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February 17, 2019 16 min read

Men's winter fashion

With the ample fashion choices that one can opt for, winter is one of the most stylish seasons of the year. It is the season where one can vary up their looks as much as they want, and can experiment with multiple pieces that can look well put together. Wearing a combination of t-shirts, jackets, pants, scarves, and hats is a great way to give your outfit a complete look that stands out. However, not all men know exactly how to put together a good winter outfit, which is why we are here to give you the rundown of the Dos and Don’ts of winter fashion.

For people who live in warmer climates, this is a no brainer: leather jackets look good and are incredibly fashionable, so you can wear them as long as it's not too hot outside. However, for those who live in climates that are more seasonal and have substantial winters, it can feel daunting to commit to buying a leather jacket if you don't know if it's efficient enough to last during the winter.

Despite this, what if we were to tell you that it is possible to Make Your Leather Jacket Work Through Winter? In fact, there are a few things you can do.

For some people, the cold season signals the time to pull out generic wool sweaters and overly puffy down jackets from the box at the back of the closet. For others, it is an opportunity to make a winter style statement with their winter wardrobe.

A good leather jacket can be an incredible purchase for those looking to carry around with them a true sense of fashion. They can turn anybody into a confident street person, giving them a swagger that makes them look truly incredible in public. But what would be the best cold weather motorcycle jacket? How to find the right one?

The price of a good leather jacket can be on the pricey side, something that can make anyone cautious about the jacket that they buy. Knowing that not only are you buying something that is good quality but that will also last is essential for those hoping to make the most out of the men's winter fashion statements.

The Basics

The first part that we are going to cover is the basics of winter coats. This will cover all of the popularly used items and the intricacies of how to wear them.

Putting The Pieces Together

If you live in an area that is prone to severe winters or colder climate, you probably already have a few of the essential winter pieces that one uses. These include a variety of things like a wool scarf, jackets, a pea coat, thermal underwear, leather gloves, winter footwear, and any other kind of gear and winter accessories. These form the essentials of winter wear, but the more prominent factor is the material that they are made out of. Clothing that is preferably made of thicker fabric is general advice for the winter. Wearing a fleece or leather jacket is also something that goes well with the entire look. Your cap and scarves can be made either of wool or of fleece material, whichever you prefer.

Layer and pair your leather jacket


The most common answer to cold weather dressing is layering. It was true when man first learned that he could wear animal fur, and it is still the same now. But, layering does have its pitfalls. For one thing, it is tricky to get the proportions right. It is easy to end up looking like a marshmallow.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to layering is to wear the thin materials first and to save heavy fabrics for last. Keeping the inner layers close to the body ensures that the garment you put over it will not be distorted or misshapen.

There are different methods of layering depending on the occasion. For more formal situations that call for a tie, your foundation is an undershirt. Layer a dress shirt over, making sure to close the top buttons properly, so the undershirt does not peek out.

Follow the dress shirt with a sweater or cardigan. If you are wearing a three-piece suit, wear the vest. The fit should be slim, but with enough room to allow comfortable movement. Finally, top off your look with a coat or jacket.

Pro-Tip: A good test to see if the clothes fit correctly is to sit down. If the fabric does not pull or stretch out when you move, then it fits well.

Casual occasions offer more leeway for creativity. You can play with proportions to make your look more visually appealing. For example, pair a close-fitting turtleneck with a loose-fitting coat.

Another play on contrasts is by using textures. Layering a leather jacket over a knitted sweater is an unexpected choice, but it could work. The trick to styling such a juxtaposition is to play up their similarities. For instance, the colors could be in the same palette. Another way is to choose a thin

Choose the Right Fabrics

Think of leather jackets, wool coats, and cashmere scarves. You cannot help but associate them with cold weather. These are considered classic for a reason. They look good, and they get the job done.

It is the materials that make them work. Leather, wool, and cashmere – when it comes to dressing for the cold, these fabrics that are the favorites no matter what new trends the fashion calendar bring.

The first is, leather. Not only is leather durable and meant to least, it also looks better as it ages. The fabric also develops a softness that makes it comfortable to wear.

Leather comes from different animals. Examples of these are cowhide, goatskin, deerskin, and lambskin. Each kind will have its own set of characteristics. For instance, cowhide is the most familiar. It has a grainy texture and is often the most affordable.

