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September 10, 2020 7 min read

by Alya Omran

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Leather is one of the most elegant and most commonly used natural fabrics in history. A leather jacket is a must-have. I’m sure every one of us has one as a part of their wardrobe. It fits every occasion and can be worn with both casual and formal attires. Each leather jacket comes with its unique and authentic aura. Choosing a good leather jacket can be a detailed and long process.

At first, most jackets were dyed in either black or brown. Leather jackets were originally worn by the military as a part of their uniform (especially aviators). During the 2nd World War, leather jackets became known as “bomber jackets”. In the late 1960s, leather jackets became the new cool. It soon became a bikers’ favorite after Steve McQueen wore one along with his famous aviator sunglasses.

When jackets started gaining popularity, a lot of new styles, colors, and designs were introduced to the market. Black and brown no longer became the only 2 colors available. Leather jackets are now available in almost every color. You can buy your leather jack in blue, red, yellow, etc.

Why choose a blue leather jacket?

Blue is a vibrant color. The blue color spectrum is huge and you have a wide variety of shades to pick from. A nNavy blue leather jacket are more on the formal end of the spectrum. You can wear your navy blue leather jacket on a dress shirt and formal pants. A baby blue leather jacket, on the other hand, can be worn in morning occasions. It’s a warm color and can be worn to almost anything.

What can I wear my blue leather jacket with?

There are a thousand different ways to style your blue leather jacket. You can wear it to a formal event or a casual outing. Here are different ideas on how to style your blue leather jacket:


  • Wearing a blue leather jacket on a sweatshirt and jeans

This is an idea for a casual outing. You can wear your blue leather jacket with a grey, white, black, rose, or even brown sweatshirt with any color jeans you choose. This is a smart casual look that you can also wear to the office.


  • Styling a blue leather jacket with a dress shirt

This is a more serious and formal look. A navy blue leather jacket with a white dress shirt is a perfect mix. You can also wear a dark-colored blue jacket with a grey, black or light blue shades dress shirt.


  • Wearing a blue leather jacket with a print T-shirt

This is a casual look for everyday errands. A white tee with any print on an electric blue leather jacket is a very good look. Darker shades of blue leather go well with almost any print of complementary colors.


  • Blue leather jacket with matching knitwear

This is an authentic winter look. Wearing a baby blue leather jacket with pastel-colored knitwear is a colorful and smart look. Darker shades of blue leather can go well with lighter shades of knitwear such as white and light grey. Complete the look with matching half-boots.


  • Blue leather jacket with an all-black outfit

Mysterious, vibrant, and smart, this outfit is a great one. This is an outfit for every occasion. You can wear this to the office, to a casual outing, to a night out, and to almost everything!


  • Blue leather jacket with an all-white outfit

Now, this is one of my favorite looks! It gives chilly winter vibes and refreshing bright warmth. It looks elegant, charming, bright, peaceful, and fresh.


  • Navy blue leather jacket with an iconic white and navy blue striped turtleneck or sweater

This is a classic elegant look that we couldn’t have missed on our styling ideas!

Other factors to consider when choosing your blue leather jacket

Choosing a good leather jacket can be a very long process. Choosing the right fit is very important, knowing that your leather jacket could stretch by time. Knowing the different types of leather and the characteristics of each is also very important. Your budget is also a very important factor. You should keep in mind that your leather jacket is an investment and the high prices are usually for a good reason, as long as the price is reasonable.

Blue leather jacket

Where to find a suitable blue leather jacket?

Almost all leather brands have their jackets available in blue. It is a very common color and is highly popular in the leather category.

Here’s a list of the best looking blue leather jackets on the market:

1.  Leather Skin Women Blue Brando Genuine Leather Jacket

Price: $229

Let’s start the list by one of my favorites. This leather jacket is designed to achieve both elegance and comfort. It’s electric blue and is guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd. The side slipper pockets give it a unique aura. It is made of genuine sheep leather. Sheep leather can be distinguished from other types easily by touch. It is very supple and soft. Its lightweight makes it very comfortable against your skin. The site offers a worldwide free shipping, the delivery time depending on the country you’re delivering to. They have a flexible return and exchange policy for up to 30 days.

