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May 15, 2021 10 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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The Real McCoy’s - Who are they?

The Real McCoy’s is a leather jacket company that you may or may not have heard of. For our vintage shoppers out there, this is a great company to look into, an article to read, and a website to browse.

The Real McCoys has a lot of layers to it as a company. It is based in the UK physically, but their work and craftsmanship is based in Japan. On top of that, their inspiration is based in the United States. Not only the United States, but decades ago, from a vintage era. They are a clothing company that prides themselves on their high quality and beautiful design. In the 90s, the Real McCoy's worked with Harley-Davidson producing a line of jackets based on archival HD designs. They take their inspiration from American fashion in the 1940s and 1950s, encapsulating a vintage air in their clothing. They believe that even though the features of vintage clothing are deemed outdated and without significant use for today, this school of thought is far from true. To The Real McCoy’s, the features of vintage clothing inspire them and drive them forward as a brand.

The Real McCoy’s recognizes that when products come from all over the world to make something, they sometimes are of lower quality. However, this company prides itself on their custom production and reproducing their products using the same methods and machinery from the past. In an era of technology and fast forward moving technology, The Real McCoy is a blast from the past. They have studied all of the sewing and construction methods from those decades so that they can achieve true authenticity. They aim to both reproduce the past and create the future. Their Japanese craftsmanship and expertise are what make this high-quality reproduction possible.

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The Real McCoy’s brand

When you go onto The Real McCoy’s website, their branding stays in line with their description. The main image on the site is an old photo of what looks like American soldiers during the Second World War walking in two lines. The photo is black and white, and every soldier is wearing a leather jacket. If you have read on our blog previously about the history of leather jackets, you know that they came about as protective gear, both for motorcycle riders as well as pilots. This photo shows that and pays that fact tribute.

There are two other brands within The Real McCoy’s website:

  1. Joe McCoy and Company - The Joe McCoy line is the casual line of The Real McCoy’s. It is the cattle drive brand. Joe McCoy was a legendary cattle baron from Illinois and the inspiration for the line. It is still deeply American. This line pays homemade to 1950s America where work uniforms led way to more casual clothing. The brand and the story of Joe McCoy lives on through the generations as the attitude and approach toward garment manufacturing remains unchanged.
  2. Buco - Buco was founded in Detroit in 1933. It is a by-product of Joseph Buegeleisen Co. In the 1940s, this company was a prominent manufacturer of motorcycle parts and accessories. They produced hardware such as mufflers and windshields. They also produced leather goods such as boots and our favorite, jackets. They had an in-house factory and made high-quality products, creating the standard for today’s leather jackets. Buco and its products faded into history, but thanks to The Real McCoy’s, they have now been brought back to life. Each model is produced to be like their originals, using those specifications. In so far as materials, they use the highest quality horsehide available. They tan the hide using traditional methods, and they stitch the finish with aging cotton thread.

Navigating The Real McCoy’s website

On their main page as your scroll down, The Real McCoy’s have their newest arrival products to make for easy browning. This accomplishes two things. First, it gives the shopper an easy way to see what the newest arrivals are instead of having to click somewhere else after the main page. Second, it means there is only one click needed - the one bringing you to the main page - to start shopping.

At the top of their page on the left-hand side, you can choose “New Arrivals,” “Categories,” and “Brands.” If you want to see what the newest looks are from The Real McCoy’s, you can click on New Arrivals and it will bring you straight there. This is the same area you can get to by scrolling down the page. If you want to narrow down your search, hovering over and clicking on Categories will show you the drop-down menu for each category of products that they have: outerwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Under the outerwear category, leather has its own section. Clicking there will bring you to all of the leather jackets that The Real McCoy’s has.

the real mccoy's leather jacket

Purchasing a Real McCoy’s jacket

Once you get to the leather jacket section, you can scroll around to shop. Each jacket shows a picture of a jacket, the name, the price, and the brand that the jacket falls under. Prices are in UK pounds. If you want more detail on the jacket, you can click on it, and a history of the jacket, historical photos, and the specifications of the jacket are all listed.

If you decide you like one of The Real McCoy’s jackets and want to purchase it, you can simply add it to your cart and make the purchase. The Real McCoy’s even has express checkout options and accepts PayPal, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

When will I receive my jacket?

When it comes to delivery, The Real McCoy’s uses a few different couriers, including DPD, DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Any orders that are placed before 1 pm GMT Monday-Friday are shipped the same day. Once you place your order, then it is packed by an experienced team in a clean, purpose-built environment. When it gets sent out, the tracking information will be provided to you.

With Brexit and The Real McCoy’s being in London, they make a note on their page for any shoppers living within the European Union. As of January 1, 2021, extra taxes and duties might get added once your order arrives in the destination country. The Real McCoy’s does an estimate, predicting that only VAT or the local equivalent will get charged. This is a result of all of The Real McCoy’s items benefiting from preferential rates of 0% duty. They do warn that in some cases the local customs office will not apply the discount. If you feel you have been overcharged by customs, the company asks that you contact them before paying the fees so that they can contact the shipping courier to resolve this. All of the prices on their website are displayed tax-free to customers in the European Union.

The pricing to get your coat delivered is standard:

  • UK Delivery (1 - 2 days) - £6.50
  • EU Delivery (~3 days) - £15.00
  • International Delivery (3-4 days) - £25.00

What if I want to return or exchange my jacket?

