8 Key Details To Consider When Buying A Leather Jacket

Are you looking to buy a leather jacket and are torn between choices? If you are, you need not worry no more since we are here to help you make the right choice to add into your wardrobe. You can wear a leather jacket during the chilly autumn, fall, cool summer, and winter for various occasions. What we love about leather jackets is that there is no right or wrong season to stay stylish in them.

To most people, leather jackets are considered an attire for badass individuals. However, this is far from it when it comes to fashion. You want to get a perfect leather jacket to help you rock that classic look!

So, what factors do you consider when out shopping for the best leather jacket? This article highlights some of the tips for you ranging from the size to price and style. The latter takes into account the varying preferences and tastes of each user. You should also know that different designers offer real leather while others sell faux leather jackets. Nevertheless, leather jacket lovers would easily pick one from the other. The material used will also determine the jacket’s price with the real leather jackets often priced highly.

When it comes to buying a leather jacket, you should first decide the type you want to get. You will find flight/aviator/bomber jackets, varsity jackets, and biker jackets. You should then settle on your favorite color and design. Also guiding you in the process is your decision on when you will be wearing the leather jacket and how. It is crucial that you know how to best style your classic leather jacket. The point here is; get the leather jacket that best defines your style.
There are also fake and real leather materials both of which will determine how superb your jacket will look. For instance, you could find faux leather jackets with an amazing quality. This, however, varies depending on the imitation. Some fashion enthusiasts tend to go for faux leather jackets whose style is better than the real types.

This varies with the brand and most designers are keen to indicate that their products are real. But who says that a designer leather jacket is better than those sold on the high streets?

Tips for buying the best leather jacket

• Type of Leather

Like any other fabric, you will come across jackets made from different leather types. There are tough, soft, thick, thin, and many other types of leather. Some users prefer shiny leather while others go for the dull types. Suede leather also exists and other varying textures. The type of leather you choose will determine how versatile and durable the jacket will be.

As you may know, leather tends wear out with time depending on how long it stays exposed to the sun or how you wash it. It will also crease and soften over time, reducing its longevity. How fast the leather wears out will vary based on the type. For instance, leather materials that have a fine texture are long lasting and more likely to wear out evenly.

• Jacket detail

When it comes to fashion, the style and design of what you wear matters a lot. Leather jackets are sold with minimal or too much detailing. Some leather jackets come with screaming zippers that may be too much for a classic look.

The types of stitching used on the jacket and any additional hardware should be considered. The detailing tends to flatter your style while classicizing it. Shoulder paddings also vary in bulk and you don't want a leather jacket that makes your shoulders appear massive. You are not playing rugby now, are you?

A leather jacket with too little detailing may end up being a bore to your style. On the other hand, one with too much detailing is not fashionable and may be outdated fast. You should therefore go for a leather jacket that borders either extremes.

• Lining

You want to get a leather jacket with a lining since it is one of the first things to consider in a jacket. You should know that some designers might use bright or clashing lining colors that create a clumsy design. Although some people may love this, fashion lovers prefer the dull or matching colors for the lining so that the leather jacket can be stylish.

Leather also tends to stretch and contract with time, especially depending on the weather. When it is hot, you want a leather jacket with a lining for comfortable wearing. You don't want the leather sticking to your sweaty body making it even hard to move. The best leather jacket is one that comes with a nondescript lining.

• Number of pockets

Although this should have fallen on the detailing section, we thought to discuss it separately. This is because some people prefer leather jackets with numerous pockets. The look is refining and elegant on bikers.

For others, getting a leather jacket with just two pockets on either sides is ideal. This gives them that voguish look desired by everyone.
The idea here is that while shopping, you will definitely get a leather jacket with your preferred number of pockets.

• Price

I feel like this should've been the first thing to consider. Obviously, you can't embark on a shopping spree for a leather jacket without defining your budget. Different brands are sold at varying prices based on their quality. In the fashion industry, expensive does not always translate to superiority. You will find a cheaper leather jacket whose style and quality is higher than another high-end type.

Be it as it may, you should know that a leather jacket is a long-term investment. This dictates that you carry out a thorough research to know what brands are best depending on the customer reviews. Then you can set your price limit. You don't want to get a leather jacket at a cheap price and end up wearing it a few times and it is all worn out. You also don't want to invest heavily on a leather jacket whose quality and durability are questionable.

• Shape

The best leather jacket is designed to conform to the shape of the user. It should have a subtle shift based on your shape, especially when it comes to your collar and torso.
The shoulders of the leather jacket should also fit perfectly around the shoulders. This is an exception for people looking for an oversized jacket. However, this means your chances of finding the perfect leather jacket are low. You should take caution that the leather jacket is not too wide or too narrow around the shoulders to limit the movement of your arms.

• How to wear it

When shopping for a leather jacket that will give you a chic look, you should ask yourself, "how do I intend to wear it?" Like other clothes, you should know your taste and how you intend to style yourself while dressing. If it is cold, you are probably planning to wear a jumper, sweater, or other heavy attire under your leather jacket. This will force you to get a jacket that is exactly your size for a perfect fit.

When the weather is cool or warm, you are most likely planning on wearing just a T-shirt or other light clothing under the leather jacket. This requires you to look for the jacket that is a size smaller.

• Bust or chest

When buying a leather jacket, you should always consider the size of your chest or bust. For the women with a bigger bust size, we advise that you choose the leather jackets that come with asymmetrical zippers or seams. This is because for such types, you can pull the zip halfway or wear it open. This way, the jacket will not be too small but fitting to your bust size. You will look stylish while remaining comfortable throughout the wearing period.


Did you enjoy our tutorial as we helped you learn how to buy the best leather jacket? It is our hope that you can now identify that classic leather jacket with respect to your taste and style. All the same, you should go for a leather jacket made from a quality material and fits perfectly. Your size should be the driving factor as it guides in picking the leather jacket that is neither too wide nor to narrow around the shoulders. The detailing when it comes to pockets, zippers, seams, collars, and others based on the design should be taken into account. Defining your preference and establishing what you are looking for before venturing into the market will help you settle on the best leather jacket.

What are your thoughts about this tutorial? Feel free to share all your questions and comments with us. If you liked the article, feel free to share it with your friends.