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February 11, 2020 8 min read

by Alya Omran

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Independence Brothers is not affiliated with Falcon Garments Co. and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Leather jackets are a great addition to every wardrobe. Most leather jackets enthusiasts understand the struggle behind choosing the appropriate jacket for you. It can be a long process, especially due to the fact that most leather jackets are relatively more expensive than the rest of the wardrobe. Leather jackets are elegant, comfortable and suitable for every occasion. Falcon Leather Garments Co. is a famous name in the leather industry. They’re known for their high-quality, fine-detailed leather jackets.

Why Choose Falcon Garments Co.?

Being one of the well-known brand names on the market, Falcon Garments takes pride in hand-picking their fabrics to ensure delivering the best quality to their clients. They select the best leather hides and accessories and every one of their personalized jackets is handmade just for you.

Their personalized jackets offer a unique experience tailored for every client. Selecting their leather goes through a lot of steps and filtration such as selecting the appropriate hide, grain, tanning process, coloring, etc. The leather products then go through various steps of reviews until they’re approved. They do not only select the leather with care, they also give special attention to the accessories as well. Their zippers are imported and they use elegant buttons.

All their patterns are hand-cut without any computer aid. Hand-cutting fabric requires extreme attention to detail and high dexterity. This is why Falcon Garments Co. only hires tailors with a long experience in the field, usually up to 30 years of experience.

Falcon Garments Co. Website

The Falcon Garments Co. website is very user-friendly. Their homepage displays their collection instantly. You can select any jacket you want to review and see its description and order it online. They have a variety of leather jackets in multiple colors and styles.

Falcon Garments Review

We believe Independence Brothers to be the best choice on the market today. We've evaluated that the high quality of materials, superb customer service, innovative custom fit, and customization options are unmatched, especially when you take into consideration the very affordable price they offer.

If you're a savvy customer who cares about more than just a popular brand name, you can't go wrong by trusting this up and coming startup that is revolutionizing the leather jacket scene.

You can check out their jacket lineup here.

How to make an order?

According to their website, this is the detailed ordering process:

  • From the shop, choose the leather jacket of your choice and choose its color, hide and size. If you're interested in purchasing a stock size, then it's as simple as any other website.
  • Add to cart, enter payment information, and place your order. If you are interested in the made-to-measure option, then you'd follow all the same steps, but after you've placed the order, someone from Falcon Garments will contact you via your contact information to confirm your measurements.
  • You will receive a tracking number to know the status of your order.
Falcon Garments Co. leather jacket

How to choose the appropriate hide for me?

Each hide comes with unique characteristics of its own. The choice of the hide is individual and depends on your preference. Falcon Garments Co offers the following hides:

  • Calf-suede: very durable and the toughest suede available
  • Lab-suede: very soft and has a very fancy touch.
  • Lambskin: this is the softest and the most fluffy of all hides
  • Calfskin: although it is the heaviest on the list, it still maintains a soft touch.
  • Goatskin: it is pebbled and not as soft as the rest.

Picking the Right Leather Jacket For You

Kind of Leather

Picking the suitable kind of leather is an important step and varies greatly from one hide to another. Some leather is thick, thin, soft, rough, shiny, suede, etc.

Leather is a natural fabric and not a synthetic one, hence, it goes through a wearing process by time. Leather, in general, has a tendency to be creased, scratched and fades by time. Choosing the appropriate kind of leather, however, can slow down this process.


Whether you need to buy a jacket above or below your waistline or a coat is a tricky process. There’s no right way to do it. You might need to buy all 3. However, your choice mainly depends on your body type and the lengths you prefer to wear.


Leather jackets come in a variety of colors. However, since leather jackets are an investment, I recommend you buy a color that suits most of your clothes. Mainly, black or shades of brown is always a good option. It really depends on your regular color choice.



The color of the hardware is an important thing to consider. Your leather jackets can be such a pain if you do not choose the right color of zipper/buttons that matches the rest of your accessories. It is important to also try the zippers and button before you purchase your jacket to make sure they’re easy to use.


Shoulder Adjustment

This is an important point to consider not only when you buy leather jackets, but when you buy any jacket at all. Unless you’re trying an oversized boyfriend look, which isn’t usually the case with leather jackets, then you need to check that the shoulder-length fits your shoulder blades perfectly. If the shoulder is too narrow, then you need to go a size up to avoid looking like you’re trying so hard to squeeze into your jacket.



Collars and lapels come in a variety of styles. Classic collars are my recommendation. Some collars come with fur, drapes or shearling. These look too trendy and unless they’re removable, you might want to avoid them.



Although it may seem secondary, it’s a very important thing to choose. Some brands choose unreasonably bright colors as linings.