Pro-Tip: Go for lambskin leather if you can. The material is buttery soft and can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Another staple during cold weather is wool. It is a natural fabric that is dyed into different colors easily. This flexibility makes it a common choice for clothing. High-quality wool should feel smooth and soft. Snagging or fraying should be minimal because wool is supposed to be a durable material.

Cashmere is a kind of wool and sits at the more expensive side of the spectrum. But, it is a worthy investment. Cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats. Cashmere is soft and luxurious. It is also very warm. In fact, cashmere is said to be about eight times warmer than the wool produced by sheep.

Jacket fabrics

Get The Right Fit For Your Clothing

Getting a jacket that fits right is one of the best ways to look well put together. Often, men don’t realize that just one piece that fits well can bring together your whole look. Buying something that is too large for your frame can make your entire look fall apart, even if you have pieces that could look good together if they fit right. When buying a jacket, remember that it should fit around your shoulders the best above all else. Make sure that it isn’t too loose around the sleeves and try to buy one that buttons up without much effort.

Changing Up Your Middle

When putting together a winter wear outfit, you don’t always have to wear the same thing. You don’t always have to wear a shirt with your jacket, and sometimes, you can vary it up with things like a shirt + t-shirt, or a plain t-shirt, or a romper + shirt. There are a number of combinations that you can try to create a right winter wear outfit. All you need to remember that this must be done by the occasion and place that you are going to. You don’t want to be too overdressed or underdressed when it comes to your winter outfit.

Top Off with Style

The leather jacket always makes its way into conversations about cold-weather clothing. It is not surprising considering that it is a part of popular culture through the effortless cool of James Dean and the swagger of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.

The leather jacket’s first iteration was made in 1928 by Irving Schott. He designed a jacket for Harley Davidson to protect him from the elements while he rode his motorcycle.

Since then, there are now various designs for the leather jacket. Some are even dyed. Gucci, in a 2015 collection, came out with a series of embroidered bomber jackets.

Choosing a winter leather jacket means going for quality. The general rule when it comes to leather is: you get what you pay for. Real leather jackets can be expensive because it takes up a sizable amount of the raw material. Here are some ways you can know that you are getting a quality item:

  • Inspect the material. It should feel soft and supple.
  • Genuine leather comes from animal hide so the grain and texture should not be perfectly uniform.
  • The hardware should be high-quality. Zippers should slide up and down without hitching, and buttons and snaps should be aligned.
  • The stitching should be even.

A leather jacket looks good, but its main advantage is that it can provide superior protection. In fact, World War II pilots wore heavily lined jackets while out on missions. They became famous because of their ability to keep the pilots warm. They later became known as “bomber jackets.” Choosing the best winter motorcycle jacket can be tricky in terms of comfort and protection, but choosing a winter biker jacket can prove difficult, too. Educate yourself before you decide to start the hunt for the perfect leather jacket.

Some people disapprove of leather goods because they are animal products. There are animal-free options that are reproductions of genuine leather. The leather industry has also taken some steps to address this issue. One example is to use the hide of cows bred for food to maximize the use of the byproducts.

Brands You Should Know

Schott NYC

Irving Schott was one of the pioneers of the leather jacket. His family has turned his design into a business spanning four generations. The brand is more expensive than its competitors.

But, it does have the pedigree to back up the cost. Its designs are part of cultural moments. Marlon Brando wore a Schott jacket in the movie, The Wild One. Rock legends like The Ramones, Blondie, and Joan Jett have also worn this brand’s creations.

Independence Brothers

Independence Brothers is relatively new to the field compared to its contemporaries. But, it is already making waves. Established by two brothers, Scott and Robbie, Independence Brothers provides high-quality, customized products at reasonable rates.

Leather jacket brands

The specialized design approach allows the brand to keep a tight reign on quality. Materials and production are from trusted suppliers, so they can ensure that the product is up to standard. Also, Independence Brothers offers a lifetime warranty.

Hugo Boss AG

Hugo Boss AG is a luxury clothing brand with several labels under it. It is known for the classic workwear aesthetic. Products are a full array, from suits to including leather goods and jackets.

A luxury brand like Hugo Boss AG means that its distribution is already well-established. For those searching for a leather jacket, it is as simple as picking one off the rack and paying for it. The convenience and range of designs can be quite appealing to customers.

However, the downside is that mass-produced products have very little room for customization. Fit might also be an issue and clothing might require some adjustments since it is not bespoke.

