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November 13, 2018 6 min read


The leather jacket has an incredible history that spans more than a century. From simply being flight jackets in the 1900s to making its appearance on Hollywood care of Marlon Brando, to being worn by punks to represent anarchy – it's still a favorite today. And the best part is, you don't need to be a pilot, or an actor, or a punk – anyone can wear it.  

Even high fashion houses have made their own versions of leather jackets. And if you can't afford those, you can always count on regular retail, where great finds are guaranteed.  

February is the month of the Oscars, so to commemorate that, this month we’re going to focus on jackets from your favorite movies and tv shows. This year it is the 90th ceremony of The Academy Awards, pretty impressive huh? And what a better way to start us off than with another impressive and iconic feat of the movie industry – The Star Wars movies.

The Han Solo leather jacket is up for grabs. And no, you don't need to beg for it from Harrison Ford himself, or go to an auction house and gamble all that you've got. It’s available in retail, so everybody can wear this iconic wardrobe piece.

But you can't just wear this awesome jacket and become Han Solo, or Harrison Ford for that matter. You'd want to project "cool" and "badass" because that's what a leather jacket is all about.

So how do you go about achieving it? Continue reading to find out.  

What You'll Need

The Han Solo outfit we all saw in The Force Awakens was very different from his previous Star Wars costume. Noticeably, he's more casual now than being all "spacey," easily making him a standout. The leather jacket is definitely an eye candy; it's very detailed as it is awesomely crafted. So you wanna look sleek and smart like Han? Get these:

•   The Han Solo leather jacket      
•   A slim fit, long-sleeved, button shirt
•   Slim fit Chino pants
•   A leather belt
•   Belted-design leather boots

Assuming you're wearing the complete Han Solo outfit on a regular day, this is all you'll need. If you're going to a party though and want to look completely like the iconic Star Wars character, simply add a gun holster and a blaster pistol. It's a great costume for Halloween and for cosplays.

How to Look Cool Like Han

First off, let's point out that there are many different types of leather jacket. The Han Solo leather jacket is one very specific product, so let's focus on it for now. One thing is for sure though: leather jackets, no matter what the cut or style is, will never go out of style, so it goes without saying it's an essential piece of clothing in your closet.  

While a leather jacket represents edginess, it certainly can be toned down by tweaking one thing or two. Here are some ideas to spice up your style.

There's Beauty in Simplicity

Leather jackets often come in black, and if you just bought one and don't want to overdo your style, the trick is to keep it simple. Go grab that plain white T-shirt and wear it underneath. Black is a good contrast for white and these two colors will never be a wrong choice no matter what.

You can wear this on a cool, crisp day while out on the streets, and make it all work with the right spunk and attitude.

Han Solo leather jacket

Go All Mysterious

While a white shirt makes a startling contrast, something black underneath the already dark leather jacket adds an element of mystery. You can go for a simple black, slim fit tee, or go turtleneck all the way.

The great thing about black is that it goes well with any occasion, whether you’re simply running errands or have a night engagement to attend to. Black always works.

Ripped Jeans Are Still In

So you want to look casual, but not overly toned down. You still want to get the edgy look without accessorizing. Throw in some ripped jeans. It adds a unique element to your outfit and matches well with a leather jacket.  

Don’t be afraid you'll look too rugged in anything that's ripped. As long as you keep hair sleek, your shoes clean, and your clothes iron, you'll look banging.

Go Loco on Accessories

Let's say you're an accessories kind of guy and can't live without it – a leather jacket is your trusty buddy. If you hadn’t noticed, a leather jacket can be partnered with a cool hat, sunglasses, or a scarf. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try to look fashionable.  

Simplicity is beauty, yes, but accessories are one way to stand out and spice up any outfit. Just remember not to wear everything at once. That's kind of tacky.

Comfy But Edgy

It's not every day you're in the mood to dress up. Sometimes you just want to be comfortable but still wear that irresistible leather jacket hiding in your closet for weeks. Here's an idea, get your matching sweat suit, either black or white, and cover it up with a leather jacket.  
If you're scared of looking all silly, don’t be. Experimenting is the way to go if you want to project something new.  

Don't Stress with Distressed

You still can achieve that Han Solo look with a distressed jacket. That is if you missed out on the Han Solo leather jacket deal. Distressed leather is making a comeback these days, even managing to infiltrate formal occasions like weddings and other social functions.  

Get your old distressed jacket and rock it with the rest of that Star Wars outfit. Trust me, it will work.

Flannel It

A lot of us probably own a flannel shirt or two. You usually would want to wear that in the fall, but really, a flannel isn't exclusive to that season alone. Cover it up with a leather jacket if you want a walk in the park or on a coffee date. You don’t need to throw all your flannels away. You simply need another piece of clothing that will make it work on any occasion or climate.  

Star Wars leather jacket

Avoid the Chill with a Sweater

Let's say it's really cold out and you can't wear your favorite leather jacket with a short, or anything made of thin material. Wear a sweater beneath the jacket to warm you up. A leather jacket already keeps you warm, but you don’t want to risk freezing to death with just a shirt on.
Simply find a color that will match your leather jacket, throw in some winter boots, and you're good to go.  

Go All Hipster

Hey guys, beards are all the rage these days. Beard season may be over, but who says a beard ever goes out of style? It's a great idea to change your look once in a while, so if you went all clean and shaven last year, grow a beard this year and wear a leather jacket. It's hip, cool, and the ladies love it. Rock that beard with a man bun too and let's see where that will take you.  

Be Colorific

Throwing in some color to your closet won't hurt, even one bit, even if you're used to wearing darker shades all the time. There are leather jackets made of different kinds of shades, brown being the most common. However, there are shades of red you might want to try.

Scared you'll attract to much attention? Wear it at night to tone down the color. Again, experimenting is the way to go if you want to know if an outfit will work or not. Who knows, you might be able to start a new trend in your neighborhood.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Other Types of Leather Jackets You Might Want to Try

Flight Jacket

Probably the first ever released leather jacket, a flight jacket, as the name suggests, was created for pilots. It usually comes in brown leather and has straps across it, usually on the neck. The collar is made of sheepskin and it just screams classic all over it.

You may not be able to look like Han Solo, but you're close to being Indiana Jones.  

Racer Jacket

The racer jacket was made popular after World War II when soldiers found the habit of riding motorbikes. They'd race their way anywhere wearing minimalist, zippered leather jacket with a collar popper. Sometimes, this kind of jacket would appear to have a different color on the front or arms.  

Biker Jacket

The leather jacket with an asymmetrical style you often see, complete with flaps, zippers, and everything is the popular biker jacket. It was popularized by Marlon Brando in the 1950s and ever since been worn by many people trying to achieve cool.  

It's the most common type of leather jacket sold in the market these days, and you'll always see one so don't be afraid of running out. Although common, the key to stand out is accessorizing (see point above).

Rock out your jacket


It's not every day you get to rock out a leather jacket or be Han Solo if you want to stick to the whole Star Wars theme. Still, you don't need a costume party or a cosplay convention to wear a jacket that's made of leather.
If it's too hot to wear one, do so on a cold night instead. It merely takes timing and the right combination of clothes to make a leather jacket more stunning than it already is.

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