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November 13, 2018 6 min read


A leather jacket is such a cool thing to have! Sporting a leather jacket outfit is so interesting and sexy and you will surely turn heads on the street. However, it's not that cool anymore when it's time to clean your leather jacket and maintain it in good condition. It's not easy at all and it can prove quite complicated. Fortunately, there are some ways of keeping your leather jacket fresh without spending fortunes on this. There are so many various products on the market, but you might just end up spending fortunes on something that might not prove worthy, when there could be several DIY tips for cleaning your leather jacket. They might not be the easiest, but they definitely are quite effective and they will work wonders. You just have to try them.

1. Olive Oil

When it comes to conditioners which contain oil, there is some controversy around the matter, because some of them can actually be harmful for the leather. However, many homemade recipes require olive oil or vinegar, due to the fact that this can help clean the jacket in an efficient way. If used in the wrong quantities, it could damage the jacket, but the good part is that some other types of oil, such as lemon oil or coconut oil, can turn out to be very good for the jacket. Lemons are good for your health in many areas of your life, while coconut oil is a hypoallergenic. It means that it won't cause you any allergic reaction and thus it certainly won't damage your leather jacket.

How do you create the paste made of lemons and olive? All you need are 3-4 spoons of juice, 1/4 cup of olive oil, tea tree oil and some paper tissues. First, dip the paper towel into the olive oil, then into the lemon juice and keep doing this until you have cleaned the whole leather jacket. You could add the tea tree oil to all this and it will add an extra touch of spark. Because leather looks amazing when it is luscious!

How do you apply it? First of all, you should gently massage your jacket with a cloth. Do not apply too much of it, as it might spoil the jacket, so be careful with it. When the oil is used in the right quantity, it will actually give the jacket a very nice and fresh look and scent.

Another type of olive oil homemade product is one made out of olive oil, castile soap, essential oil, grapefruit seed extract and water. After getting this mixture, it is best to shake this up and fill a spray bottle with it. The dense structure of oil should get softened by the castile soap, the essential oil, the grapefruit seed extract and the water. Spray on the jacket and watch it get getting shiny, new and freshly conditioned.

Leather jacket conditioning with oil is a DIY solution and it can actually work pretty well. You have to watch out at certain issues, such as staining your jacket by using too much oil, but, at the end of the day, it will be great for your wardrobe and you will have great results if you apply this DIY tip.

Leather jacket conditioner

2. Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Beeswax leather conditioner could be another good option if you feel like there is too much oil involved with the first conditioning/cleaning solution.

This solution requires some preparation time. First of all, combine beeswax with cocoa butter and almond oil, allow all this to turn into some oily paste, do not overheat it and the fats should melt into the oil. What you will get will be a balm of thick consistency, which you could apply to your leather jacket with your fingers. Flaxseed oil could also be an option, as well as vaseline.

These are some alternatives, but they are not compelling. Each of them should help you condition your jacket and each of them presents advantages and disadvantages. Whereas using oil can stain your jacket, the beeswax paste could prove to be a bit too sticky and a bit too much for the leather. The beeswax paste could also ruin the jacket if you use too much of it. The key is moderation and applying the product with care. The leather is a pretentious fabric, but with proper care and cleaning strategies, you will have your leather jacket conditioned and you will be able to use it as new anytime you want this.

3. Natural Baby Soap

You might laugh, but this actually is the one product which will be very soft on your leather jacket and which might cause as little problems as possible. Baby soap has gentle properties and it will go gentle on your leather jacket as well. With this, you won't be running any risk of staining your jacket or ruining its fabric. You should just mix warm water with a spoon of soap, a few drops of vinegar and so you will get your own baby soap conditioner! Then clean your jacket with a cloth imbibed in this product obtained from soap. Be careful that you do not wet the whole jacket and just run the cloth smoothly across its surface.

This way of conditioning your leather jacket is the least harmful. Natural baby soap does not have additives or colored chemicals, so if you want to go for the soft solution with the least risk involved, then you should try natural baby soap.

4. Tips for Old Stains

Stains are pretty hard to form on a leather jacket, but also pretty hard to get removed as well! Once you do have one, though, you will be looking for every type of solution to get rid of them. Old stains need good chemicals to be eliminated, so you should choose the right product from the start.

Hair spray can remove old stains. You might not have known this, but it definitely works and it will make your leather jacket look like it's new. Ballpoint pen marks can also be removed through eucalyptus oil or alcohol. A mixture of ammonia and water can also eliminate strong, visible stains.

5. Mild Clothes Detergent

Mild clothes detergent mixed with water could have the same effect as natural soap mixed with water and a bit of vinegar. Make sure that you are using distilled water, because, otherwise, if the water is dirty or it has filth inside, even if it might be hidden filth, this could affect the final paste and its composition. It might prevent the paste from staying glued together. If the paste is done well, then you will manage to clean your jacket and wear it shiny and cool. Just do your best to obtain the best paste and so it will totally pay off when you start cleaning. Some people have issues with obtaining the paste, so be careful with this in the process.

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6. Face Moisturizer

This one solution is going to be useful! Ask your girlfriend/wife/mother/sister to give you some face moisturizer and even though they might be surprised in the beginning or even poke jokes at you, they will totally understand when they see you cleaning your leather jacket!

You could add a bit of water to the face moisturizer if you want to dilute it, but do not add too much, after all, because it might not have the desired effect. The key ingredients in face moisturizer, especially glycerin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, have a cleaning effect on leather, because they are the sort of ingredients which do not come into hard contact with it, because they actually are soft and smooth on leather, while also containing the necessary chemicals for cleaning.

Homemade leather conditioner

In conclusion

Having a cool leather jacket and getting it conditioned is not an easy job. You have to know which products to use and how to use them best when you have several options around you at home. Homemade ideas are the best, because you won't have to pay fortunes and you will do the most possible with the least you have. If you want to try one of aforementioned solutions, you should just allocate the necessary time to apply them and, most of all, apply them correctly. Be it olive oil, beeswax leather conditioner, natural baby soap, face moisturizer, mild clothes detergent or some tips for old stains, the key is to just gather up the necessary ingredients for these products and then try them out. When it comes to olive oil, be careful not to use too much of it; when it comes to beeswax leather conditioner, be careful when you mix it up; regarding face moisturizer, you should be careful again with the quantity you are going to apply or how much water you add to it; in terms of mild detergent, be careful not to dilute it too much. All in all, you will have your super well conditioned leather jacket in no time and you'll love it!

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