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August 05, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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With a valuable piece of clothing such as a leather jacket, should you be concerned if it gets stretched? The leather jacket is still a fabric material and therefore, it can very much deform under tension or compression. In other words, it’s bound to be stretched. Fortunately, a stretched jacket seems beneficial knowing that the body can grow bigger too.

How To Stretch A Leather Jacket

1. Stretching The Leather Jacket Naturally

The easiest and most natural process of stretching a leather jacket is to break it in. Breaking it in simply means wearing your jacket until the pressure and stress break it. Go around wearing your leather jacket for around two to three hours until you achieve your desired fitting.

Make sure to not expose your jacket to water while wearing it. You don’t want to ruin your jacket before you even got to properly enjoy it.

2. Stretching The Leather Jacket With The Use Of Water

This can be a bit tricky, especially when it could ruin the jacket if done incorrectly. The result is determined by how much water you use. Avoid exposing the jacket directly to water. Instead, you can use a damp cloth and gently rub it in the parts of the jacket that you want to be stretched. To get better results, make sure to wear it while it’s still a bit damp.

3. Stretching The Leather Jacket With The Use Of Conditioner

Conditioner is meant to soften your leather jacket. Make sure to only apply a small amount or the amount recommended on the box’s label. Let it sit for at least two hours. After the jacket has absorbed all the conditioner, it will then feel naturally stretched out.

4. Stretching The Leather Jacket With The Use Of Heat

It can damage your leather jacket if you leave it exposed directly to the sun. This is why using an iron is a better option. Place a linen or cotton cloth on your leather jacket and start ironing. The temperature should be kept between low and medium heat.

You can also use a hairdryer for this. Any method is fine as long as you can safely soften your jacket and get your desired shape.

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Important Questions

Q: Can a leather jacket shrink?

A:         Like all fabrics, a leather jacket can also shrink. I don’t know if there is a sane mind who would try shrinking a leather jacket, but careless decisions like using the washing machine can shrink it. It can even reduce up to 5 percent of its size! Furthermore, soaking the leather jacket in hot water can also shrink it.

Q: Is there a customizable leather jacket?

A:         If you are looking for a leather jacket that is the right fit, then better purchase it from stores that offer size customization. A great example of that is the Independence Brothers. In that way, you can limit the leather jacket’s tendency to get stretched further since it will be based on your current measurements.

Do leather jackets stretch


In conclusion, it’s not that alarming if your leather jacket is stretching. You can even apply different ways to purposely stretch it by wearing it constantly, applying conditioner, using water, or using a flat iron. But it is ideal to have a customized fit.

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