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March 03, 2019 10 min read

It certainly takes a certain kind of clothing piece to translate everywhere, to different people, all around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are in Los Angeles, Laos, or Lithuania - you will find plenty of individuals proudly sporting the leather jacket. One of the great aspects of the leather jacket is that it spans across many different demographics - whether you are a rebellious biker sporting his favorite jacket to the local bar, or a tech executive heading into a speaking engagement. The point is that the leather jacket has been the ultimate “cool” symbol for a long time, and it has taken on many different meanings and transformations.

The hooded leather jacket is the new iteration of the leather jacket, and it’s a testament to the fact that streetwear is melding with high-fashion these days more than ever. The amazing thing about the hooded leather jacket is the fact that it combines the hoodie with the leather jacket, which are two of the most celebrated clothing items in fashion right now. Here, we offer some great tips on how to style the hooded leather jacket, and how to maximize its potential.

The Fit Is First

There are many people these days that are so focused on the brand name, season, or color, that they forget about the fit. Your jacket should almost be a second skin, which is why the fit of a jacket is extremely important. While many young professionals used to only wear blazers and suits decades ago, we now know that executives everywhere, including Silicon Valley, are dressing more casual than ever. For example, sneakers are now a huge status symbol in Silicon Valley, which is home to some of the richest and most influential individuals in the world. The point is that more professionals are focused on conveying an air of individual nonchalance rather than conforming to an idea of “formal”.

This certainly bodes well for the hooded leather jacket - but that doesn’t mean that the size should be off (of course). It doesn’t matter how exclusive your hooded leather jacket is, if it is too small or large. Take it from me - wearing the wrong size jacket can be infinitely embarrassing. One important aspect of the hooded leather jacket? You should make sure that the fit is such that you can potentially wear some layers under it, which will help when it comes to the winter. The clothing item is understandably perfect for adverse weather, and that is something that should be accounted for. While it certainly isn’t as protective as a parka, you should be able to have some layers on and still have your jacket fit snugly.

Find the right fit of your leather jacket

A Part Of A Casual Cocktail

One of the great things about the hooded leather jacket is that it goes so well with a casual look, for a day out and about. For those who are wondering how exactly how to do this, there are some simple style choices that can really bring a casual look to life. This is a great way to make sure that your look is versatile no matter what your day brings, whether you are throwing something on for a happy hour, meeting up with someone for a coffee date, or feel like going for a long walk in the park.

There aren’t too many looks that are more “in” than ripped jeans. One of the great things about ripped jeans is that while there are definitely brands that sell expensive ripped jeans, there are definitely plenty of affordable options out there as well. This doesn’t mean that celebrities don’t opt for ripped jeans, as well, even if you and I can’t pull it off as well. For example, Kaia Gerber was just spotted in ripped jeans at Paris Fashion Week, showing that the look isn’t simply for hipsters or the non-famous. Although she happened to round out her look with a burgundy jacket, there certainly wasn’t anything stopping her from sporting a leather hooded jacket. Of course, one thing to consider with ripped jeans is that if you are wearing the jacket hoping to avoid the cold, ripped jeans might expose your legs and knees to the wind/cold. Other than that, it’s certainly a great way to go casual. For those who don’t believe that ripped jeans are an international trend, consider that Bollywood star Salman Khan was also recently spotted in them, as well. For those who want to keep things simple, and if it’s a morning where you don’t want to think too much? Here’s a pro-tip - just throw on a T-shirt you love with the jeans, and rock your hooded leather jacket over it. You might not attract paparazzi, but it’ll do the job.

Perfect For Winter Jog Wear

While a leather jacket certainly isn’t considered an athleisure staple - it certainly can work. However, this isn’t something that should constantly be worn. Regardless, it makes sense during a certain gloomy day - if you simultaneously need to go out, run some errands and head to the gym, that you want to be prepared for everything. What’s wrong with the right sweatpants and sneakers to compliment the fit? For those who want to take a run out during winter time, jogger bottoms can also work as well.

One of the great things about a hooded leather jacket is that you can still exercise in it. While you might not find gym regulars wearing them, the truth is that it’s much more comfortable to run in them than using trench coats or parkas. For those who are dedicated to taking a run in the winter, or simply want to make sure that they can move around comfortably while still being protected from the elements - a hooded leather jacket can be the way to go. For those who want to still rock the look during snowy weather, a pro tip is simply to wear a matching beanie to make sure that you are still stylish while you brave the low temperatures! If you feel like dressing up a little bit, consider a cashmere sweater under the jacket, as well.

Leather jacket versatile look

The Cooler Accessories

There are those that have adopted a minimalist attitude towards fashion, and believe that it’s the way to go - and of course, there is nothing wrong with that. It isn’t that surprising that these ideas are permeating throughout the fashion world, whether it involves a new understanding of environmentalism or deciding that “less is more” - but the truth is that there are individuals that truly believe that clothing is a way to express themselves, and that as many accessories should be used as possible.

For those who love accessories, there are definitely some interesting ways to enhance your outfit when it comes to a hooded leather jacket. We all know that leather jacket and “cool” have been synonymous for decades. For those who are going for a chic biker look - some designer gloves might be a smart choice. Of course, if you are trying to avoid the snow/rain, the bucket hat is also making a resurgence, and might be a smart addition to your look as well. If you are trying to be “extra cool” - sunglasses are great, especially for the summer (although, of course, you would want to make sure that the day isn’t too hot for a jacket in general).

