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Leather jackets advance one’s overall look big time from the usual day-to-day or the prim-and-proper look. Schott has been in the industry for more than a century, creating high-quality leather jackets, tees, pants, sweaters, boots, and so much more for both men and women. The company has been creating authentic USA products that are deep-rooted in American style.

The heritage of the company is the real deal and true-blooded piece of Americana. The iconic designs perfectly hand-stitched for more than a decade have already been rooted in American culture and have even worked as flags for the unwavering American spirit. Let us get to know more about what the Schott company has to offer especially when it comes to leather jackets for men.


In the year 1913, two sons of a Russian Immigrant tried to make their American Dreams come to life in the bustling streets of New York City. Jack and Irving Schott started the company by making raincoats in a basement in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Their works were then sold by the street peddlers by selling it door to door. Later on, Irving Schott tried to modernize leather jackets. He named it after his favorite cigar brand – the Perfecto.

During the mid-twenties, the company Schott NYC was already upgrading how the Americans dressed for outdoors by putting zippers on a jacket, which is a first. Because of his eagerness to innovate the American way of dressing, it is already expected that Irving Schott has again set the standards of American fashion high with his creation of the iconic motorcycle jackets. It was in 1928 when Irving successfully designed and produced the first-ever leather motorcycle jacket. Selling it for only $5.50 at a Harley Davidson distributor in Long Island, the Perfecto® was easily embraced by many because of its durable quality and rugged look. Up to this generation of new bikers, the Perfecto® will always be the symbol of excitement, danger, and adventure rolled into one that fueled their interest in motorcycles.

As the country and the world’s attention have shifted overseas, so as the Schott company. After being commissioned by the United States Air Force during the brink of World War II, Irving Schott has designed and produced a jacket that would keep the men protected as they fight for justice and liberty in the air over the Pacific and Europe. This jacket is now known as the bomber jacket.

Servicemen are also protected from the cold weather on deck with the company’s classic wool naval pea coat. These wool and leather jackets would be made for the US military to keep them warm and in authority for the next 60 years.

After World War II, the US was witnessing another start of a new rebellion but this time with Rock and Roll and fast cars. In 1954, Marlon Brando starred in the now cult classic movie “The Wild Ones” wearing the iconic Perfecto® jacket perched on his motorcycle. The following spike in popularity of the famous jacket was surprisingly not taken well. The Perfecto® jackets were banned by the schools across the country because they symbolized the hoodlum, a burgeoning teen demographic. However, one year later, the Perfecto® was tossed to the peak of its popularity; the love for speed finished the existence of the quintessential hoodlum. James Dean is hardly ever seen without a Perfecto® on.

Schott leather jacket review

During the 70s and 80s, Schott has been tantamount with the punk rock movement. The wave of rebellion became popular on the streets of downtown New York City. The Perfecto® was usually the piece of clothing work by famous rock bands and artists such as Joan Jett, The Sex Pistols, Blondie, and The Ramones.

As international commerce became more reachable and possible through global markets and online shopping, the Schott company has expanded outside America where products “Made in America” were highly patronized and trusted. Duffle coats, Peacoats, motorcycle jackets, flight jackets, sportswear and knits, and nylon outerwear are becoming available throughout the globe, as Schott NYC embodies the heritage of America.

As the company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2013, the Schott NYC company is still being owned and run by the succeeding generations of the Schott family. The family still manufactures most of their products in the United States. In an old building, the classic style that has and will always be connected with the unwavering American spirit is crafted and hand-sewn by the trained craftspeople. There is really a unique and different feel when donning a Perfecto®. The passion for the business is still burning inside the hearts of the Schott family. They look forward to the next decades of giving high-quality and true American products.

Schott leather jacket pros and cons

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Where to buy?

Nowadays, the company has already expanded to cater to more customers. In fact, they already have flagship stores in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to accommodate their wide array of customers all over the US. They also have partners who also distribute their products to customers around the globe. Marketing sites such as eBay and also partners with Schott NYC to distribute their products. You could also avail of their products through the company’s website page.

The Website

The layout of the Schott website is clear, concise, and user-friendly. The user can easily navigate through its website. The site doesn’t only feature a seamless product page and the ordering process. It also has a customer service feature where you can learn more about the repair information or contact them for inquiries or problems. It also has a find a store feature where one can easily locate the nearest store to avail of their products. Plus, it also has a community forum where you can talk with fellow customers and partners regarding the site.

Schott NYC Partners Program

Schott NYC has a program for its partners where their partners can earn up to 8% in referral fees by driving internet traffic to the website. The company sends quarterly payments to its partners. Once you enroll in the program, you will have access to the password-protected Partners Extranet. This is where you can view traffic and earnings reports. This is also where you get to read about what’s new with the company and the available opportunities you could use through the program.

Being a Schott NYC partner is just easy. Plus, it is free. You just have to complete the online application form, make and post links to, and start tracking your traffic and future earnings reports in real-time.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Returns & Exchanges Policy

Just like any other company, the company has a return and exchange policy. The company stood behind the quality of their products that have been in the business for over 100 years. However, if you are not satisfied with their product, you can send it back to them, no questions asked. The return and exchange policy of the Schott company is only valid for 30 days from the time the item was shipped. Also, make sure that the original tags are in place and the item has not been worn to be able to avail of the policy.

