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June 24, 2021 7 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Readers, it is time for our Independence Brothers review of the best leather jackets of 2023. While everything in fashion is subjective, there are a few inalienable qualities that make some leather jackets better than others in our eyes, such as the quality of leather.

We have decided to round up some of our favorite Independence Brothers jackets. In this blog, we will delve into some of the best-selling jackets in history and how they got there. We also talk about some of our favorite ones here at Independence Brothers. Plus, what makes a jacket the best jacket for you? We can let you know what we have dubbed the Best Leather Jackets of 2023. You agree or disagree, or you can throw it all to the side and decide to go custom. At the end of the day, at least you have a wonderful leather jacket. Let’s dive in.

What does it mean to be the “best leather jacket”?

First, let’s talk about what we mean when we say the best leather jacket. We can tell you some of the best-selling items in the Independence Brothers leather jacket history and we can talk about what has sold best throughout the decades. While we will do all of that, we can also talk about what makes a leather jacket the best option for yourself. You are the one wearing it. Therefore, you should wear something that makes you happy every time you pull it on.

The best-selling items in history

We have spoken about the history of leather jackets in our blog before. The best-selling leather jackets in history are a reflection of fashion, necessity, and pop culture throughout the decades.

Biker jackets are a famous leather jacket style that became well known for not only those who needed them as riders, but because they were showing up on the big screen. Marlon Brando made the biker jacket rise in popularity, as he wore one in The Wild One.

Bomber jackets, or flight jackets, could be considered the original leather jacket. Made for flight pilots during war to protect them, they were built out of necessity and then became popular in fashion. When you picture leather jackets with collars that are lined as well as the inside of the jacket, flight jackets are what you picture=ing. Protecting pilots from the wind and chill was its first duty, one that today makes many able to wear their favorite leather jacket in colder temperatures.

Cafe racer jackets are another popular trend that has spanned decades. The jacket is quietly linked to motorcycle racing, which gives the jacket a whole new meaning of life. Cafe racer jackets usually feature a stand collar, front zip and overall uncluttered design. It is considered a clean-cut classic look.

When you think of leather jackets, you mostly think about fighter pilots during wartime or famous icons that brought leather jackets back. In addition to Marlon Brando, there are characters such as the Fonz from Happy Days or John Travolta sliding around with his pocket comb as Danny Zucko in Grease. Whatever the reason you were tuned into or fell in love with leather jackets, there is always something out there for everyone.

Best leather jackets

Identifying “the best” for yourself

While we can show you what the trends are and the best sellers, the leather jacket that is the best for you depends entirely on you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do you like style wise? Do you ever see a leather jacket and think about how you would (or would not) want to wear it?
  2. What are your favorite jacket looks?
  3. What purpose is the leather jacket fulfilling? Is it for warmth, protection from the wind, or fashion?
  4. What are your favorite colors to wear? Is a black or brown leather jacket going to suit you better than a navy or another color?
  5. Finally, what kind of details are special to you? Do you need specific lining, stitching, or pockets? Are buttons and zippers and the hardware specific features that you envision when wearing your jacket?
  6. Plus, what is your budget? Leather jackets can range in cost, depending on the company you purchase from and other details, like whether or not it is custom. Figuring out your budget can help you narrow down your search immensely.


Questions like these are important to ask in order to figure out what the best leather jacket is for you. Fashion is subjective. If you need a jacket to keep you warm in the chilly weather, a leather jacket that has a heavier lining is what is best for you. Maybe you even want a heavier collar, similar to flight jackets. This differs from someone looking for a lighter statement piece to wear to a formal event. They could use a blazer jacket, a moto jacket, or other styles.

You should also consider other factors such as the look and feel of the jacket. The colors that you like to wear, the extra bits such as zippers and buttons that round out the look, and the type of leather are all details that matter. Some people enjoy the feel of lambskin over cow leather or need pockets in their jacket. These details will help guide you to figure out what jacket is best for you. You can consider the fashion and best sellers when you are shopping. Conversely, or you can go the completely opposite way and purchase against the trending grain. The choice is yours.

