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January 10, 2023 3 min read

by April Quibido

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A leather suit is essentially a suit made of leather material. It comes in various cuts, styles, and colors. If you have never worn a leather suit before, you might feel daunted about purchasing one since you are probably used to wearing a traditional suit.

In this article, Leather Suits: The Beginner’s Guide, we aim to help leather suit newbies know more about it and help them invest in the right one.

Why Wear a Leather Suit?

Below are some of the advantages of wearing a leather suit that might convince you to invest in one.

#1. Leather suits will make you stand out.

Given that leather suits are not as common, wearing one is a great way to make you stand out on any occasion. Although leather suits are not as commonly worn, they are definitely sleek-looking and sophisticated.

#2. They are comfortable to wear.

One of the most common misconceptions about leather suits is that they can be uncomfortable to wear. In fact, genuine leather such as Napa leather and cowhide offer a soft and comfy texture.

#3. Leather suits are easy to style.

Leather suits can suit various styles and are very easy to accessorize. There are certain outfits and accessories that can amp up leather suits and make your whole outfit get from zero to a ten.

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Tips for Finding a Good Leather Suit

Keep these tips in mind to help you find the best leather suit that will complement your style and preference.

#1. Look into the leather suit’s material.

One of the best materials you can choose when picking your suit is Napa leather. This type of leather is of top-notch quality due to its very fine grain.

Cowhide is another highly popular leather suit material because of its comfy and soft texture. Other leathers used for leather suits include goatskin and horsehide.

#2. Pick the most suitable color for you.

Leather suits come in an array of different colors; the most common ones are brown and black.

Ideally, brown leather suits are the best pick as they complement well with many outfits. Similarly, if you want a dark leather suit but you are not into a brown one, there are also plenty of black options that look just as sleek and sophisticated.

You can also go bold with your leather suit by choosing one in the colors red, yellow, or purple.

#3. Consider going for a customized leather suit.

If you have already searched the web high and low for the perfect leather suit but you were unlucky to find the perfect one, you might want to consider getting yours customized.

Why Choose Leather Suits Over Traditional Suits?

Leather suits are undoubtedly more stylish and sophisticated looking compared to traditional ones. It is also longer-lasting if made with genuine leather. In addition, leather suits are easier to maintain as they repel stains, dust, and mold.

Leather suits


We believe that a leather suit is of the best outfit items you can wear to help you look your best on any occasion.

While there is an overwhelming amount of leather suits in various styles, cuts, and colors from different brands, not all of them are worth investing in. Therefore, we suggest you only look for ones in top-trusted brands.

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