jackets, in both the men’s and women’s categories, highlighting some of the major features.

Men’s Jackets

  • Brookland Blouson Antique Black: has black hand waxed leather with a 1 mm thickness, and a zip out quilt liner for extra warmth.
  • Lenham Jacket: has a perforated detail that curves across the chest and two-way zip fastening external pockets.
  • Winswell Jacket: a new arrival for 2019, which is made of goatskin leather and finished with natural oil. Its bomber jacket design has two large zipped pockets in the front.
  • Journey Jacket: this jacket was cut from densely woven cotton canvas. This reduces tears. The binding of the jacket is hand waxed bridle leather binding, with four spacious pockets.
  • Fieldmaster Waxed Jacket: 6 oz. waxed dark navy cotton that is coated with a blend of waxes. It is a slanted-pocket silhouette and is water and wind repellent. This jacket also has brushed velvet linings.
  • Racemaster Jacket: 6 oz. waxed cotton jacket that is water-resistant and lightweight. There are various snaps that help protect you from any inclement weather. The jacket also has metal under the arm vents for air and cotton lining, as well as hem adjusters with buckles.
  • Edmund’s Biker Jacket: a lightweight oiled suede leather jacket. The leather itself is goatskin leather, and the jacket has two lower zip pockets. It is finished with a natural oil.
  • New Brad Jacket: the goatskin leather jacket with a natural oil finish has exposed zip fastening that rises through the stand collar, press-stud closures, and other detailed metal hardware.
  • Bandit Café Racer Jacket: made from oiled and hand-waxed leather, it has an artisanal finishing so that the coating is durable and water repellent. The jacket also has a press-stud closure, two side pockets, and shoulder reinforcements.


Belstaff also has leather jackets that were made famous for the people they fitted:

  • S Icon Blouson Black: Belstaff’s 1964 jacket that was made in honor of Steve McQueen. Belstaff had dressed him for his famous role in The Great Escape, and this jacket was created a year later, including diamond quilting to the shoulders, elbows, and hemline.
  • Outlaw Jacket: David Beckham’s jacket for his movie Outlaw, became a symbolic part of the Belstaff collection.
Belstaff jackets for women
Women’s Jackets
  • Journey Jacket: brown cotton jacket with adjustable leather latches at the cuffs and collars. It is reinforced with hand-waxed bridle leather trim and under-arm air vents for breathability.
  • Trialmaster: has 6 oz. weatherproof waxed cotton, a mandarin collar, and four pocket design. The wax finish is water repellent but still allows you to breath, and the collar is lined with velvet.
  • Cooper Jacket: this jacket is cut to allow ease of movement and is made of light grain lambskin. It has two angled pockets, a point collar, and plaid lining. It also has double O-ring side adjusters to make it more of a custom fit.
  • Almington Jacket: four-pocket, suede silhouette jacket. It is made from goatskin leather and in driftwood with a suede belt.
  • Mollison Jacket: made from goatskin leather in a café racer shape. Has a press-stud collar closure and moto-inspired channel quilting on the shoulder, with two side zipped pockets.
  • Burnett Biker Jacket: has a hand-painted finish and decorative shoulder stitch detailing.
  • Salander Jacket: a limited run jacket, it was created in partnership with “The Girl in the Spider’s Web.” It is named after the film’s main character, and is made of water-repellent calf leather in an artisanal, hand-treated oil and wax finish. It also has red and white double buckles at the hips, which match the racing stripes that run on the sleeve.
  • Gangster Leather Jacket: signature, hand-waxed leather with a black wax buffered finish. It is a biker style jacket with corrugated side panels and detailing on the shoulder and elbows.


Every Belstaff jacket delivers on quality and is still unique in their own way.

Choosing a Belstaff Jacket

Choosing the perfect jacket for you is no small decision. It is an investment in how you are going to look and feel for the near foreseeable future.

A few things to consider when you are shopping for a jacket is your sense of style, your needs, and your budget.

First, your needs. Will you be wearing this jacket in the warmer or cooler weather? If you are wearing it in the cooler weather months, features such as an extra zip lining will be helpful in keeping you cozy and warm. If you choose to wear the jacket in warmer weather months, you can pick a lighter style, or even a jacket that has a removable lining, one that you can wear through multiple seasons.

Are you a person that travels with a purse or a bag? Or do you travel light? A question like this can help you decide how many pockets you may need, depending on whether you need to store a wallet or just keys.

The next thing to consider is your sense of style. What jacket speaks to you, that you can see yourself wearing? The jackets vary in color and style, and they have different cuts to fit your body in different ways. Think about what jackets appeal to you, since jackets are worn so often.

The final, big element to consider is your budget. Are you able to spend money on the higher priced leather jackets, or do you need to stay in the lower range? Figuring out your budget can help you possibly narrow down your selection choices as well.


Pros and cons of Belstaff jackets

Care & Maintenance for Your Belfstaff Jacket

Once you have purchased a Belstaff jacket, it is important to take steps to make sure that your jacket lasts as long as it can. This can be done by giving it the proper care.

For leather jackets, there are different care instructions. There are two ways you can access these care instructions of you are not in-store: online or by phone. Each product page has descriptions of the jacket, as well as how to care for it. It also includes the fabric composition, country or origin, and exact dimensions. The Belstaff site states that if you need any further instructions after reading that, you can call their Customer Care center for any other questions.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Pros and Cons of a Belstaff Leather Jacket

Belstaff is a company steeped in history, with well-known individuals wearing their products. It has transcended time, and reached those in their 20s and 30s even today. Generally, the question raised among customers is whether these jackets are of quality and worth their price tag. While many users say that they are quality jackets, some state that certain collections are better than others and more durable.

In addition, others suggest waiting to get one of their jackets on sites such as eBay versus buying it on their site so that you can get a lower price. The risk with that route, however, is that you may get a fake jacket. The Belstaff site has an entire section on counterfeit products, and state that they “invest heavily as a brand to monitor and actively legislate against any site or business that infringes” upon their trademarks. They do not guarantee authenticity if you do not purchase from a retailer authorized by them, and also urge customers to report any counterfeit sites they may encounter. As a result, purchasing it from a site such as eBay for less can mean that the money you are spending will not be on an actual Belstaff jacket. The above-mentioned signature details are the best way to confirm that you have an authentic Belstaff.

The price tag is a major point where Independence Brothers and Belstaff differ. Independence Brothers have minimal overhead, a small marketing budget, and an emphasis on automation, which lowers the prices of their jackets. Jackets on their site drop below $400, which is difficult to find in the Belstaff realm. As a major complaint of Belstaff was the price, this makes Independence Brothers an excellent route to explore, especially if you want a quality jacket with a smaller price tag.

Additionally, Independence Brothers makes fully custom jackets to your measurements whereas Belstaff does standard sizing. If you want a jacket that looks great on you, in particular, then Independence Brothers is the way to go.

Invest in a Belstaff leather jacket


Overall, it is important for you as the consumer to do research and read reviews. After all, at the end of the day, it is your jacket. A leather jacket can change your mindset. Fashion is a powerful thing, and leather jackets are not just clothing or outwear made to keep you warm. It is an extension of yourself and your personality; it is a statement. Leather jackets can transform your day for better and project confidence and the person you want to be to the outside world. That bounce in your step can have a ripple effect for the rest of your day in a positive way. Whether you purchase a Belstaff or an Independence Brothers jacket, you need to make sure it is the best version of yourself in that jacket.

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