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December 10, 2019 10 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Independence Brothers is not affiliated with Burberry and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Burberry - Who are they?

Burberry is a name that is known among leather and non-leather wearers alike. It is even known upon those who keep fewer tabs on fashion. Like major companies such as Gucci or Cartier, Burberry has made a name for itself in the fashion world that surpasses the industry. It is a company that has a lot of history - established in 1856, it grew to become a British luxury fashion house. The company is known for its trench coats, ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, sunglasses, fragrances, and cosmetics. More than anything, it is known for the telltale Burberry pattern that appears on many of its handbags, scarves, jackets, and other products.

Burberry was started by a man named Thomas Burberry. He was 21 when he established the company and did so because he found a problem and wanted to create the solution. The problem was the British weather, and his solution was creating clothing that was designed to protect people from it. British weather is known for the amount of rain that they get, and Burberry began by inventing a breathable, weatherproof material called gabardine that could be used to create trench coats and worn comfortably. In 1920, the Burberry check, which is the distinguishable pattern and now registered as a trademark, was introduced in its beginnings as a lining to the rainwear. Burberry has three brands that have been created over time and it is known by - Burberry London, Burberry Prorsum. Each brand allows for the iconic status of Burberry to be carried out in a variety of casual clothing with their own look. Today, Burberry is a well-known name; it invokes thoughts of luxury, quality, Engish style, and that Burberry check pattern.

How do I order a Burberry leather jacket?

Burberry has over 500 locations worldwide. If you happen to live near or are visiting one of those stores, you can go inside, try on, and purchase a jacket there. Their website contains a store locator section to see how close you are to an actual store.

For those who are not nearby or just prefer to online shop, you can order a leather jacket on their website. For those in the United States, you can head to to click away to your heart’s desire. Their website allows you to browse and shop, and purchase online. They have free shipping and returns, next day delivery options, free gift packaging, and the ability to collect in-store. While you can have a Burberry account on their website to order, you can also check out as a guest. If you place an order as a guest or as a Burberry account holder, you can track it by using the tracking number they give you in the confirmation email.

Burberry accepts Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, and UnionPay, as well as Burberry gift cards.

Shopping on the Burberry site is easy. When you arrive at the home page, you can hover over the “Men” or “Women” section on the navigation bar. The site gives you sub-options of everything they sell and clothing and jackets are the top placement. You can make your search more detailed by narrowing down the color, size, category, style, and material of the jacket that you are looking for.

Once you have found the jacket that you can add it to your cart and check out when you are done shopping. After placing your order, with will receive within 3-5 working days, unless you pay for next day shipping.

How to order a Burberry Jacket

What if there is an issue with my product?

The Burberry page has a dedicated “Customer Service” divide on its page, with a page focused solely on returns. For leather jackets, free returns are available for all full-price items within 30 days of shipping and all sale items within 14 days of receipt, provided the return conditions specified below are met. Any personalized items cannot be returned.

In order to receive a full refund, these steps must be followed:

  1. Place the item(s) in the original shipping box.
  2. Complete the returns form and place it in the box.
  3. Attach the returns label to the outside of the box and seal the parcel securely.
  4. Visit and select 'Contact UPS' at the bottom left of the screen.
  5. Call the UPS Customer Service telephone number to arrange a collection.
  6. Please have your returns label ready in order to provide confirmation.

Burberry specifics that there are conditions that must be met for the return, otherwise a refund cannot be issued. Conditions for a return are:

  • Purchases must be returned from the original shipping location with the original Returns Form.
  • Items returned must be in their unused original condition with all Burberry item tags attached and any related accessories or instruction booklets included.
  • Incomplete, damaged, worn, soiled or altered returns or anything Burberry reasonably believes has been used, will not be accepted and therefore sent back to the customer. Where an item is supplied with a hygiene strip, the item can only be returned if the hygiene strip has not been removed and remains intact.
  • Optical frames cannot be returned after they have been fitted with prescription or replacement lenses.

Refunds are credited to the original method of payment and usually are processed between 7-10 business days.

If you want to exchange an item, you cannot do it online. It can be done in store. As an alternative, Burberry suggests returning the item for a refund and then ordering another item to replace it.

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What if I have other questions, comments, or concerns?

Burberry has a customer service team dedicated to helping anyone with any questions, comments, or concerns about their products. On their website, they have various social media channels that you can follow and contact them through- Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can email, call, or text them. They also give an address to write to them if needed. Burberry offers 24-hours a day, seven days a week global assistance. They have a customer service number that varies depending on the country that you are calling from, as well as an email address you can reach.

Burberry customer service

Having a Burberry leather jacket

Getting a Burberry leather jacket is nothing short of an investment. When you order anything from Burberry, you are paying for more than just the quality of jacket; you are paying for the brand and the personality that comes with it. With a company such as Burberry that is filled with celebrity endorsements ranging from Emma Stone to Audrey Hepburn, that notoriety comes with a price tag. The least expensive jacket on their site is around 950 GBP and the price can go up as high as 9,000 GBP. They have men’s and women’s leather jackets in a variety of styles, although there is no guarantee it will be available at all times. At the time of this writing, there were very limited options for Burberry women’s leather jackets. Therefore, it is good to keep this in mind if what you want is not there as you are browsing. If this does occur, you can always come back another time and see if Burberry has it then.

Each Burberry leather jacket is unique in its look and style. While there were not as many options as other companies we have looked at, especially on the women’s side, we hand-picked a few that we saw to feature here. They range from the lows and the highs of the Burberry price tag.



