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Leather jackets have been a part of our cultural history for some time. From fighter pilots to street racers to bikers, the tough and cool imagery related to real leather is important to understand as the inspiration for our love affair with leather. Time and again, we see examples of real leather jackets in film and television as the outfit of choice for an iconic character.

Everyone knows that leather jackets are cool, because they are historically associated with tough, masculine characters. Leather jackets tend to put us in mind of a different time, gentlemen’s clubs with cigar smoking and cognac, or the muscle cars of the fifties and sixties. Women are also fans of real leather, both on men or for themselves. Real leather is a perennial favorite and reminds us of a more classic time.

There is a timeless beauty to leather jackets, especially real leather jackets. They conjure up images of rugged individualism and vintage history. Real leather is soft and comfortable. It is also more flattering and will conform to the person wearing it. A real leather jacket will be one of your favorite items of clothing and can even be an heirloom.

The problem with faux leather is that it is often made of cheap and shoddy material. Over time, cracks will appear and make the item useless as well as ugly. These products will not last a lifetime in the same way real leather will. After some wear, faux leather will show as the inferior purchase because it does not have the lasting power of the real thing.

Real Leather Jackets and Faux Leather Jackets

Pros and Cons of Real and Faux Leather

Synthetic leather, or faux leather, can be spotted in a variety of ways. Real leather will have texture and pores, whereas faux leather is glossier with no detail in the material. Faux leather tends to wrinkle easily when folded and does not withstand moisture very well. Real leather is used because in the past, its wearers needed versatility and adaptability for working in a variety of environments.

As an investment, a real leather jacket is preferable both for its durability and its strength. Although real leather costs more, the affordability of faux leather is an example of false economy because these items do not last as long as a real leather jacket.

Real leather is also the better choice for the ecologically conscious. Faux leather is made from synthetic materials and can end up in a landfill for a very long time. Real leather, on the other hand, is all-natural and even though some chemicals are used in the creation of these products, real leather is the better choice for the environment. However, for those who object to animal products, synthetic leather is the better choice. There are new types of animal-free leather on the horizon, one notable one is made from mushrooms called, well, Mushroom Leather.

Real leather jackets are used by bikers, people in the military, and racecar drivers because of their protective nature. They are very durable and can help protect the wearer from injury, which is not possible with faux leather. Road injury is less likely when wearing a real leather jacket.

The smell of real leather is also preferable to the smell of synthetic leather. One of the easiest ways to differentiate real from faux leather is the smell, as real leather has a specific scent and the synthetic material has a chemical smell. The scent of leather is very pleasant and will inspire good memories in the wearer.

The back of real leather is rough, and synthetic leather is smooth. If you feel the back of the leather it is easy to tell the difference between the two. The back of real leather tends to feel like felt or suede.

Real Leather Jackets Wear In

After wearing a real leather jacket for some time, it has an attractive worn-in look. The softness and adaptability of real leather is one of its best qualities. Faux leather tends to deteriorate over time and look worse after it has been worn too long, developing imperfections in the material and ultimately becoming unwearable.

For the more daring among you, lighting the material on fire can show the difference between real and faux leather. Faux leather will catch fire, curl, and burn, but real leather is not as flammable. This is not usually a recommended measure, but it is one way to tell the difference.

Every item made of real leather is unique, because they are made from animal hide and no two are the same. Synthetic leather products are more like assembly-line items and there is no individuality to them.

The history and individuality of your leather jacket is what makes it yours, and every story or adventure you have had while wearing it forms an aspect of the jacket itself. This kind of long-term use is not possible with faux leather. When you buy a real leather jacket, you are making a lifetime purchase

Genuine leather is smooth, supple, and warm to the touch. Faux leather tends to be cold, stiff, and glossy. The feel of genuine leather is a tactile experience that will bring back memories of times gone by. It is also a pleasant experience and will be memorable when you are holding your partner out on a date or teaching your kid how to find their way around their first car.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Conclusion: Real Leather Jackets Are Better

If you are looking for a high-quality product that will stand the test of time, a real leather jacket is a good choice. Each individual item can be custom-fit to individual needs. Real leather jackets always flatter the wearer and often become a favorite item of clothing, both for the wearer and also friends and family.

They are unique enough to stand out and become a part of someone’s overall identity, because people always take notice of leather jackets and the individuals who wear them.

Despite the lower price point of faux leather and its overall availability, for a long-term item of clothing, real leather is a better choice. A real leather jacket will be with you for decades, and can even be handed down to the next generation. Check out our selection of leather jackets at Independence Brothers.

There are still WW2 bomber jackets in circulation that look as beautiful as they did when they were first purchased. The durability and versatility of a real leather jacket never goes out of fashion, and will provide an enduring classic for your wardrobe that will be useful for years to come.

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