How to buy a leather jacket

Falcon Garments Co. Leather Jackets

MA1 Leather Jacket

Price: $875

A very elegant black leather jacket that suits every occasion. The very unique thing about shopping from the Falcon Garments Co website is that you can actually choose what kind of hide you want this jacket in. You can choose from lambskin, goatskin and lamb suede with a minor difference in the price. You can either choose the stock size or a size made to fit especially for you for a $40 difference.


M2 Falcon Garments Leather Jacket

Price: $875

A unique light-colored leather jacket with a banded hem that gives it a modern, sleek look. You can also choose from black and brown hides. You can choose from lambskin, calfskin, goatskin, calf suede, etc. with a slight difference in price. You can also choose a stock size or a tailormade size for this jacket. The best way to choose a suitable size for you is to go try a jacket on and send them your measurements.


QDR Falcon Leather Jacket

Price: $825

A bold classic double rider design that resembles a biker jacket, reinforced with channel quilting on the shoulder and arms. You can choose from lambskin, calfskin, goatskin, calf suede, etc. with a slight difference in price. It comes in a wide variety of colors for every hide. You can also choose either a stock size or a personalized one.


M1 Falcon Leather Jacket

Price: $895

This is a modern moto design that is elegant, sleek and contemporary. It is available in more than one configuration depending on the number of zippers. It comes in multiple types of hide. You can choose from lambskin, goatskin, calfskin and calf suede. Also note that colors other than brown or black cost additional money.

Custom made leather jacket
A2 Falcon Leather Jacket

Price: $875

This is a classic fur jacket that comes with a detachable fur collar, top and bottom pockets, and genuine horn buttons. It comes in goatskin and lambskin only.


Varsity Leather Jacket

Price: $475

Although this jacket is not entirely leather, it is so elegant that I felt obliged to add it to my list. A modern varsity jacket with lambskin sleeves, pure woolen body, and very finely detailed pockets. You can choose from a wide variety of color combinations. My personal favorite was the navy, walnut, navy with white stripes and white. This is my personal favorite jacket on this list!

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

How do they ship your orders?

Falcon Garments Co ships through EMS worldwide. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Most orders take 2-4 weeks to be delivered. It depends on the postal services of your country. However, an average of one week is the expected delivery time.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it?

You can only make changes or cancel your order within 12 hours of placing it. After that, you can’t change anything.

How to use the made-to-measure option?

While choosing the right size for your jacket, you can select 'Made To Measure' for choosing a personalized size. Input all measurements. Once you go through the checkout process, you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your measurements. The agent gives you their recommendation for any size alteration, and then you can confirm your measurements and agree to be fully responsible for them.

Do they allow returns or refunds?

They have a strict return policy. You can only return your products if their size is very different from the one you ordered or if the accessories do not match your order.

How to take good care of my leather jacket?

Leather is a natural complicated substance and taking care of it can be lengthy but worthwhile. The better care you take, the longer your jacket lives. Here are a few tips to follow to keep your leather jacket healthy and shiny.

  • Use a leather protector to make your leather jacket waterproof. Choose a product that keeps your jacket shiny, mainly a silicone polymer or an acrylic copolymer spray. Typically, these products are applied routinely. This won’t make your leather jacket 100% waterproof, you still can’t immerse it in water. However, it can be protected from occasional spills or raindrops.
  • Use a leather conditioner to restore the oil to the leather to prevent cracking and dryness. Do not use this unnecessarily. Only use it when you feel that the jacket is becoming dry as excess conditioner can clog the leather pores. Do not buy cheap conditioners as they contain wax which ruins leather and take the shine away over time.
  • Use leather polish occasionally to regain the shine. Use this very occasionally and blot the excess shine.
  • In the damp weather, your jacket might start forming salts. Use a damp cloth to clean it off.
  • If you spill anything on your jacket, let it air-dry in an area with proper circulation.
  • Do not store your jacket in heat or in sunlight. This causes cracks.
  • Store your leather jacket on a hanger. Do not fold it to avoid creasing.
  • To remove creases, you can use an iron on the lowest setting with a towel between the iron surface and the jacket. However, it is recommended to send it to a professional.
  • Always check the laundry instructions that come with your leather jacket. Do not try to clean it at home.
  • Dust your leather jacket with a soft brush to give it a quick cleaning.
Falcon Garments Co. Pros and cons

Pros and Cons of the Falcon Garments Co Shopping Experience


  • The website is very simple to use
  • Their products are fairly priced and are of a very good quality
  • They have a wide collection to choose from
  • The ordering process is very simple
  • They ship worldwide and accept all credit cards
  • You can customize the jacket to your preference


  • Their return policy is very strict
  • Their “Made to measure” option can be a bit tricky
  • The website is not clear about whether or not they have trusted branches worldwide

To Conclude

Having a leather jacket is an excellent addition to your wardrobe and a great way to enhance your style. Leather is a natural fabric that you need to know how to look after and how to choose from. Falcon Garments Co offers a wide variety of leather jackets with a wide range of hides to choose from. The website is easy to use and guides you through all the steps.

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