Burberry men’s jackets are reconstructed classics, from the bomber to the blazer, that are transformed through unexpected fabrics and a patchwork of plaids.

  • Lambskin leather bomber jacket (1,680 GBP) - this classic bomber jacket is cut and m made from lambskin and finished with traditional rib-knit trims. It has polyester lining and filler, and two-way zip closure, as well as a chest welt pocket, side press-stud flap pockets, zip and pen pockets at the sleeve, and interior press-stud welt pockets
  • Leather jacket (3,500 GBP) - this jacket is a streamlined silhouette cut from their supple calf leather and detailed with their signature button-tab cuffs. It has a 100% cupro lining and a two-way zip closure as well as button-through welt pockets.

Burberry women’s jackets are reconstructed silhouettes and unexpected fabrics that define new-season styles, from the bomber to the blazer:

  • Lambskin down-filled oversized trench coat (8,500 GBP) - this jacket mixes a few elements: the Burberry trench coat, which is how the company rose to fame, as well as a leather jacket, which gives it a classic look and feel. This jacket is an oversized trench coast that is reinterpreted in lambskin and filled with goose down feathers for extra volume (and warmth!). It has buffalo horn buttons, a double-breasted closure, button-through welt pockets, and belted cuffs.
  • Topstitch detail lambskin trenchcoat (6,500 GBP) - this maple colored jacket is an Italian-made trench coast that has been reimagined in supple lambskin with contrast topstitching. Its signature details include epaulets, hook-and-eye collar closure, gun flap, belted cuffs, D-ring belt, and a storm shield.

The general consensus for review online was that a Burberry jacket is a quality statement jacket. People are happy with a Burberry product, even if they did not enjoy how expensive it was. However, the jacket looks, fits, and feels good.

Caring for your Burberry Jacket

Once you make the investment in a Burberry jacket, taking care of it helps ensure the longevity of the jacket and making it worth your while. For a jacket that comes with such a well-known brand and at that price tag, the longer the jacket lasts, the better. The Burberry jacket pages all instruct to get do a specialist leather clean. If you have any questions about the care of your Burberry jacket, you can always contact their customer service.

How to care for your Burberry leather jacket

Pros and Cons of a Burberry Jacket

The massive pro about owning a Burberry jacket is just that - owning a Burberry jacket. Whether or not you are into fashion, you will likely know the Burberry name. Therefore, owning something from them is a statement. It shows you have a timeless taste in outerwear.

The big con for Burberry is the price tag. While leather jackets are not cheap, and no matter what, you are paying for a quality jacket, Burberry exceeds the costs of most of the other companies we have written about. Part of that is because of the quality, but the other part if because of the name and the brand that goes with it. This occurs with many bigger brands, such as Tiffany’s. It is always nice when leather jackets are affordable because then more people can enjoy them. If you have been flowing our blog, you will already know that a lot more affordable jackets exist out there, such as Independence Brothers. However, your leather jacket journey is your own, and Burberry makes great jackets, so while the price tag is high, it really just means a larger investment to prepare for.

While Burberry does personalize some of their items, they do not have bespoke leather jackets, meaning customizing and creating your jacket is not an option under Burberry. As we mentioned before, they also do not have as many options to choose from as other companies, especially those who specialize in leather jackets. All of their jackets are ready to wear. If you are looking for a jacket that you helped create, had more choice in options, and that you wanted to build on your own, Burberry would not be the place for you. There are other companies, such as The Jacket Maker and Independence Brothers, that specialize or have the option for bespoke leather jackets.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Choosing a Burberry Jacket

If you have been to our blog before, you know we say that choosing a jacket boils down to a few key things from you, the customer: style, needs, and price tag. While it may sound like three points that have been heard before, it is important to consider and reiterate before purchasing your leather jacket:

First, your needs. Will you be wearing this jacket in the warmer or cooler weather? If you are wearing it in the cooler weather months, features such as an extra zip lining or a lining made of heavier material will be helpful in keeping you cozy and warm. Down stuffed jackets, for example, as much warmer jackets. If you choose to wear the jacket in warmer weather months, you can pick a lighter style or even a jacket that has a removable lining, one that you can wear through multiple seasons.

Are you a person that travels with a purse or a bag? Or do you travel light? A question like this can help you decide how many pockets you may need, depending on whether you need to store a wallet or just keys. Do you need many pockets or is the standard two enough?

The next thing to consider is your sense of style. What jacket speaks to you, that you can see yourself wearing? Each Burberry jacket seems to have its own timeless personality, and you have to see which one reflects yours as well. Some of the jackets only have one color option, and that alone is a decision - does black or maple suit you? A long or a short jacket? How does it cut and fit around you?

The final, big element to consider is your budget. Are you able to spend money on a higher-priced jackets Burberry jacket, or do you need to stay in the lower range? We have discussed the Burberry price tag being higher than others, but there is still a wide range of numbers within that. Figuring out your budget can help you possibly narrow down your selection choices as well.

Pros and cons of a Burberry Leather Jacket


We feel strongly about leather jackets here and about what they can do for you as a person. We hope this article helped give an overview of Burberry as a company steeped in history and their jackets as a whole. At the end of the day, you are the person purchasing this extension of yourself. Do the research and read reviews. Compare styles and cuts and comfort. Find what works best for you, what you can see yourself wearing many days throughout the year. Whether you purchase a Burry leather jacket or an Independence Brothers leather jacket, you need to make sure it is the best version of yourself in that jacket.

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