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When it comes to wearing a leather jacket, many people feel a little out of place or self-conscious in the different clothing item. This piece of outerwear shouldn’t be avoided, however, since leather jackets can be beneficial in fashion and keep you warm during the cold weather. Take a base leather and build up on it until you finish your outfit with the outer layer of your leather jacket. You can work out your own layering system for cold conditions with enough experience, learn what works better to keep the body heat. Hopefully with this guide you'll figure out what inner layers you need to get to shop base and keep your body temperature comfortable during winter and if you need that extra layer of warmth or, on the contrary, what you can shed on warm days. If you are ready to start layering jacket, there are several things you can do to ensure you feel confident and look amazing in any choice you pick. In this article, we will look at several styling tricks and styles of leather jackets and the best ways to layer and pair them with incredible, fashionable looks .

Getting Your Leather Jacket

Before you can learn to layer your leather jacket for fashionable looks, you need first to purchase a leather jacket that best fits your style. There are several leather jacket options out there, like these:

  • Biker Style
  • Bomber Style
  • Field Style
  • Racer Style
  • Flight Style

Aside from choosing your jacket, you need also to choose your color:

  • Light Brown Matte
  • Light Brown Shiny
  • Dark Brown Matte
  • Dark Brown Shiny
  • Black Matte
  • Black Shiny
The Biker Jacket

When you see a biker jacket, the first thing that many people think of is the motorcycle riding bad boys from TV shows and movies. This jacket has been made popular by many movies like Grease and more. The shape of the jacket is made to give freedom of movement to motorcyclists who often need to lean over a bike. The jacket’s fit doesn’t cut into the body, making it one of the most comfortable leather jackets out there.
Biker jackets look best when they are layered with casual and lightweight. T-shirts are always acceptable, but slim cut shirts are great as well. When it comes to pants, slim fitting trousers or jeans look best with this jacket style. If you are trying to find a great pair of pants to wear with the jacket, think back to the TV shows and movie options where the men won close cut clothing underneath their biker jacket. Pair it with shoes according to your style.

Biker jacket
The Bomber Jacket

One of the most simple leather jacket styles out there, the bomber jacket has been seen everywhere for several years. The jacket usually features a minimalistic front zipper with fitted cuffs on the wrists and a fitted band on the waist. These jackets are usually made with soft leather that is flexible and easy to wear.
When it comes to pairing and layering this jacket, the sky’s the limit. You can go all out with ideas from TV personalities, or you can play it safe by layering a simple t-shirt underneath. The best part about this jacket is the ability to dress it up or down. You can wear your work trousers and dress shoes with the jacket, or you can wear denim jeans and a classic t-shirt without either option looking strange or out of place. Feel free to get a little crazy with this simple style.

The Field Jacket

A great winter style, the field style leather jacket is known for the multiple pockets and the waist belt. Some of the jackets include a hidden placket inside that is usually buttoned to give it a more layered look. The jacket is made to be warm and provide protection against wind. Typically, these are made in brown leather as well.
The field jacket is best paired with chunky knits and fitted jeans to give it a countryside look. If you want, you can wear a great pair of boots or classic dress shoes with the outfit to complete it. Remember, this style is created to provide you with warmth. If you need little extra heat, try adding a knit sweater underneath. If you don’t need any more heat, a simple button-up dress shirt will be enough to layer with this jacket.

The Racer Jacket

Racer leather jackets are a slim and light silhouette that is great for those with broad shoulders. The jacket style originated after World War II with those who rode motorbikes around the streets. The jackets are typically made with heavy horsehide that is strong, and the zipper provides protection.
These jackets are now used as a fashion statement, and you might often see men wearing this jacket with jeans or simple t-shirts. The good thing about the racer jacket is the simple and minimalistic style allows you to layer it up without overcrowding or adding more bulk. Try layering a solid color t-shirt or a button up plaid shirt for a different take on the jacket. Dress it up or down by wearing loafers or street shoes.

The Flight Jacket

Perhaps one of the most popular leather jacket styles, the flight jacket is a bulkier style that is complete with a lining and sheepskin collar. The jacket was originally designed to keep pilots warm as they flew around, and you might often see these jackets in movie recreations of historical events like World War II.
To layer this bulky jacket, you need something that is tailored to be slim. Think of a balance when choosing clothes, and opt for things like a knit with a light gauge or a t-shirt. Wearing slim fit trousers and simple shoes can complete the outfit without overdoing it on the layering. Remember, balance is the key with this thicker leather style, but you won’t have to worry about a shirt being too thin since the jacket is designed to keep you warm.

How to layer a jacket

A Few Dos and Don’ts

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you purchase and start wearing your leather jacket style. First, you need to know how to clean the jacket. Many take their leather jacket to professional cleaners that are certified in cleaning leather products. Some people prefer to do it themselves since professionals do not always to it correctly. Since it takes special care to upkeep the leather, you need to know not to use bleaches or harsh cleaners. Use a mild, gentle soap to make soapy water. Then use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe away any marks. Be sure to dry it with a soft and clean cloth. Never wear your jacket in the rain. The rainwater can cause the leather to become dry, stiff, and brittle. The way you store your jacket is also important. Hand it on a padded hanger to help keep the shape of the leather.
When it comes to purchasing your jacket, remember to buy a style that suits your comfort level and image. There are many styles out there, but remember to get the one that looks the best for you. You should also go with a neutral color. When you purchase jackets in browns and blacks, you are more likely to get more use out of it than a brightly colored jacket. You also don’t have to buy it new. Vintage jackets can be just as amazing as brand new leather jackets. However, purchasing vintage should be done in person, not online.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber


When preparing to purchase your leather jacket, there are many styles and colors that you need to consider. Neutrals and styles that are comfortable to you are important for helping you get the most use out of your jacket. If you know how to layer and care for your jacket, you can preserve the life of the leather, wear it a great deal, and feel confident in your leather jacket anywhere you choose to go.

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