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September 02, 2022 4 min read

by April Quibido

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The great thing about leather jackets is how versatile they are, being ideal for both formal and casual wear. They also come in multiple colors, bringing a strong style statement and showing others a glimpse of your personality. Black is definitely the go-to color for a lot of leather jacket enthusiasts because of its simplicity and how versatile it is.

Some people might not opt for the more colorful leather jackets because they might seem too experimental and hard to pull off.

Green, for example, is a classic color that a lot of people might think is difficult to style and wear. However, the earthly tones of a green leather jacket can do a great job of matching a minimalist vibe.

They’re also incredibly versatile and dual-natured, complementing all body shapes, types, and colors. Not only do they complement any individual style, but they also make you stand out and feel a lot more confident.

Here are some garments you can pair with your leather jacket and make it look good no matter the occasion:

Blue Jeans

A dark green leather jacket can look great when paired with blue jeans. You can have a white shirt underneath and black and white sneakers to pull the look together. It’s a perfect casual look.

Dark Brown Chinos

Look cool and casual with your leather jacket combined with dark brown chinos. A white hoodie can be worn underneath the jacket, as well as wearing beige high-top sneakers to complete the look.

Printed Jeans

You might be hesitant to wear printed jeans and think it hard to pull off but when paired with your dark green leather jacket, your style significantly improves. Make sure to choose lighter-colored jeans, such as blue printed jeans for example. Pair it off with multi-colored athletic shoes to complete the easy-going vibe of your appearance.

White Ripped Jeans

Pairing your green leather jacket is a great choice for when you’re in a hurry but you still need to look good. You can also wear a grey shirt underneath your jacket. Then add some flair by finishing your look with grey low-top sneakers.

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Navy Chinos

Go for superior comfort with a green leather jacket and navy chinos. It also makes you look put together and stylish. You can top your look off with light blue sneakers for that trendy hi/low mix.

Charcoal Ripped Skinny Jeans

Another off-duty look that’s a lot easier to pull together is pairing your green leather jacket with charcoal ripped skinny jeans. It’s a perfect date night look and even more so when you top it off with black suede Chelsea boots.

Grey Dress Pants

If you want to opt for a more neat and classic style, then combining your leather jacket with grey dress pants is the way to go. If you want to avoid looking too traditional, then you can complete your outfit with a pair of white low-top sneakers.

Charcoal Chinos

This is one of those savvy combos that are sure to make heads turn. You can’t go wrong with a dark green leather jacket and charcoal chinos. Add an informal spin to your look by finishing it off with grey sneakers.

Olive Suit

Do you want to look dapper and refined in your leather jacket? Then, you can do so by pairing it with an olive suit. Now, you can attend your business meetings and conferences in style.

Black Jeans

Every trendsetter opts for the green leather jacket and black jeans combo. You can also tone down your look by wearing black sneakers.

Beige Jeans

The green leather jacket with beige jeans combo offers a different level of style and comfort. Complete this look with a pair of black leather boots and boost your style.

Grey Chinos

Pairing your green leather jacket with grey chinos is another smart choice if you want to go for the cool and casual route. Then, finish your look off with a pair of white low-top sneakers.

how to style a green leather jacket

Final Words

Green leather jackets are great for their versatility. Whether you want to go for the classy, smart or casual look, wearing a green leather jacket can help you pull it off with ease. It’s also a great choice if you want to deviate from the typical black and brown leather jackets.

Have you figured out how to style your own green leather jacket? Let us know in the comments down below! Share with your friends and help them figure out how to style their own leather jackets, too!

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