Invest In Good Accessories

One of the things to remember when dressing up for the winter is that the accessories that one uses can genuinely take an outfit up a notch and make it seem a lot more put together than before. While you may think that wearing a statement scarf or a cool beanie might attract attention, it is precisely the thing that will keep people wondering why they haven’t tried it out themselves. This statement piece that you buy can be just one, but it is something that you will truly be thankful for.

When buying a statement accessory, always keep in mind that it should be something that goes with a number of outfits. Try to go in for something that is a neutral color, and which you see yourself being able to wear on multiple occasions. Try to stay away from patterned pieces and go in for something that is one solid color.

Don’t Forget The Shoes

If you think the kind of shoes that you wear doesn’t matter, think again, because they are something that you should be paying a lot of attention to. Winter time is the best to bring out your good pair of leather boots or invest in a new one. Army boots are one of the best choices for those who are looking to invest in good shoes without having to worry about going in for something that might not be ideal for the season. While you are buying a good pair of boots, make sure that the boots have a good grip so that you can walk on snow and cold grounds without ever having to worry about slipping and falling.

Keep Your Core Warmer

A lot of times, we tend to make the jackets the piece of clothing that you need when trying to keep warm. This often results in a lot of us purchasing jackets that are excessively bulky and heavy. One good tip to incorporate in the winter is to wear warmer t-shirts or innerwear and keep the coat that you use thinner. This can give you a better look that doesn't look too bulky.

Style your leather jacket

Caring For Your Winter Clothes

Because of the seasonal nature of winter clothing, it is important that one takes good care of the clothing that they are buying while wearing them, and while storing them as well. Taking good care of your winter motorcycle riding jacket can go a long way into ensuring that they stay for a long while, without wearing off or getting damaged.


Protecting Your Footwear

This is one tip that pertains to boots. During the winter, it is essential to use a proper waterproofing sealant on your boots because of the harm that can come their way when water gets onto them. If your loots are leather, water damage can cause the leather to peel off, which is not always the best during winter. If your boots do get wet while you are using them, take them off and allow them to air dry before you use them again.

Protecting Your Jackets

Leather jackets, in particular, are prone to an incredible amount of wear and tear, which is why care must be taken to ensure that nothing happens to it. Water damage is gruesome to leather jackets, which is why one must be wary of any water that falls on it. A leather jacket must always be dried out before use and if it does get wet. When storing a leather jacket, it is vital that it be stored in an area that doesn't have any passing air or moisture. Keep a silica packet with your jacket so that it can take in any moisture that does come along.

If you have any kind of woolen clothing or jackets, one of the most important things to remember when caring for them is the kind of washing that you do. All woolen clothing must be washed by hand and must not be left to soak in water for more than five minutes since the color tends to seep out of them rather quickly.

Protecting Your Accessories

Accessories are one of the easiest things to take care of when it comes to winter fashion because they don’t need much tending to stay in good condition. If you are using any scarves or hats, be sure to wash them at least once a week if you wear them on a day to day basis. If they are made up of wool or leather, don’t forget to follow the instructions that we have mentioned in the previous subcategory.

Leather jacket care

Sometimes Treating Is Necessary

No matter how good and flexible the jacket you buy is, though, it's important to understand that you may have to take matters into your own hands. One of the biggest aspects of leather jackets that makes them an ambivalent purchase for winter months is their water resistance, as snow is one of the main deterrents for those looking for the right jacket. Some leather jackets will come with strict labels that designate their purpose and efficiency against water, but others may not be as straightforward.

Definitely incorporate this aspect of a jacket into your search while looking for the perfect purchase. Many will often advertise this as a key feature, making them a great asset for those who are specifically looking for a water-resistant jacket. Some may have this noted as a given on the tags, so be on the lookout for jackets that are waterproof, but less pronounced about it.

If you happened to purchase or be gifted a jacket that isn't inherently waterproof, this isn't necessarily a bad thing—it is possible to treat the fabric of your leather so it does not dry up and tense when exposed to melting snow.

To treat your jacket effectively, find a leather protectant that is able to coat your leather and keep it safe against water. Products like this are helpful in these situations, not running you a fortune to take care of your jacket and saving you a lot of money in the long run! There are also many other products on the market that are tailored to specific reasons and types of inclement weather, for those looking for a more niche category of way to treat their fabric.

Pair and style your leather jacke

Use Your Jacket In Conjunction With Other Products

One of the best ways to make your leather jacket work through winter is understanding its context in a proper wardrobe. Making sure to not rely on the jacket to provide warmth can be essential for using it effectively during those chilly months. For example, you can provide a significant amount of warmth to your body by layering different shirts and sweaters underneath your jacket. This way, you're able to plan ahead for different types of climates by accommodating with layers!

