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June 28, 2020 4 min read

Hi, my name is Robbie and I'm one half of the "Independence Brothers". You are probably used to buying standard sizing clothing (S, M, L, XL). Standard sizing works most of the time but you could look a lot better.

Let me explain to you why standard sizing sucks:

If you don't fit "normal" sizing, then you already know that standard sizing sucks. It's hard when you are smaller than a "S" or larger than an "XL". Custom fit clothing would solve your problem instantly.

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The Secret of Custom Fit

But what if you can fit a "M" or a "L"? Even if you can wear a "M", it won't mold to your body perfectly. Standard sizing is meant to fit many people in each category.

Maybe your arms are an inch longer than most people. Or, maybe your chest is bigger than most people. Do you really think you're going to look your best when you wear a generic standard size?

You lose the touches that make the jacket "pop" on you. If you're buying a leather jacket, you want it to "pop". There's no better feeling than going outside in my custom fit leather jacket.

I consider myself average looking at best. But strangers on the street have mistaken me for a rock star or a DJ. This only happens when I wear my custom fit leather jacket. A leather jacket is badass. Custom fitting your badass leather jacket takes it to a whole new level.

Celebrities have figured out this secret. Custom fit clothing is what makes them look amazing. This is probably why people confused me for a celebrity when I wore my custom fit leather jacket.

Custom fit is the secret sauce that gives celebrities their "magic" and you can have it, too.

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So Why Independence Brothers?

My brother Scott and I entered the leather jacket marketplace in 2016. We were living together in a rowhouse in our home city of Philadelphia.

At the time, there were two options for buying a leather jacket. You could spend a small fortune to buy standard size from Schott or AllSaints. Or, you could buy low quality custom fit from an Indian maker.

My brother Scott and I knew there was a better way. We began by travelling to India. We worked with a small workshop there for 2 years making low cost, custom fit jackets. However we wanted more. We wanted not only to provide the best in custom fit, but the best in quality.

Through our research, we learned about a city called Leon in Mexico. Leon is called "The Leather Capital of America". There are family owned tanneries and leather factories hundreds of years old. There are many American and European brands you may have bought from that make their leather goods in Leon today.

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Getting the Best Quality

Scott and I realized we needed to go to this "leather capital". We took a flight to Leon, Mexico from Philadelphia.

We visited a dozen tanneries and leather jacket factories. Nobody there spoke English. Luckily I learned Spanish back in high school. So, I spoke in Spanish to communicate with the factory owners.

I explained we needed high quality leather jackets, each custom fit. Most of the workshop owners were not ready for this. They were used to doing standard sizing only.

However, one guy seemed interested in our dream and that's how we met Miguel. Miguel saw the potential in making a custom fit leather jacket each time. Everyone could have a one-of-a-kind leather jacket fitted to his body.

Before Scott and I got on the flight back home to the US, we shook hands with Miguel. Miguel built a new workshop and hired his team. He began to produce the best leather jackets for Independence Brothers.

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Buy Custom Fit Today

Now in 2020 we have hundreds of happy customers. We take pride in making custom fit leather jackets. We want to make a leather jacket that will bring you compliments.

Each leather jacket is uniquely crafted to fit your body. It will "pop" everytime you wear it out. We also use full grain leather so that the jacket will last for decades. Not to mention, genuine hardware like YKK zippers.

Our dream is to make a leather jacket that you can wear out with pride. Expect compliments from your friends and that girl you fancy. Even strangers on the street will comment on it.

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Then go ahead and take a look at our selection of leather jackets. We'll be waiting to answer any questions you have. When you're ready to get that badass leather jacket, we'll be here.



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