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July 05, 2022 3 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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If you’ve had your leather jacket for a while, you might notice that something…is changing. What is it? What is happening? Should you be concerned?

In a word, no. You might be dealing with leather patina. Have no fear! The natural cycle of leather is here. Let’s discuss.

What is a leather patina?

In our opinion, leather jackets age like fine wine. Faux leather or something of lower quality will likely look the same for all of the time that you have it. Any leather of a high quality will show some signs of aging. This is where patina comes in.

Patina appears on natural materials as they age. This includes leather, wood, metal, canvas, and stone. The effect occurs as the material is exposed to the elements.

Leather patina is leather that is naturally aged. The physical properties as well as the appearance of the leather shift with time. The jackets get softer while appearing lighter.

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Pros and Cons of Leather Patina: Don’t Worry About It!

As long as your jacket is cared for properly, it should not rip or suffer serious damage. The patina is your jacket aging gracefully.

The massive pro to a leather patina is the softness of your jacket. Leather is a sturdy, tough material that has some bend, but not full flexibility. As its patina comes in, your jacket becomes softer and can mold to your body better.

If you don’t like the look of aged leather, then you may not look forward to its patina. The aged leather to many is more of a unique look.


Have you decided if you are happy about your leather patina? Are you a fan of the original look of your leather jacket? Do you not sit well with change? Either way, here are some tips and tricks to either slow it down or speed the patina up.

1. Slow it down

If a leather patina is not for you, you can take steps to slow down the process. A patina is unavoidable, but careful care can delay its setting. Be sure to consistently clean and condition your leather jacket. Putting a protective layer such as wax can help delay the elements getting to it. Your leather jacket will usually come with care instructions; consult those to keep it looking new longer. You can also purchase a faux leather jacket - those don’t age since it isn’t real leather.

2. Speed it up

If you are racing to age your jacket, then there are steps you can take to hasten the process. Letting your jacket get exposed to sunlight is the best way to do so. Rain isn’t leather’s best friend, but a little bit of it can help the patina. Wear your jacket on the sunniest days.

leather patina


Hopefully, this article has answered any questions you might have about the next phase in the life of your leather jacket. Are you an embracer? Are you a delayer? How long before your jacket showed a patina? Let us know in the comments below!

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