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November 13, 2018 6 min read


Few pieces are as timeless as the leather jacket, which looks just as good today on the modern man as it did on John Travolta. Each generation reveals a new, creative way to rock the jacket, so why not mix it up? Street style, biker style, bad boy look with combat boots, casual outfit and skinny jeans, classic black with simple black jeans, or following fashion trends - one leather biker jacket can do it all, you don't even need to buy all jacket styles available, .

We want to explore more unorthodox ways to style the leather jacket. Today, we’ll be staying away from the usual white t-shirt, biker boots, and—yes—even denim. We have four new fashionable ways to style your leather jacket you should definitely try. For a cool look that will make heads turn we gather together best leather jackets styling tips in this article.

What You’ll Need For This Tutorial

We have four different looks for you, so you’ll need a different set of clothes for each one.

Look 1: Relaxed in Joggers

- Black Leather Jacket. Because joggers are a strong piece, go for something simple and black instead of a flashier model.
- Joggers. You’ve probably seen these growing in popularity in the past few years. These pants are loose at the crotch and waist and taper toward the ankle, maximizing comfort while still looking fashionable.

Look 2: Bold Patterns

- Streamlined Leather Jacket. By streamlined, we mean something you typically feel slimmer in. Go for a jacket without a wide collar that you’d be comfortable wearing on a mildly warm day.
- Patterned Button-Up. For this look, we say the bigger and bolder…the better. Bright colors have been in recently, and there’s nothing preventing guys from feeling masculine and mixing it up a little bit.

Look 3: The Scholar

- Brown Leather Jacket. Since this look is more preppy, we recommend staying away from harsh blacks or whites. Instead, go with a classic brown.
- Sweater. Any lightweight sweater will do. There’s a lot going on, so chose a rich, solid color you look good in.
- Button-Up. Your button-up should be in a color that complements the sweater. This one can be pretty bright, but keep it lightweight.

Look 4: Tie Trick

- Black Leather Jacket. We’re not picky here. Any leather jacket will do, but it must be black.
- White Button Up. The crisper and cleaner, the better. You’re looking for your best behavior, going-for-the-promotion type of button-up.
- Black Tie. Most essential for this look is the black tie, because if you halfass this outfit, it just doesn’t work. Go for a thin, sleek tie instead of a wide one.

Style your leather jacket


Look 1: Relaxed in Joggers
Step 1: Pick Out Some Joggers
If you don’t own joggers, you need to change that. Joggers are probably the most comfortable trend we’ve seen emerge for men in a while, and we’d be crazy not to get behind it. We recommend going for a neutral pair in grey or white that will look good with everything. Pick a pair that works with your personality and style.
Step 2: Layer Up
Joggers aren’t necessarily a statement piece—unless you’re choosing a pair in bright yellow—but they do have a unique silhouette. For that reason, we recommend bulking it up on the top with a heavier jacket—your basic motorcycle jacket or aviator jacket will do. The thickness on top will complement the bottom half well and keep the overall look leaning toward masculine and effortless.
Look 2: Bold Patterns
Step 1: Decide on Your Jacket
If you’re an individual with multiple leather jackets (which we recommend for every modern man), your first step is to decide which jacket you’ll be wearing. This look is appropriate for black, brown, white, or even colored jackets, so you have plenty of options! Remember that the shirt in this look is going to be your focal point, so go for something a little more understated and streamlined. Racer or moto jackets are going to complement your button-up more than a heavy biker jacket. Feel free to experiment with different jackets and different looks.
Step 2: Choose a Shirt You Feel Good In
Patterns on clothing often scare guys. More accustomed to keeping things neutral and simple, diving into bright colors is understandably intimidating. If you don’t feel comfortable going for something really eye-catching, go for something subtler. Start with a simple black and white striped shirt, a French style that always wins and looks great with a standard black leather jacket. Move up to flannels after that, and then keep on going to bolder styles.

Now, if you prefer bright colors and patterns anyway, we have some more daring options for you. Seeing guys in black-and-white floral is a stylish and daring look that complements the ruggedness of leather. Or, go for solid colors in green or blue featuring bright, simple patterns. Choose something that complements the jacket you chose, that you feel confident in.

Step 3: Finish Up
No look is complete with just a leather jacket and a shirt, no matter how flashy. Complete your look by keeping the rest of your look fashionable, but simple. We strongly recommend a slim pair of pants that keeps the look streamlined, as well as a pair of shoes similar in color to your jacket.

Lastly, we urge you to take this opportunity to accessorize. Modern men have no qualms adding subtle touches in the form of simple jewelry, hats, or sunglasses to complete a look. This outfit is guaranteed to draw attention and make you look like you just stepped off the runway.

Brown leather jacket

Look 3: The Scholar

Step 1: Collect Your Upper Layers
The top half of this look contains three main elements. The bottom layer of this look is a classic button-up. We recommend going for something lightweight, but the color palette is up to you! Next, you’ll be layering up with a sweater—crew neck, in a color that complements the shirt you choose. We’re a big fan of color combinations such as a pink and blue, green and red, or blue and orange. Choose your favorite combo, and layer it up! It’s important that the brighter color is on the bottom, and the sweater on top is richer and darker.

The last item is obviously going to be your leather jacket. We think brown looks the best with this preppy look, since it’s a little warmer and less intense than black.

Step 2: Color Coordinating the Rest
You already have a lot going on with the rest of the outfit, so it’s imperative that you choose the other pieces of your look carefully. We recommend lightly colored khakis or a nice neutral pair of pants for the bottom. It should different in color from the jacket, while also staying within the same palette. That being said, choose a nicer pair of loafers or dress shoes to go with this one—the more they match your jacket, the more polished you’ll look.

Step 3: Finishing Touches
Now, this step is optional for this outfit, because you could feel like you’re done. If you feel like everything you’re wearing is enough, then go ahead and stop reading here. If you want to maximize the look and really commit to it, we recommend adding a tie or bowtie for an extra bit of flare. Likewise, accessories like scarves and dressier hats will look right at home with the rest of this preppy outfit.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Look 4: Tie Trick
Step 1: White and Black
The trick to this look is creating a seamless blend of both rugged (from the leather) and professionally polished (from the tie) into an outfit that is pleasant and intriguing. Normally, leather jackets combined with office appropriate or formal attire is jarring and doesn’t look well, but keeping it clean and simple is a modern way of tricking the usual rule.

Your tie will look best against a plain white button-up. The contrast of white and black here is especially important, because it creates a streamlined look that tells a very simple story.

Step 2: Find the Right Pants
This look only works if you really commit to the whole outfit. Therefore, we recommend wearing a pair of slim, well-fitted pants that you would normally wear to a business casual event. It’s important that it’s a true black that matches your tie and leather, otherwise the illusion of white and black doesn’t work. If you need to, black denim will work in a pinch, but make sure it isn’t a faded black or grey.
Find your style


The way we see it, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your leather jacket. As many as there are leather jacket styles, there are even more ways of wearing them. A classic leather moto jacket with a simple white tee can look amazing and you wouldn't even think about it. Or styling a graphic tee and a bomber jacket together. There’s nothing wrong with the standard pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt, but remember that there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up every now and then with something fresh. A leather jacket looks amazing either way.

What do you think? Are there any new ways to style leather that we missed? What are your favorite leather jacket outfits? Tell us below in the comments, and remember to share if you felt like this article was helpful for you.

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