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July 25, 2022 3 min read

by Monique Youzwa

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Genuine leather jackets have a distinctively pleasant aroma that is unparalleled in the garment world. Unfortunately, that wonderful scent can be overpowered by unpleasant odors. Several factors can contribute to this occurrence. Cigarette smoke, body odor, moisture, and mustiness from storage can all replace that fantastic leather scent. Luckily, if you want that amazing leather jacket smell back, we have a few tips and tricks to help.

Leather Soap

Like all other materials, leather needs to be cleaned now and then, though it must be done by hand using a special leather soap. These soaps are a combination of cleansing agents and emollients that work together to clean and moisturize your leather jacket. You can buy leather soap or make your own using a mixture of soap, water, beeswax, and neatsfoot oil.


Leather conditioners are leather products that prevent the material from drying and cracking. Included in the conditioner ingredients is a deodorizer, which removes those nasty odors and restores the original scent of your leather jacket.

Baking Soda

We put baking soda into our fridges to remove odors, so it’s no wonder this product can also work to prevent stinky leather jackets. Sprinkle some dry baking soda over the leather, let it sit for half an hour, and then wipe it off. The odors should be gone, leaving the natural leather scent behind.

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Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are mainly used to prevent static, though their lovely scent can transfer to your leather jacket. Place a few in the pockets to add that pleasing scent to the material. You can even put a couple in the arms of the coat when you’re not wearing it. Be sure to replace old dryer sheets with new ones as their scent begins to fade.

Fresh Air

There’s nothing better for odor removal than outdoor air. Hanging your leather jacket outside for as little as 30 minutes takes care of those nasty smells, leaving a fresh scent behind. Be sure to check the forecast for rain, sleet, or snow before taking your jacket outside. Minimal moisture likely won’t harm leather but too much could saturate the material, causing irreparable damage.

Proper Storage

If you plan to store your leather jacket, avoid sealing it in a plastic bag. Doing so can trap moisture, which leads to mildew. Instead, hang your leather jacket on a heavy-duty coat hanger in your closet to keep it smelling its best.


Despite its strong scent, vinegar is a terrific odor-remover for leather and other fabrics. Just fill a small spray bottle with white vinegar and mist the lining and exterior of your smelly leather jacket. Then hang the jacket outside to dry. If you want to avoid any possible vinegar odors, you can try cheap vodka instead to eliminate the odors.

Leather jacket smell

Final Word

No matter how careful you are, your leather jacket could become somewhat smellier than you expect it to. Thankfully, using the tips we’ve listed here, you can prevent those odors from lingering for too long and give your favorite garment its natural scent back.

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