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November 14, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Because of the innovations in synthetic fabrics and more awareness for the humane treatment of animals, it’s not very surprising that there’s an increase in the quantity and quality of leather alternatives; one of these is microfiber leather. It’s known to feel like real leather and being durable. Continue reading to learn more about microfiber leather.

What Microfiber Leather Is

Synthetic leather wasn’t taken seriously for many years. By simply looking at this kind of leather, you know they’re fake. The smell, look, and feel aren’t close to animal skin. Manufacturers thought of ways to develop synthetics because of the increasing demand for this material. This is where microfiber leather was discovered which is considered the best synthetic.

The process of making other synthetics starts by placing fabric strips down and coating them using polyurethane resin. For microfiber leather, it begins with a mat of synthetic fibers that are intertwined and bound together with the use of polyurethane.

Because of this process, it’s very close to how real leather is made. Real leather replaces skin fibers for microfibers. Microfibers may seem good, but you have to keep in mind that not all microfibers are the same. If possible, you can look at the sides of the fabric closely. If you find it hard to differentiate, it’s likely high quality.

The Durability of Microfiber Leather

Compared to other synthetic fibers, microfiber is longer lasting. That’s because it’s treated like animal skin when created. Most traditional synthetic fibers are sheets of material that are painted to look like leather. Then, it’s laminated with polyurethane to protect the coating.

So, traditional synthetic fibers aren’t durable, unlike microfiber leather which is as durable as real leather. It’s also considered the best grade for artificial leather now. Microfiber leather has benefits that real leather doesn’t have such as not peeling and aging fast.

The real indicator of how durable microfiber leather is in how it’s maintained. Therefore, you should clean and care for it well because microfiber leather isn’t unbreakable.

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Microfiber Leather Vs Other Kinds of Leather

Bonded Leather

In the different leather grades, bonded leather is considered the lowest quality of real leather. Microfiber leather is a better option than bonded leather because it’s sturdier and looks more realistic. Bonded leather is made of leather scraps, so they’re not tough.


PU Leather

Unlike microfiber leather that’s made from microfiber fabric, PU leather is made of standard fabric with a polyurethane resin coating. Microfiber fabric is soft and breathable. It’s also very absorbent making it tough. PU leather, on the other hand, cracks and peels.


Full-Grain Leather

Many people like full-grain leather. Since it’s a luxurious material, full-grain leather is pricey and is best used when making clothes or shoes. Microfiber leather is indeed the highest grade of synthetic leather. But it can’t stand against genuine full-grain leather.

Natural leather has attributes such as being sheen, absorbent, and breathable. These qualities can’t be appreciated in synthetic materials. Compared to microfiber leather, real leather also lasts longer if you properly maintain it.

Advantages of Microfiber Leather

  • Has anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties
  • Good for the environment
  • Washable
  • Water-repellent
  • Breathable

Disadvantages of Microfiber Leather

  • More flammable compared to real leather
  • Fur and dust can attach to it
Microfiber leather


Finally, you have a better understanding of what microfiber leather is, how it is compared to other types of leather, and its pros and cons. It’s sturdy and quality synthetic leather. In terms of look and feel, it’s far better than other synthetic fibers. It also stands out from other synthetics because tightly woven fibers are used to make it.

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