If you receive your jacket and are not satisfied, The Real McCoy’s has a returns program. They do not offer direct exchanges. If you want to exchange, you essentially need to return the jacket and order a new one. They recommend you ordering the new one right away to prevent it from selling out before you can get it.

The Real McCoy's will accept returns received within 14 days of receipt. There are some conditions within the return. It must be returned to them with original packaging and all labels attached, unused, and in a resalable condition. The resalable condition is an important aspect of return eligibility. If your item does not meet those criteria, it will be refunded and it will be returned to you are your expense.

If you do want to return your item, the shipping costs must be paid by the shopper. An adhesive label with their returns address marked will come supplied with your order. You can choose to arrange your own shipping or contact them for a pre-paid return label at using DHL.

For all of us leather jacket lovers, the returns policy is a bit different. We all know how unique each leather jacket is, and that the hide of every animal, and therefore every jacket, is different. As a result, The Real McCoy’s does not accept returns for leather jackets. If you have any issues or questions, they advise contacting their customer service.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

The Real McCoy’s leather jackets

The Real McCoy’s website has a few different options for leather jackets, and this is a changing list. Here are a few of our favorites at the time of this writing:

  • BUCO J-100 PADDED - This black jacket falls under their Buco line. It is a single rider jacket and one of the most iconic jackets made by Buco. It is made from genuine Horsehide that has been vegetable tanned with a pigmented finish. The Aniline Dyed Leather jacket is a true American classic and was originally used for competitive moto racing in the 1950s. It is padded, with wool pile interlining and rayon lining. The front has a McCoy square front zipper and the pockets have seven link chain pocket zippers. The sleeves have 50s talon sleeve zippers, and there is a Buco DOT button. The jacket is priced at £1,729.17.
  • LEATHER CAR COAT - The leather car coat is a black leather jacket that falls under the Joe McCoy brand. The jacket is meant to emulate the functional and warm car coats that were in high demand in 1940s post-war America when motorization was on the rise. It has 100% wool lining and buffalo horned buttons. The hide is vegetable-tanned horsehide with a pigmented finish. The cost of the leather car coat is £1,887.50.
  • A.F. IRVIN FLIGHT JACKET - This brown leather jacket is in The Real McCoy’s brand. This jacket holds with it a history:“Worn by British Royal Air Force pilots during the 1920s and 40s. The Irvin jacket gets its name from its creator, Leslie Irvin, who designed the jacket in 1926 and became the sole supplier to the Royal Air Force in the 1940s. During World War II, the demand for the Irvin flight jacket became so high that Irvin had to hire subcontractors to meet the needs. Due to multiple contractors, which can be seen when studying original Irvin jackets, there were many variants of the jacket. The R.A.F. Irvin Flight Jacket is our take on the British flying jacket if we were one of those that Leslie Irvin subcontracted.”The jacket has a combination of tanned sheepskin with an acrylic lacquer finish with horsehide trimmings. For the shearling of the jacket, they used a curly-haired shearling. This was done to keep true to the original jacket. The jacket is finished jacket off with a 1940s talon zipper, a popular aspect of American flight jackets.
the real mccoy's leather jacket pos and cons

What are people saying about The Real McCoy’s leather jackets?

We can give you the specifications of the jackets and let you know what they are made of and their price, but we like to go to the shoppers to find out about the jacket itself.

The first note that is made is that the price tag for a Real McCoy’s jacket can be a bit steep. If you have been a blog reader or shopped on our Independence Brother’s website, we have shown you jackets that range in price. Well known designers or newer labels, custom or made to wear - the prices vary. The Real McCoy’s does not do custom jackets - all of their pieces are ready to wear. The price tag is a bit higher than others we have seen, though, which is the first critique by users.

Some shoppers who purchase a Real McCoy’s jacket do so because they admire the American flight jackets of that era. They want a jacket that is historically accurate and striking but does not give the “old man vibes” of vintage.

The consensus of The Real McCoy’s jackets is that they are of high quality. The price tag is a bit steep, but you are not paying for something that won’t last you a long time. The leather is high quality and the craftsmanship is great. For those that have a niche for the vintage look, this company is right for you.

Independence Brothers loves a good custom jacket, and that is something that you cannot get at The Real McCoy’s. If you are a big bespoke leather jacket person, this company may not be the place for you to go and there are other options. Our blog has a few other recommendations for a custom jacket. If you want something ready to wear, with a rotating jacket of new/vintage products, The Real McCoy’s is worth a try.

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The Real McCoy’s company has a very specific brand. This is a brand made for those who not only appreciate but adore, vintage. Whether you are interested in the steep history surrounding American leather jackets or you appreciate the fashion of the time, The Real McCoy’s is the company for you. The craftsmanship that is perfected in Japan seems like it could be a jacket that you might be interested in. The price tag is the one aspect of this company you have to heavily consider, especially if you are not located in the United Kingdom and have to pay a higher price when it comes to the money conversion.

Those of us at Independence Brothers love leather jackets and believe they are absolutely the best accessory or necessity when it comes to fashion. You may wear one for warmth or you may wear it for fashion, but we think that leather jackets are a must.

We hope this article has given you a good overview of another aspect of the leather jacket world - The Real McCoy’s. Whether you decide to purchase one of their jackets or another, we hope to continue to be a source of leather jacket knowledge. You can also always ask one of us at Independence Brothers if you have any questions about purchasing a leather jacket - especially if you want to go bespoke. Happy shopped, and let us know what your favorite purchases are!

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