7 Leather Jackets You Should Buy Right Now



Every man needs a leather jacket in his wardrobe. Leather jackets breathe masculinity, maturity, and a sense of effortless style. Lucky for us, modern fashion has given us a plethora of different styles to explore. Why let them deter you, however, when you could enjoy the perks of each?

We’re here to break down the seven most valuable leather jackets everyone should have in their wardrobe. You don’t necessarily need to purchase them all at once, but we recommend making each investment until your closet is packed with all the leather you need.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

You don’t really need much to follow this tutorial. For the most part, you’ll want to make sure you have some kind of means to research different looks, get inspiration, and purchase your jackets.

Here are the seven different leather jackets we feel you should invest in:

  • Motorcycle jacket. When you think of a leather jacket, this classic style probably what comes to mind.
  • Moto racer jacket. Slim and basic, this is your classic jacket without any bells or whistles.
  • Brown jacket. Having a brown jacket is about as necessary as having a black one and will open doors for your wardrobe and fashion.
  • Varsity jacket. These jackets inevitably return to the limelight every couple years as a staple statement piece.
  • Bomber jacket. This jacket is another staple your wardrobe requires. This classic look is reminiscent of old aviator uniforms and bumps up any look.
  • Lined jacket. You never want to bulk up your leather jackets, and making sure an especially warm one will prevent that during cold months.
  • Colored jacket. Sometimes, leather can be a daring statement piece that makes you feel and look like the most stylish guy in the room.


Step 1: Get Some Inspiration

Before buying any new item for your wardrobe, we always suggest you find some inspiration. Browsing websites like Pinterest or following your favorite models, actors, or fashion bloggers on social media sites can help you get a feel for what clothing looks like before you purchase it. Look at different cuts and fits to see what they look like on various body types. The more pumped you get about the way your leather jackets will look, the easier it will be to cultivate the perfect collection.

Step 2: Grab A Catalog or Find Your Favorite Website

The next essential step is looking out for the jackets that are on the market right now. All seven leather jackets we’re suggesting to you are pieces that are timeless and can last you through a lifetime of fashion cycles. Even so, we recommend looking through what your favorite retailers are offering right now. Take a look at prices, materials, colors, and styles. Determine what is best for you and start making the plan to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Of course, you can always order it custom made. At Independence Brothers we guarantee that you will get the perfect jacket, whatever you might have in mind.


Step 3A: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Motorcycle Jacket)

Everyone needs a motorcycle jacket. It’s easy to spot, because it’s probably the first thing that will pop up when you start searching a leather jacket. Motorcycle jackets often have an asymmetrical zipper, wide collars, and a belt to cinch in the waist. There are different varieties of the motorcycle jacket.

It’s a must that your motorcycle jacket be black, but you can choose between glossy or matte finishes. Embellishments can come in a variety of different metals, but we recommend a solid steel that won’t rust or tarnish easily. You also have a little freedom with the fit of the jacket. We prefer jackets that complement wide shoulders and cinch nicely at the waist—but bulkier fits work, too.

Step 3B: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Moto Racer Jacket)

The racer jacket is the leather jacket you need for when you need something simple and sleek. Leather jackets are typically quite casual, but the moto jacket is the rare exception. Moto jackets don’t have a lot of flair to them—often times, they are polished and sophisticated looking.

We recommend going for the most understated and sleekest option you can find. Look for a tidy snap color and some snug pockets, and that should be all you need with this look. These jackets are particularly good at making you look slim, so channel your inner motocross racer and reach for the models that help streamline your body.

Step 3C: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Brown Jacket)

Brown is the next best thing to black. If you already have your fair share of black leather jackets, it’s time to upgrade to something brown. Brown leather jackets look rugged and pair perfectly with denim and flannels. They are an equally masculine way of adding leather without feeling like you need to slick your hair back or hop on your motorbike.

The problem (and by problem, we mean joy) with brown leather jackets, there are so many different shades and textures and tones from which to choose. Our personal favorite brown leather jacket is an antique, faded jacket. We feel the added texture gives the jacket loads of personality and style. Other options include more understated orange-tinted or chocolate-colored browns.

Step 3D: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Varsity Jacket)

When people think varsity, it’s possible to get sucked down memory lane—and that can be either good or bad. Fret not, though, because we’re not talking about bright red school spirit or a cheesy team number if that’s not what you’re into. Varsity jackets come in all varieties, including ones made of leather.

Most leather varsity jackets come with a tidy wool body and leather sleeve—though it is possible to find varsity jackets made entirely of leather. The elastic collar and sleeves as well as the bold, youthful designs on the jacket make this addition great for ultra-casual outings. Great with jeans and a t-shirt, this leather jacket is a must-have statement piece.

Step 3E: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Bomber Jacket)

The bomber jacket is one of our favorites. It’s a classic leather jacket that looks good on just about everyone. Also known as aviator jackets, the modern bomber is an ode to the original style designed to suit military aviators during World War II. It exudes masculinity and looks good with the majority of your wardrobe, fluctuating flexibly between casual and formal.
Bomber jackets can be pretty warm, so it probably doesn’t need a lot beneath it. They come in a variety of different colors, mostly black and varying shades of brown. We personally prefer the worn-looking brown shades—it feels more reminiscent of the jacket’s military history, like you really just stepped off the frontlines.


Step 3F: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Lined Jacket)

It’s common sense that everyone needs something to keep them warm during winter months. We also know that one of the worst mistakes you can make when wearing a leather jacket is wearing too many layers underneath. What some people don’t realize is that you can have the best of both worlds by purchasing a leather jacket lined with an even warmer material.
Chances are, even high-quality leather on its own isn’t going to be enough if you’re experiencing a real cold spell. Materials like lambskin or a quilted material give you the padding that you need without over-layering. This warm jacket is a must-have for any individual who experiences winter.

Step 3G: Buy Your Leather Jacket (Colored Jacket)

Colored leather jackets are the best way to step up your game. When all is said and done, your wardrobe deserves more than black and brown. Color can add a lot to your style game, especially when you play it right. You can’t go wrong with rustic, warm colors such as burgundy, olive green, or navy.

For those of you who feel particularly daring, feel free to grab a startling scarlet or warm mustard. These bold choices look especially excellent as statement pieces with outfits that are otherwise made of solid neutrals like black or white.


One leather jacket just isn’t enough for the modern man’s wardrobe. It’s important to us that you have leather for every occasion. No matter the season, outing, or workplace, there is no situation in which a leather jacket is inappropriate. These seven should last you an entire lifetime.

What do you think about the collection we’ve chosen for you? Is there anything you think we’re missing? Tell us in the comments below, and always, feel free to share if you found this tutorial helpful.