Since 2016


Independence Brothers is comprised of Scott and Robbie: two brothers who wanted to give men and women everywhere the opportunity to have a jacket that feels just right, both on the body and on the wallet. Specializing in one product, they have refined the art of manufacturing down to a science based around quality leather, skilled craftsmanship, and the perfect custom fit. The brothers pride themselves on providing fantastic customer service for sizing concerns and unique features that enable anyone to own a fitted leather jacket.

All of our jackets are real full grain leather. None of that cheap genuine leather that other businesses push on you in their jackets.  We believe in quality goods that will stand the test of time.  Our leather will fit you like a glove, will age beautifully the more it’s worn, and will be passed down in your family, like all solid leather goods should be.  Every detail of our jackets has been excruciatingly examined to maximize value. We use YKK hardware with real metals like brass and steel with durable finishes. We use high quality rayon linings for breathability and comfort.


Scott spent years refining his fashion taste until he realized one day that he wanted a leather jacket. All he found online were low-cost jackets with poor customer service or high-end jackets with prices that could buy an entire wardrobe. He decided to bypass the middle-man. He began searching for the perfect supplier of leather and a factory that could produce exactly what he wanted: a quality leather jacket made for the individual. After a few years working back and forth with various factories with countless headaches, Scott realized that no manufacturer could do what he asked for. So he made his very own workshop in the heart of leather production in North America: Leon, Mexico. With highly trained craftsmen and women, new equipment, and an obsession with perfection, Independence Brothers was elevated into what it is today.


Robbie is an entrepreneur whose marketing expertise and online-presence skills have helped him start numerous companies and business ventures in many industries. He bought his first leather jacket when he was 22 on a family vacation through the Western United States. After receiving compliments on the jacket from friends, family, and strangers alike, Robbie was hooked on the look. When Scott approached him in 2016 to help market his new jacket business, Robbie joined with enthusiasm. Robbie knows what makes a good leather jacket and wants to help you find a leather jacket that will make friends, family and strangers want to compliment you too.

We condemn the practices that many clothing manufacturers employ today. Independence Brothers’ jackets are made with both the consumer and the producer’s well being in mind.

 - All craftsmen/women in our workshop are experts with decades of experience each.

 - Our leather is sourced exclusively from the local food industry.

 - We personally visit our workshop at least once a year to ensure they meet our standards.

 - Craftsmen/women work standard hours with holidays and a fair wage.

 - Our workshop is naturally lit, well maintained, and safe to work in.


 - We support local tanneries/businesses with our production sourcing whenever possible.