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November 13, 2018 5 min read


Have you been thinking about shaking your style up recently? Ready for a bold and daring new move? Prepare yourself for one of the most daring statement pieces you can add to your wardrobe. The classic leather biker jacket — in white.

Here’s the thing about white leather jackets. It’s a lot of white. While we encourage everyone to own a leather jacket, men and women alike, moving to all-white is a big step. It’s a strong color, which means that not everything in your wardrobe is going to pair with it as effortlessly as more forgiving colors like black for a leather moto jacket. Not to mention, white is a lot harder to maintain, even if it is so, so worth the effort.

The good news is that white, much like black, is always in fashion, and it has the potential to look good on everyone. It’s bright and colorful, and because it’s less common, you will instantly look like one of the most fashionable people in the room. Whereas black looks edgy and easy, white always impresses due to how much it looks like you actually put thought into your outfit.
Here we’ve compiled some fool-proof ways for you to work this flashy trend into your everyday wardrobe.

What You Will Need To Style A White Jacket

Unlike more traditional, darker leather jackets, a stark white jacket requires a much more specific palette. Supplementing your wardrobe with specific items may be necessary, since white doesn’t go with everything the same way black does. We have about three different looks we’re going to share with you, so here are the things we recommend you have.

  • White leather jacket. There are a variety of different jackets you can choose from, even when going for all white - leather motorcycle jacket, bomber jacket, biker jacket. We’ll go over a few details below to make sure you buy the right one.
Look A - Monochromatic
  • White clothing. Trust us on this one. We’ll go into detail about this daring look later, but you want to make sure all your whites are the same color (preferably stark white instead of off-white).
  • White high-tops. The irrefutable king of shoes. Truly your best option, and honestly, you should have a pair of these in your wardrobe anyway.
Look B – Bright and Colorful
  • Pastel tops. Jewel tones don’t complement white the way pastels do, so go for your favorite gentle colors that remind you of spring.
  • Light bottoms. Though we would normally strictly recommend dark jeans with a leather jacket, white is the strict exception. This is a great opportunity for your light jeans, khakis, and light grey bottoms.
Look C – Black and White
  • Dark tops. For the black and white look we’re going for here, you don’t necessarily have to stick with black tops. Again, stay away from jewel tones, but black, dark grey, and midnight blue are excellent options.
  • Black jeans. Dark grey and dark blue won’t cut it here. This particular look is best with stark, slim black jeans with as little distressing as possible.


Step 1: Get Your White Leather Jacket

Like all jackets, a “white” leather jacket has many options. Since white is a tricky style, purchasing your white leather jacket in person is more beneficial than shopping for one online.
Firstly, know how to distinguish between different kinds of white. It’s easy to tell the difference between black and grey, but it’s harder to if something is eggshell or lace unless you’re holding them side by side. The minute differences between white and off-white can actually make or break your outfit. We personally recommend a strictly white leather jacket if you want the bold, statement look a white leather jacket warrants.

The other thing you should keep in mind is style. Do you want a busy, rugged motorcycle look? Perhaps you prefer a more streamlined motocross jacket with some bold black lining? White generally creates the illusion of widening, so we recommend form-fitting styles instead of bulkier styles. Ultimately, you should go with whatever looks best on you and whatever you like.

White leather jacket and a t-shirt
Step 2(A): Style Your Jacket – Look A: Monochromatic

Monochromatic simply means “one color.” For those feeling especially bold, white is an excellent opportunity to pull out the monochromatic look out. The key to monochromatic white outfits is that every item must be the same shade of white. For this look, eggshell and ivory and other off-white colors aren’t as effective and will end up making you look a little washed out or dirty. It’s go big or go home, and that means only using your brightest, most white whites.

One key component to the all-white look are your shoes. Freshly white, unmarred shoes are about as iconic as leather jackets as themselves. A pair of high-tops is probably your most stylish and safest pair of shoes—plus, they’re versatile and you can use them with other outfits as well. Another more daring option would be white loafers or boots, which are a little harder to find, but can be a statement on their own.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Step 2(B): Style Your Jacket – Look B: Bright and Colorful

If white says anything, it’s spring. And spring means pastels. We are a firm believer that pastels have a place in every man’s wardrobe. Some people feel pastels aren’t masculine enough, but we very strongly disagree. Like the white leather jacket, pastels make a bold statement and provide a confident, unapologetic look for those looking to brighten their palette. Your choices are endless, from solid t-shirts to buttons-ups to polos.

Our white-and-pastel look is great with light-washed jeans. You can go with torn jeans if you like, or you can go with something a little more put-together. Additionally, a nice pair of khakis can spruce the outfit up. This look can fluctuate between ultra-casual and business appropriate depending on your execution. In this instance, we feel off-white jackets are appropriate.

Step 2(C): Style Your Jacket – Look C: White and Black

The best thing to pair with a black leather jacket is a plain white t-shirt. So what else would look better with a white leather jacket than black? It’s a classic look that never fails, no matter what you end up wearing with it. If you’d like, we think most dark colors, including navy, are acceptable.

Our one firm rule for this look is the bottom half of your outfit. It must be a dark, solid, slim-fitting black pair of jeans. The stark contrast between the two neutrals is bold, masculine, and looks good on everyone. The addition of such a strong black is especially great for white jackets with black lining or designs. It’s also a great opportunity to utilize your black boots or colorful accessories that won’t be as jarring in smaller amounts.

Perfect leather jacket


White leather jackets are the epitome of statement pieces, the best sellers. It’s the perfect article of clothing for anyone who is looking to up their style game and try something that will get loads of comments. It’s important for all of us to try something new every once and a while, and leather jackets are the perfect way to experiment. You can try it out and get a faux leather jacket before investing in a genuine leather jacket, to see if it's something you like. A jacket coat like that will definitely make heads turn, so consider getting the best.

Tell us what you think about the white leather jacket. Do you prefer the traditional black jacket, or would you be willing to give this bold look a try? Which of these looks do you think you’ll be putting on first? Give us your final thoughts in the comments below and share if you think this article was helpful!

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