This leather jacket is available in a variety of sizes from XS to 4XL and can be ordered in a custom made, made to fit size.

2.   Men Navy Blue Genuine Leather Jacket With Rib Quilted Padded Shoulders

Price: $199

Navy blue is everyone’s favorite shade of blue! When it comes to leather jackets, this is the easiest color to choose. It’s unique and elegant. You can wear this leather jacket to any occasion. The padded shoulders on this jacket are the best way to accentuate your toned shoulder blades. It also comes with a tightening strap on the sides so you can accustom the jacket to your body shape. It is made of high-quality leather and comes with a soft and warm inner lining.

3.  Bomia Ma-1 Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

Price: $265

This leather jacket is made of high-quality sheepskin leather with a high-quality polyester quilted lining. Its silver zipper are elegant and convey a very smart look. It comes in every size and you can order a custom-made one.


4.  Leather Biker Jacket Blue : Vitteli

Price: $297.93

This blue leather jacket is made of 100% genuine leather. It is very elegant and can be styled in many different ways. It comes in a clean cut with a timeless design. It is a modern biker style leather jackets that can match every apparel.

5. Golden Bear: The Albany Wool-Blend and Leather Bomber Jacket

Price: $655

Although only the sleeves on this leather jacket are made of leather, this navy blue jacket definitely qualifies to be on our list and is, actually, one of my favorites! Golden Bear have been in the fashion industry since 1920 and their products are made to last for a lifetime. This jacket can be styled in almost every style we mentioned previously on this article. It is a must-have.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

How to take care of my leather jacket?

Buying an expensive leather jacket is always a good value for money especially in such a diverse color as blue. Choosing a good-quality leather in the skin of your choice is a very important consideration when buying a leather jacket. However, even the best quality leather requires special care to remain soft and supple. It is advised to read the manufacturer’s label on your leather jacket before using any chemicals on it. Chemicals can change the color and texture of your leather jacket which may deem it unwearable. You can contact the manufacturer for more information about the use of chemicals on their leather.

Leather is a natural material and taking care of it can be lengthy but worthwhile. If you manage to take good care of your leather garments, they can stay for decades. Leather gains characteristic fold and bumps over time, which makes your duster even more charismatic. Leather is often affected by humidity and water, but since leather dusters are mostly worn on rainy days, you will need to take extra care of them. Here are a few tips to keep your leather jacket good as new:

  • Keep your leather jacket dry at all times. Avoid wearing it in the rain.
  • Hang your leather jacket neatly. Make sure it is not folded for prolonged periods of time as this increases the cracks and creases.
  • Do not store your jacket where it can be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time as it makes the colors fade away.
  • Store your leather jacket on padded hangers to avoid unnecessary creasing.
  • Store your jacket in a cool place. Heat makes leather brittle and can come off.
  • It is not recommended to clean your leather jackets at home even if the label says you can. It is always recommended to be cleaned professionally.

Why should I order a custom made leather jacket?

Getting a leather jacket made especially for you is an extraordinary experience. You no longer have to worry about the fit or the touch of your jacket. You can choose your preferred design, color, leather type, and get it tailored to fit you perfectly! What is more unique than having a fashion item designed just for you at a fair price. You can add all the features and accessories that you want to your custom-made leather jacket. I can assure you that once you give this a try, you will never be able to wear anything else again.

Custom made leather jacket


A blue color leather jacket is a great addition to every wardrobe. You can style your blue leather jacket to match every occasion and in a thousand ways. You can buy a blue leather jacket from a lot of websites online and find them in stores worldwide. Ordering your own custom-made leather jacket is a great experience that I strongly recommend. You need to understand and learn how to take good care of your leather jackets.

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