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November 04, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Combat boots were initially designed for military use, this means that they are durable. Aside from being functional, they’re also stylish. So, they can work well with different outfits. Continue reading to discover ways you can style your combat boots.

What Combat Boots Are

Combat boots are big, sturdy boots that are often made of black leather. These are worn by soldiers when they’re in training or combat since these boots provide them good ankle stability, suit different terrains, and have a firm grip. Whether your style is casual, goth, or grunge, you can wear combat boots to level up your outfit.

A Quick History of Combat Boots

The features and styles of combat boots have gone through a lot of changes. In the US, the early form of combat boots is trench boots. Soldiers wore these for trench warfare during WWI. These were made of cowhide and were very high.

Several decades later, the military switched to jungle boots which were made of shined black leather. These boots had different features such as rubber soles and mesh ventilation to help soldiers adapt to wet and humid conditions. Now, the ACU or the Army Combat Uniform is composed of a camouflage uniform and tan lace-up boots that go up above the ankle.

Black leather combat boots have become trendy outside the military. They’ve amped up street fashion by creating a striking silhouette.

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Ways to Style Combat Boots

With Jeans

One of the basic winter outfits is military boots with jeans. These complement each other. You can opt for regular or slim-fit jeans. But you shouldn’t pair these with boots or skinny jeans. If you want a minimalist and sleek look, you can wear a gray shirt, black cuffed jeans, and a black bomber jacket.

You can wear these with a heavy wool overcoat, crew knit, indigo jeans, and a beanie when the weather becomes less cold. What you should remember is to display your boots. So, it’s not right when your jeans drag on the ground.


With Suits

Combat boots paired with a suit is great if you want a punk look. Because it’s an edgy look, this combination might not work as an office outfit. But it’s still possible. You have to choose combat boots that are sleek and subtle. Then, you put on a suit that matches the leather color of your boots. It’s best to opt for skinny and British mod for your suit’s tailoring. That means the suit should have thin lapels, a thin tie, and a textured weave design. Another good option is a navy suit matched with oxblood combat boots or a gray twill suit with tobacco combat boots.


With Shorts

If you want a cross-culture feel to your outfit, wearing combat boots with shorts is recommended. What you have to do is to be creative in matching these two. You can wear chunky and thick boots with bulky utility or denim shorts. Then, you top the look with a bomber jacket or oversized parka and a loose V-neck shirt.

Styling combat boots with shorts is risky, so you need much confidence to get the look right. But, when you successfully rock this style, you’ll get attention in summer. Another styling idea is you can wear black and thick wool socks with them. Make sure that they’re poking out of the boots for a punk look.

How to style combat boots


Finally, you know some easy ways to style your combat boots. They’re flexible and uncomplicated, so they’re easy to match with different outfits. What you need to keep in mind is to show the boots, so skip wearing baggy or long pants with them. Also, always choose dark colors to match these boots since combat boots have a little punk feel.

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