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May 08, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Leather Jackets still remain to be one of the top fashion pieces men love to wear even with summer on the horizon. As long as you wear it right, you’ll still be able to wear your favorite piece this hot summer season.

Dos and don’ts when wearing a summer leather jacket

  • Choose leather jackets with thinner linings.

Cotton, Polyester, and rayon linings give the jacket a lighter look and the right warmth for the season. Thin and breathable summer leather jackets are best to wear; avoid quilted and bulky ones.

  • Go for lighter color.

Though black and brown are leather jackets’ statement colors, summer allows you to explore lighter shades; try tan or steel blue colors.

  • Choose appropriate length.

A length within your waist is enough to bring out great taste and sleekness in whatever activity you’ll embark for the day.

  • Do conditioning to your jacket.

Applying leather conditioning products to your jacket is best done once every three months to preserve its quality and give a softer look for the coming season.

  • Avoid layering of clothes.

Trendy but simple designed tees are ideal under a leather jacket during the hot summer months; the layering of tops is apparently not advisable.

  • Get away from length and bulk.

Do not opt to wear long, huge, and stuffed leather jackets as they are not practical during this season.

  • Always be ready to take it off sometimes.

Since summer is warm, you have to be prepared to take it off. You can either strap it within your hips or carry it over your shoulder, whichever is comfortable for you. Remember to have a nice undershirt to pair it with. Just slip in it again when you are inside a much cooler area like that of an air-conditioned establishment.

A lighter jacket is also advisable, so you would be more comfortable carrying it around.

Summer leather jacket

Quick Styling Tips for wearing leather jackets during the summer

  • Keep the zipper open.

When wearing leather jackets in summer, leave its zipper open to add some style and practicality.

  • Roll-up sleeves.

If possible, roll up sleeves for comfort and to allow for better airflow.

  • Find the right bottom and shoes.

Denim and trousers will do well with a leather jacket during summer; make sure that these pants are tailored well to your body and not bulgy. Colors of blue, black, and brown are classic hues that fit well with most bottoms.

Take note of the details of your footwear. They should exude elegance, style, and comfort to go about your summer tastefully.

  • Stay simple and genuine.

A leather jacket is worn best with minimal accessories. A genuine leather jacket may be costly, but it will stand the test of time and is always a great addition to your wardrobe. A self-customized genuine leather jacket is best to express your distinct personal style with exceptional quality and comfort.  

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

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  • What style fits most summer leather jackets?

Biker, Moto, Bomber, or the other classic leather jackets are good choices for summer.

  • Are customized jackets affordable?

Yes, they may be a little pricey but has the perfect fit and style you need to rock summer. Check for some leather jacket stores that offer great discounts for the best deals.

  • What brand offers jacket customization?

The following brands offer custom-made summer leather jackets, Schott, All Saints, The Jacket Maker, Wilson Leather, and The Independence Brothers.

How to style a leather jacket


Don`t you think leather jackets are a cool choice this summer? They are fashionable, durable, and sleek to fit your active engagements during these hot months. Carrying out the right style, material, and outfit combinations will surely bring out the most confident version of you.

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