What are the best jacket styles for 2023?

If you’re coming to Independence Brothers to shop for the best leather jacket styles for 2023, we have a few options for you. And if none of these fit your needs perfectly, you can always go custom.

Moto jacket- Our moto jacket is a sleek, classic jacket that is versatile and can pair with many things. It is 100% Full-Grain, sustainable vegetable-tanned leather and ethically handmade in North America in our workshop. The jacket includes quality-assured YKK hardware. It has two interior and three exterior pockets. The interior pockets are one Zippered and one Open. The exterior Pockets are all Zippered. The jacket also features a snap collar, zippered sleeves, and bi-swing back.

Our modern bomber jacket is a new take on an old classic. It still involves traditional styling with a sleek update. There are two interior pockets, one zipper and one open. There are also two exterior open pockets. This jacket features a durable elastic cotton collar, cuffs, and hem.

With all of our jackets, there is the custom aspect of being able to choose your leather color, the type of leather (between lambskin and calfskin), and handing in your measurements. In this way, we make sure the jacket fits you. All of our jackets are full grain leather.

Our blazer leather jacketis one of our innovative favorites. It is proof that you can wear a leather jacket with anything, either dress up or dress down. This jacket - the Dave Navarro blazer - is considered a living legend. Much like our other jackets, it is made of 100% Full grain, sustainable vegetable-tanned leather that is ethically handmade in North America in our workshop. Unlike the others, though, its features are in that there is a button closure and handcrafted decorative stitching throughout the jacket.

The army jacket stands out in its flap pocket exterior feature and zippered sleeves. While those features make it distinct, it is choosing your leather than truly makes it become your own.

Custom made leather jackets

Consider going custom

For those of us at Independence Brothers, going custom is always a good idea. You may have seen us say this before, or this might be the first time you are visiting our blog, but custom jackets are above and beyond a ready to wear jacket.

What makes custom jackets so great? This may be the obvious first answer, but the fact that they are custom is the key aspect. When you create a custom jacket, it becomes a one of a kind piece of fashion. No one else has it because you chose the design elements yourself. You won’t see someone in your neighborhood wearing the same piece as you.

Not only is the jacket unique, it is expressive. We believe that fashion is a way for your personality to shine through, and even more so when you create it yourself.

If those reasons aren’t enough, the fit of the jacket brings it home. Even if you generally fit into ready to wear sizes, a custom jacket that is tailored to your body is many times better than any standard size. You won’t run the risk of the jacket not quite fitting your sleeves right or being too tight to zipper shut. The jacket will fit like a glove.

Some people may get nervous at the thought of custom pieces. Custom jackets do have some possible downsides to consider before you purchase. When you place your order, you have to carefully make sure that your measurements are accurate because returns are generally much more restricted.

Custom jackets can also come at a higher price tag. It makes sense when you consider handmade versus factory made, mass produced versus one of a kind. You are paying for a one of a kind piece and the extra labor and skill that goes into creating that. That price tag, however, sometimes comes in at too high of a number for some budgets. The higher price tag may be the first instinct for many shoppers and the thought that drives you away from considering a custom piece.

Not all companies have a custom price tag that will price you out though. Independence Brothers prides itself on being a company that has affordable bespoke prices, giving many the opportunity to get a custom jacket.

Independence Brothers was built by two brothers who wanted to give men and women everywhere the opportunity to have a jacket that feels just right, both on the body and on the wallet. They have refined the art of manufacturing down to a science based around quality leather, skilled craftsmanship, and the perfect custom fit. The brothers pride themselves on providing fantastic customer service for sizing concerns and unique features that enable anyone to own a fitted leather jacket. Going custom is much more attainable if you get an Independence Brothers jacket. With every jacket they have, you are able to send in measurements and pick details, such as the color leather or lining. It allows for more versatility with what you are purchasing, and it is much more affordable than other places.

We always want to help shoppers on their leather jacket journey. Have any questions? Consider speaking with one of our team today to find out if a custom jacket will work for you.

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