International Customers: Return and Exchange Policy

For their customers outside the United States, the company is aware of the higher shipping fee that comes with the purchase. Thus, the company wants to make sure that its customers will be happy and satisfied with their purchase. The company strongly advised confirming sizing and order details with the customer service team before placing the final order. For return shipment, the customer will shoulder all the freight and duty charges for the returned shipment. However, if the order comes back undelivered, the company will credit the price of the order minus the freight charges forth and back.


The company can also repair the Schott jacket in case of wear and tear. Just contact the customer service representative from the website so that the company can give you an estimated quote on the cost. Give all the necessary information about the jacket such as the age, style, size, and color and a thorough description of the problem including your contact details. You can also send a picture of the jacket including the problem.a

Perfecto leather jacket

Leather Jacket Options from Schott

In order to go to the men’s leather jacket section, you just have to click the men’s section, click on jackets, go-to material, and then click on leather. Then, you will be presented with a lot of classic and different styles of leather jacket that you will surely love. All in all, they have 80 leather jackets available in their store. The prices of these leather jackets range from $375.00 to $1,495.00. Although the prices may seem a bit high-priced than other leather jackets available in the online market, you are also assured of the high-quality of these leather jackets as they are handcrafted in the USA with trained and experienced tailors using the most durable and authentic quality leather.

Here are some of the best seller leather jackets available on their website that might interest you:

Classic Perfecto® Steerhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Price: $775.00

This Classic Perfecto® Steerhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket is the original leather jacket that has defined the high standards of the leather jacket. This jacket is made with US-sourced steerhide leather hand cut and drum-dyed for longer durability. It has an asymmetrical zipper in front, snap-down lapels, a belt, and classic zippered sleeve cuffs to help resist the elements. In addition, it has insulated nylon quilted lining to provide softness and comfort against the skin. Its original and signature elements such as bi-swing back panels, large back panel design, and grommet vented underarm footballs allow more freedom in movement which is unusual with leather jackets. This classic Perfecto® 618 sends off a cool and striking vibe.


Raven- Lambskin Perfecto® Jacket

Price: $1,045.00

This Raven- Lambskin Perfecto® Jacket is a different take of the classic Perfecto® Jacket. The epaulets, coin pocket and belt have been taken away to give a clean and simple look to this leather jacket in a special vegetable-tanned lambskin. It has 3 diagonal front pockets and an inner chest pocket to allow more accessibility. Plus, it has a bi-swing back to allow more movement to the user. There are 3 colors to choose from – brown, black, and mustang. According to reviews, this coat can be worn in fall or spring and is not too heavy to put on. Plus, it can be worn on any occasion whether in school or at work.


Men’s Sheepskin B3 Jacket

Price: $1360.00

The Men’s Sheepskin B3 Jacket is the modified version of the classic B-3 military jacket using plush sheepskin. This is made of a slightly lighter sheepskin and has a more trimmed fit and slimmer collar to give a modern look yet still provide the function and warmth of the original one. It has zip front closure and two lower slash pockets to give a more rugged yet cool look. Plus, it also has leather welted seams that make it look sophisticated as well. This is available in two colors—espresso and black.

The Finished Product Review

Aside from its original high-standard quality, Schott takes pride in its durability and strong American fashion sense.

  • The Fit: Leather jackets from Schott are available in different sizes from small to 4XL. The fit of the jacket is proportionate to the site’s fit guide. You just have to make sure that you get the right size in order to have a leather jacket that conforms perfectly to your body.
  • The Look: Schott has set the standard high when it comes to American style leather jackets. In fact, their style has been infused in the American’s standard for a leather jacket. Their jackets have a flawless and cool look that would elevate the overall look of the user.
  • The Construction: leather jackets from Schott are made in the USA; they are durable and made of premium quality materials. These leather jackets are handcrafted by expert and well-trained tailors who ensure that every jacket has passed the high quality standards.


One of the great advantages you get to have when you purchase leather jackets from Schott is that it is guaranteed to be high-quality. This is because these jackets are made in the USA and have passed the strict quality guidelines. Also, you are assured that the products used in the jacket are made of genuine and premium quality that can stand the test of time.

Another advantage you get to enjoy with the leather jackets from Schott is style and originality. As you already know, Schott has pioneered most of the leather jackets that are available these days and have set the bar high when it comes to standards. So, when you purchase jackets from Schott, you are assured of an original design that gives off a cool look that is incomparable and cannot be replicated.


The main drawback of leather jackets from Schott is that it comes with a price. There are other leather jackets in the market nowadays that have more or less the same quality with leather jackets from Schott but comes at a more affordable price. However, with the guaranteed premium quality and overall look, you get to enjoy good value from your hard-earned money.


So, if you are not ready to shed off extra bucks for a high-quality jacket, there are other leather jackets out there where you can have the same above-par quality at a budget-friendly price like Independence Brothers. Plus, you get to have the option to have a customized size for a guaranteed fit. With Independence Brothers, you get to enjoy comfort and style rolled into one at a reasonable price.

Custom made elather jackets


Schott leather jackets have set the bar high when it comes to leather jackets. With over 100 years of producing and distributing leather jackets, you are assured that these leather jackets have superior quality. Also, these leather jackets are handcrafted by trained and well-experienced personnel who assure that each product has passed meticulous quality standards. As the years passed, Schott has assured their loyal customers that their original style is still applicable up to these days. And for those who want a more modernized look, Schott has made sure that it also has a modern take of their classic styles to accommodate the different styling needs of each generation. Surely, Schott offers quality, comfort, and style to their loyal patrons.

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