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November 13, 2018 7 min read


I had my heart set on buying a brown leather jacket (rather than the more clichéd black moto jacket version) ever since my best bud bought it a few years ago. I'd borrow it now and then for a special date or for travel. When I bought a brown leather moto jacket a couple of years ago, I wore it on repeat starting pretty much the next day. For a leather moto jacket brown is the second most popular color. That brings me to a question that many jacket owners might have asked themselves - What to wear with a brown moto jacket?

Like I mentioned, I wore it for just about everything from going out for a movie to casual bumming around at a friend's place. There are many versatile ways to wear a men's leather brown jacket, but you might find yourself running out of ideas on wearing your favorite jacket from day to night. There's a ton of use you can get out of your brown jacket. Here, I am going to share some great ideas that I came up while using my favorite staple!

How To Style A Brown Moto Jacket

You can create different looks for different days using your imagination and your favorite brown leather moto jacket. You need some basic shirts, t-shirts, and accessories to create different looks with your jacket. You need to pull out some things from your wardrobe and use them to create stunning and diverse looks for various occasions. You will need the following for each look.

Look 1-Casual

•   Brown moto jacket (either faux leather or real)
•   A simple white t-shirt. You can also use another lighter colored t-shirt of your choice though while offsets brown nicely and give this look a casual feel
•   You can also use another lighter colored t-shirt of your choice though while offsets brown nicely and give this look a casual feel
•   Blue denim
•   Converse shoes or trainers. If you want to be a bit more dressy, you can opt for brown suede chukka boots with this look
•   If you want to be a bit more dressy, you can opt for brown suede chukka boots with this look

Brown jacket and a checked shirt
Look 2-Rugged

•   Brown leather jacket (either faux leather or real)
•   A checked shirt. You can also use a denim shirt to enhance the ruggedness of this manly look. You can layer this look with a dark colored t-shirt for colder climates and to add more dimension to it
•   You can also use a denim shirt to enhance the ruggedness of this manly look
•   You can layer this look with a dark colored t-shirt for colder climates and to add more dimension to it
•   Rugged ankle-length boots
•   Blue denim

Look 3-Sophisticated and Chic

•   Brown moto jacket (either faux leather or real)
•   Oxford shirt
•   Slim fit jumper
•   Brown suede derby shoes
•   Chinos or Slim fit denim

Now that you have pulled out these basics from your wardrobe, you’re all set to create amazing, versatile looks with your brown moto jacket. In this next section, I will explain how to amplify each of these looks to make you look like a rock start every day!

Look 1-Casual

I love this look because it makes me feel put-together without too much effort. You can use either a faux leather or real jacket and just about any basic t-shirt with this look, but white is my personal favorite. It gives this look a casual yet clean effect while being entirely effortless to create.

The great thing about this look is that despite being casual, it can work with a variety of leather moto jackets ranging from varsity to biker. You can pair the t-shirt with well-fitting jeans and causal converse shoes to take this look to another level. If you want to add more versatility to this look, you can choose to wear it with beige suede chukka boots.

This is my everyday go-to look and is great for autumn and mild winter. Plus, I sometimes layer this look with a tone-on-tone woolen scarf for added warmth. The possibilities are endless if you want to use your brown jacket for a casual, everyday look.

Look 2-Rugged

For a more masculine, brooding look, I like to pair my favorite brown moto jacket with a checked or denim shirt. This look is great for looking manly without seeming like you're trying too hard. I like to pair a checked shirt with blue denim to complete this look.

This look also works great with a denim shirt and jeans. The brown leather complements the blue making it a super manly (workman style) look. I like to complete this look with a pair of rugged brown boots. If you live in a colder place, you can choose to layer with a darker colored t-shirt for added warmth.

I can vouch for this look, and it always has the ladies swooning!

Jacket color variations
Look 3-Sophisticated and Chic

The brown jacket is extremely versatile, and this look is a testament to that fact. You don't need to be afraid to venture into the chic zone with your favorite jacket. In fact, it is effortless to create a sophisticated yet edgy look with the brown leather moto jacket.

I try to create a clean, slim silhouette in this variation by paring an oxford shirt with a slim fit jumper. This instantly glamorizes your jacket in a chic and understated way. You should complete this look with well-fitted chinos for best effect.

Just be careful to maintain the silhouette by not bulking up the look by adding keys and your phone or other stuff in your pockets. You can use a classic messenger bag with this look to carry all your things without adding bulk to this look.

This is a great day to night look. I often find myself wearing this look to work, and heading out for a date later in the evening without changing anything.

Some Pro Tips

The brown moto jacket is quite versatile, both faux leather and real, and I have enlisted some ideas on what to wear with brown leather jackets, but there are some.

Style is important

While picking a brown moto jacket, it is essential to choose a style that works best for you. You need to make sure that the jacket you pick fits you well. Some simple things to look for in a well-fitting leather moto jacket include the sleeve.

A key attribute in well-made real leather jackets is that the arm holes are high-cut. This ensures that the jacket remains close to your body. You should make sure that the sleeves aren't too long, but an inch or two above the cuff is fine.

You can try on a jacket one size smaller than you think you need for a snug fit. Be sure to choose a good fit because you can’t take it to your tailor later to take it in a bit. Plus, you should ensure that the shoulders fit you well and do not droop. Your jacket should be comfortable and allow a full range of motion without gathering up.

Also, please stay away from “knee-length” jackets! The waist of the jacket should fall right around your belt. Some jacket styles like the fatigue style can fall a couple of inches below your belt line which is alright. Just make sure you don’t buy a floor length duster!

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber


There are many color variations even within brown jackets, so choose a color that works best for you. Light brown jackets are great for rugged wear like on the plains because the sun, rain, grease and other factor bring out a myriad of colors in this type of jacket. If you’re a fan of cowboy boots, then this hue will work best for you.

Darker colored brown jackets work great if you like matching your shoes with your jacket. This color works great with lighter colored button down shirts. This color lends the jacket intensity without taking it to an area where you can scare people.


Depending on your usage, you need to choose the material for your leather jackets. The full-grained leather is a great option for the grained look prevents the appearance of scratches and other kinds of marks. You can opt for high-quality leather options if you have the cash to splurge, and there are multiple variations available if you’re on a budget. Lambskin leather is a good place to start.

You can choose to go with a suede jacket which looks really chic but can be heavier due to the chemicals used to treat it. It isn’t the best option in case it pours though you can create a very sophisticated look with this style. If you manage your clothes well, suede can be a great option!

You can choose a shearling men's jacket if you live in a colder climate because of its warm and practical attributes. Shearling is a great material for leather jackets but may be a bit more expensive than other variants.

Styling a brown leather jacket


I hope that my experiences with my favorite jacket will help you with styling your brown leather moto jacket every day. There are many jacket styles such as leather bomber jacket, leather motorcycle jacket, cafe racer jacket, leather biker jacket, and others. You can use either a faux leather jacket or a real one to recreate these outfits. The key to what to wear with dark brown leather jackets is to experiment and have an open mind because the possibilities are endless. You can wear this versatile jacket in so many ways, and I practically live in it. If you find a genuine leather jacket, it'll become your most prized possession, trust me.

I hope that these tips have been useful to you. If yes, then don’t forget to leave a comment and share this article with your friends so that they can experience the many joys of owning an awesome brown leather jacket!

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