Leather jackets have always been cool, and there will always be a place for them in fashion. There’s nothing wrong with embracing that, and putting some life into the accessories to make sure that your look is well-rounded. Of course, “cool” is completely subjective: for some it’s sunglasses, for others it’s the jacket.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Business and Badass

Yes, it is possible to pull off a hooded leather jacket and still maintain respect at your business, but there is an important aspect to note. Everyone should be taking into consideration their own corporate culture and the individuals involved. We all understand that there is a huge difference between working at a modern digital marketing agency, with a bunch of younger and more open-minded people, versus an old-school hedge fund atmosphere. While there are some that might want to “stand out”, the truth is that there is a huge difference between donning an outfit for the specific purpose of turning heads and making sure that you are noticed, or simply wanting to express yourself in a meaningful way. If your company has a strict dress code that involves blazers - there’s no reason to sport a hooded leather jacket, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t make for a great casual Friday. There are other workplaces where a hooded leather jacket might be the exact type of outfit to wear, whether you’re an executive, intern, or an assistant. The idea is that context is extremely important when it comes to business wear.

For those wondering how to pull off a business look with a great hooded leather jacket - here’s a pro tip: it’s all in the trousers! We all know that it doesn’t matter how expensive or formal your leather jacket is, if you show up to work in sweatpants or cargo shorts - you don’t look like you are ready to get some work done. However, we also know that if you show up in some clean black trousers and the right pair of shoes, not only do you look like you can be productive - you also don’t even need to change to head to the happy hour afterwards. This is a great way to remain comfortable during a day at work, while still showing that you respect the professional standards of the workplace. Another obvious idea is the right formal sweater - although, if you are like me, getting too hot might be an issue. After all, no one wants to be sweating at the workplace. One pro-tip? Choose the same color leather shoes as your jacket, to be extra smooth, and keep things cohesive.

Jacket design and a hood

Design Elements

Thanks to the modern world, our attention spans are shorter than ever. This is something that even advertisers are now taking into consideration, and it affects every aspect of our lives, whether it’s our personal relationships or our professional productivity. In fact, a recent study concluded that the attention span of millennials are only 5-6 seconds when it comes to advertisements. This is certainly alarming, especially when one considers that millennials are now officially the most important segment of the population with regards to the U.S. workforce.

You might be wondering - well, what does this have to do with fashion? The truth is that in a world where we all seek to be instantly gratified, and can purchase clothing immediately - we often don’t ask the right questions. We might purchase clothing because it is in season, because a certain influencer recommended it, or because we love the way it looks - without even considering other aspects. Did I really think about the right size? If I always am out and about, and need my jacket to hold many different personal items - does it have enough pockets? Is the lining the material that I like? Did I even check to see whether the jacket was real leather, or the kind of leather that I appreciate?

While it might not be possible for every purchase, try to make sure that you are a fan of the way that the jacket is designed, so that you don’t have any buyer’s remorse. This might involve making sure that the armholes are the right size - for those who have larger/smaller biceps, for example. You might have ordered a hooded leather jacket that you thought could be used for more formal settings only to find out that you didn’t notice a couple of extra zippers, which makes it tougher to pull off a “professional” look. The idea here is to make sure that you are ordering the right hooded leather jacket before pressing that “buy” button.

Leather jacket for any occasion

Additional Ideas

Ok, so let’s go through some ideas of how you can style an outfit with a hooded leather jacket that will impress the ladies, your boss, and everyone else - or simply that will make you feel better about yourself.

  • Bar Night With The Boys

Let’s say that you have made some plans with the guys, but not steakhouse-and-nightclub plans, but more a “happy hour then maybe a burger” type plans. A great way to incorporate your hooded leather jacket is to thrown on a beanie with a regular pair of jeans (non-ripped), and top it off with some quality chukka boots. Whether you end up taking too many shots, or running into a girl that you might have an interesting conversation with - you aren’t too overdressed or underdressed. Here’s a pro-tip: go for a brown hooded leather jacket. This way, if you spill a little whiskey, it won’t be as catastrophic as it could be.

  • Wine Bar With Wifey

If you are trying to put something on that won’t get you scolded by the girlfriend, here’s a much more formal option. First, maybe it’s time to switch things up from the regular hooded leather jacket and instead opt for a hooded leather jacket that’s a little higher quality. Maybe consider a custom leather jacket for a special night out? Black is a classic color that can never do wrong when it comes to formality, as well.

  • Switch It Up

We know that leather jackets are everywhere in the winter - so what can you do tostand out? It’s as simple as the right color/style combinations. There’s nothing wrongwith sporting an edgier hoodie leather jacket with text on it to a music show, but savingthe formal beige hooded leather jacket for the art gallery. Colors will definitely help tomake sure your onlookers - and you - don’t get bored.


If there is one thing that you’ve learned about the hooded leather jacket - it’s that it certainly is versatile, and with the right tweaks, can be worn pretty much anywhere. That’s why we all love a great leather jacket, and why it’s become the American cultural staple that it is. Of course, one important thing to remember is that you certainly will get what you pay for - so consider your budget. Your accessories will certainly help to set the tone, and “explain” your outfit more - so choose wisely. Lastly, colors are essential! Whether you’re hoping that a romantic winner date will rekindle things in your relationship, or just want something to jog in without freezing - we hope that these tips have helped!

Wear your jacket anywhere

As someone who has been obsessed with the leather jacket ever since high school - I’ve always kept one in my closet. I’ve kept jackets even when I switched up apartments, furniture, and even girlfriends. It took me a while to realize how effective the leather jacket can be, and I hope that this article has helped remind you of its significance, or opened your eyes to it. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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