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Independence Brothers'

"The Perfect Fit" Guarantee

We get it: measuring yourself at home can be a daunting task. While we've made jackets for thousands(!) of satisfied customers we understand that you want a guarantee. A guarantee that you won't spend your hard earned cash and be stuck with something that doesn't fit!

Well we're finally introducing that guarantee. We call it, "The Perfect Fit", and here is what it entails:

Every customer gets a full jacket remake, no questions asked.

You ship the jacket back to us within 30 days of receipt, and we'll do the rest free of charge. We'll eat the labor, materials, shipping costs and hours and hours it takes to measure, layout, cut and sew. This however does not mean we will change other aspects of the jacket like zippers, colors, materials, etc. This is to prevent customers simply having us remake their jacket because they were 'wishy washy' on their style preferences!

Additional Remakes: For 2nd or 3rd remakes we ask for a $200 fee to cover materials and shipping to you. We'll cover labor and other costs for you as a token of gratitude.

Production Times: The alteration jacket will be inserted into our following shipment, so depending on queue times it can take up to a normal jacket production length.

International Customers: We ask that you cover the shipping both ways.

Effective As Of: This policy was enacted 3/1/2024. All customers from this date forward qualify. Customers prior can pay $200. (plus shipping if international)