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January 02, 2023 3 min read

by Monique Youzwa

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Leather bags vary in appearance, weight, performance, and style. The alterations in these details are mainly due to the type of leather used to create them. When it comes to Hermes’ leather, two of the most popular options are Swift and Togo. Though both are high-quality, they have few similarities, even to the untrained eye. So, what’s the difference between Swift leather and Togo Leather? Let’s find out.

What Is Swift Leather

Swift leather was first introduced in 2005 as a replacement for Gulliver leather, which had been discontinued six years earlier. Since then, it’s become one of the most popular options in the Hermès collection, due to its soft, semi-smooth texture and bright colors.


Swift leather is made of calfskin, which has a fine grain and is incredibly soft, yet durable. The leather has a semi-smooth feel and a soft shine. The leather also has a slouchiness that adds a unique look while maintaining the bag’s structure.

Swift leather absorbs dyes with ease, resulting in bright, bold hues that other leathers can’t match. The surface of the leather may scratch over time, though these are quickly removed with light buffing.


Swift leather is mainly used for smaller bags since the slouchiness of the leather pulls too much on the handles in larger pieces. The compact size of the bags and the luxurious look and feel of the leather make these a terrific option for dressier affairs or outings with friends.

Swift Leather Pros

Swift leather has a fine-grain surface with a soft, supple feel. It comes in a wide variety of rich colors that few other types of leather can offer. Though veining may eventually occur, this adds a unique look to the leather that can’t be created, allowing the leather to age beautifully. Swift leather is also light and slouchy, making it a superb option for smaller bags.

Swift Leather Cons

Despite all the fantastic qualities Swift leather boasts, it isn’t perfect. The slouchy leather won’t hold its shape with larger pieces, giving them a saggy look. It is also expensive, costing hundreds more than other leathers, including Togo leather.

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What Is Togo Leather

Togo leather was released in 1997 and is one of the most low-maintenance bag leathers there is. It is also versatile, lightweight, and eye-catching, thanks to the textured finish.


Togo leather has a design that is almost sneaky due to the pebbled pattern that seems textured but feels incredibly smooth when touched. The incredible feel is due to the large grain calfskin, which maintains the soft texture while increasing durability, scratch resistance, and moisture-repelling capabilities. Togo leather can be dyed, resulting in a subtle matte finish.


The heaviness of the leather and the ability to maintain its shape makes Togo leather a superb option for large bags. These are perfect for daily use or travel since the rugged nature of the large grain increases durability. They can handle a bit of rough use without falling apart.

Togo Leather Pros

Togo leather is strong, scratch-resistant, and heavy enough to handle work and play, so you can put this material to use any way you like. There are several pebbling options, all of which maintain the same rich, supple feel. Togo leather is also quite a bit cheaper than Swift leather, making it a more economical choice.

Togo Leather Cons

The heavier, less slouchy Togo leather holds its shape well, so it’s mainly used for larger bags, so you'll be hard-pressed to find a small bag or clutch in this material. The large grain isn’t easily dyed, resulting in minimal color options.

Swift and togo leather

Final Word

Swift and Togo leathers are both high-quality, durable, and unique in appearance and feel, though they have a few noticeable differences. Swift leather is slouchy and soft, with multiple color options and a light weight, making it a great option for small, luxurious pieces. Togo leather is heavier, with a larger grain and a smooth texture, despite the pebbled look. It maintains its shape, so it’s perfect for day-to-day or travel use.

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