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August 29, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Suede jackets have always been a classic choice for outwear for men and women alike, even if they may not share the same level of popularity as leather jackets. They have a soft and almost fuzzy texture that makes them a good alternative to traditional materials and fabrics.

However, suede is also a lot more delicate compared to leather, so it’s especially important to learn how to care for them. The following are tips for ensuring that your suede jacket lasts longer.

Clean it regularly

Your suede jacket will look its best if you take the time to perform regular light cleaning on it. A two-sided suede brush is a good investment and is a great tool for cleaning your jacket. The wire side of the brush is effective against dry dirt or mud, while the softer side is perfect for buffing up the nap.

When liquid is spilled, use paper towels immediately to soak up the fluid. One thing to remember when cleaning your jacket is to never apply extreme pressure as this could result in permanent damage instead.

Avoid wearing it in the rain

One thing that can effectively ruin your suede is water damage. The moment it’s exposed to water, your suede jacket attempts to soak it up, eventually forming mildew and mold.

This doesn’t apply to small amounts of water being splashed onto your jacket, but a heavy downpour can end up destroying it. As much as possible, keep your suede jacket dry and check the weather forecast before leaving your house wearing your suede jacket.

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Use a protector spray

Before wearing your suede jacket, spray it down with protector spray. It’s a great way to protect it from the elements, including any unexpected spillages.

For example, if you accidentally spill wine on your jacket, the protector spray causes it to roll off the surface instead of getting soaked into the fabric.

Store it in a safe area

Just like leather jackets, a suede jacket should be stored in a climate-controlled environment with about forty to fifty percent humidity. Air that’s too humid can cause the suede jacket to be saturated with moisture. Meanwhile, if it ends up becoming too dry, cracks might start to appear on your jacket.

You can use a humidifier if the air in your home is too dry or a dehumidifier if it’s too humid.

Hire a specialty cleaner

Of course, if the worst-case scenario comes to light, cleaning your suede jacket on your own won’t be any help. Simple spots and stains can be cleaned at home but for the more serious stains such as your suede jacket being soaked in wine or any other liquid, seeking a professional is the better option.

But you should make sure to not become too reliant on professional cleaning services. If you wear it a lot and have it frequently cleaned but don’t take the time to care for it by yourself will end up causing strain on your suede jacket.

How to care for a suede jacket

Final Words

A suede jacket is incredibly stylish outerwear but is also very sensitive and delicate, especially when compared to its leather counterpart. Following the tips mentioned above can help you make the most out of your suede jacket.

What about you? How do you care for your suede jacket? Leave your thoughts down below. If you liked the tips we gave out, then share this with your friends so they can know how to take care of their suede jackets too!

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