Using layers and putting warmth underneath your jacket also ensures that you'll have control when you enter different types of rooms or when the weather changes. Especially in climates that change frequently during the colder months, this can be a necessity, as you'll frequently find yourself needing to change your aesthetic on a complete whim to adapt to the temperature. Making sure that you have multiple layers allows for your body to adjust accordingly, removing or adding layers depending on the type of weather you're facing.

Don't Be Afraid of Being Warm All Over!

Not only is it important to keep multiple layers underneath your leather jacket, but it's also important to keep the rest of your body insulated. Though going for a more traditional, easy-to-gather jeans look, those often can be pretty cold pants during winter, with denim attracting a lot of the cold that sends chills throughout your body. In fact, many people underestimate the effect that their leg temperature has on the rest of their body, but it is significant.

For those who are looking to stay warm throughout their entire body, making sure all parts of your clothing are well-insulated can be incredibly important to keeping a healthy temperature overall. This can mean investing in pants that are tighter and keep warmth in, of which there are many different varieties to choose from. Another option that is beloved by many is utilizing long johns (also known as long underwear) underneath your pants to keep warmth tightly joined to your body during winter.

As a result of making sure your legs are equally insulated, you'll find that it's much easier to wear your jacket and appreciate the warmth of multiple layers during winter. This makes it so you can also make sure your fashion is on-point all season!

Winter jacket

Educate Yourself Through Fashion Content

Fashion is always changing, and with every season, new trends come along. If you want to look good during the winter, you will want to stay up to date with the latest trends that people all over the world are incorporating. Content creators around the globe are always putting out tutorials that can help you understand winter fashion better, and these tools can go a long way into helping you out.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

What Should You Look For in a Jacket?

To make sure your jacket will have the most flexibility during the winter months, it's important to first purchase a jacket that will help you out with durability. This type of adaptation can not only apply to jackets that are designed for colder weather, but are also able to fit different garments underneath it.

For example, in the fall you may feel comfortable with just your leather jacket over your shirt, but in December it may be wiser to have a sweater underneath your jacket. Many leather jackets will provide you with the flexibility to fit multiple layers underneath it, but you can never be too sure. To verify that you're purchasing the correct jacket, make sure that it can handle multiple layers underneath.

Another factor to think about when looking for the right leather jacket is the lining inside the jacket. Is it lined with a layer underneath it? For those looking for a jacket strictly for winter purposes, finding a leather jacket that has an especially cozy inside lining can be essential for using it during a blizzard. However, if you're looking for a jacket to use year-round, finding a lining that is comfy, but not overwhelming can be important to make sure that you do not feel too overheated during the warmer months.

Pockets can also be a big deal, with the amount of pockets and the room they provide essentials to keep your items and hands well-insulated during winter. Make sure to find a jacket that has roomy, large pockets for you to full embrace when picking out the right leather jacket, as it can make a huge difference in the long term scheme of things.

You can also assess whether or not a certain jacket is right for you by estimating its size in different weather. It's important to find a jacket that fits you, sure, but if it's too snug it may not be optimal during the cold winter or when you have to layer different garments underneath it. So, plan for purchasing a jacket that gives you a bit of flexibility to wear it with nothing underneath in the hot summer and also on top of two layers of sweaters in the cold months.

Care for your jacket


No matter what the weather is like, it is essential to present yourself well. Make sure your appearance shows your confidence, even when the weather is a little rough.

Knowing what to wear when it turns cold means that the air won’t be the only thing sharp this season – so will your personal style. Whether you choose a winter moto jacket, biker jacket, or winter riding jacket, style is not something you should forget about.

A good winter outfit is incredibly easy to pull off and is something that anyone can do if they know the key dos and don’ts of winter fashion. Business casual, smart casual, casual look - fashion styles will be your playground. As someone who has incorporated these tips all through my life, it is safe to say that these are tried and tested methods of pulling off good winter fashion.

Making sure that your leather jacket is not only affordable and high-quality but also weather-resistant sounds like a lot to keep track of. Truthfully, it really isn't, especially if you keep track of everything we suggest in this article. Keeping tabs on ideal features is normal for those coordinating a look no matter what the caliber, but this is something that almost anyone can do with a bit of commitment.

If you have any additional inputs and tips of your winter fashion, or if you have put together an outfit based on our tips, do let us know in the comment section below.

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