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July 31, 2023 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Leather jackets emerged in the 1930s for military pilots. Now, they’re more than military clothing. Leather jackets have become a fashion staple for many such as celebrities. Most of them are seen wearing this jacket in films and daily.

It’s safe to say that this fashion piece won’t go out of style. Continue reading to know some celebrities who wear leather jackets with style.

Dwayne Johnson

Many people say that Dwayne Johnson is one of the coolest celebrities in the world. That’s because he was once a WWE wrestler who became a TV and movie actor. Not only is he known for his amazing build but also for his fashion that complements his body. Most of the time he is seen wearing a bomber leather jacket.

He never fails to look good in his movies when he wears a black leather jacket, jeans, and black sunglasses. His favorite look is a round racer-style leather jacket with a collar that highlights his body shape.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise likes wearing a classic leather jacket on film or in real life with style. Since he started at the age of 19, he has always had a great fashion style and a very attractive face.

He started rocking this signature look in his 1986 film, Top Gun. He wore a classic black army leather jacket, slim jeans, and aviator sunglasses in the movie.

Leonardo di Caprio

One of the most notable looks of Leonardo di Caprio in crime movies such as The Departed is the leather jacket. But, he doesn’t only wear these in his movies. He also wears leather jackets when not shooting a film.

If you know Rich Wilde, the archeologist from the Book of Dead Slot, you’ll notice that both of them have the same aesthetic. They both like vintage style and brown and warm orange hues. Leonardo di Caprio's vintage look is underlined by his preference for cowhide leather jackets with detailed stitches.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is another famous film actor who wears a leather jacket on and off the screen. In the movie Captain America, he is wearing a vintage leather army jacket to make him look like a WWII veteran.

When not in movies, he often wears a brown-toned leather jacket, a plain white shirt, and jeans. This simple look perfectly suits him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Though Arnold Schwarzenegger is already 75 years old, he still looks as good as when he did the movie Conan and the Barbarian. In that movie, he only wore leather pants and boots, showcasing his well-built body.

He has also seen wearing leather jackets in many of his movies. He is even noted for establishing the standard for aging leather vests. Overall, he's a great guy who manages to blend his professional life and his passion for fashion.

Michael Jackson

Even though Michael Jackson is no longer alive, his style continues to define the vintage leather jacket look. Even when leather coats were popular, he managed to stand out. His Harley Davidson leather jacket with military emblems is one of his most iconic looks.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is considered one of the most attractive actors in the industry, but this is more than just because of his physical appeal. Another important factor is how he portrays himself, such as his preference for wearing leather coats with warming collars lined with fur.

Taylor Lautner

Young and talented Taylor Lautner has slayed his looks in movies and in real life with a brown leather jacket. He often partners his brown leather jacket with a plain gray shirt and denim pants. The outfit is incredibly simple but looks gorgeous on him.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is one of the best in the industry who’s naturally born with style. He has been seen wearing a black leather jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans in real life.

From smart to casual looks, you can see Bradley’s fashion sense is basic but fashionable. Aside from a black leather jacket, he has also been seen wearing a dark green leather jacket and a classic suede jacket.

Celebrity leather jackets


Now you know some of the celebrities who are known for wearing leather jackets in films or in real life. Leather jackets have been worn for almost a century, so it’s not surprising that they’ve become a must-have fashion item for celebrities.

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