Where To Get A Plus Size Leather Jacket

If you're in need of a plus size leather jacket, then you've got more than a few options in seriously high-quality garments to choose from. It can be a highly involved process, but once you've found your perfect fit, it will feel like a fated encounter.

Though there are many places where plus sized leather jackets can be found in a great quality, a large quantity of vendors unfortunately can't say the same. The trick to finding quality plus size leather jackets is to qualify businesses based on how well they know plus size body types' needs.

The following are all some of the best measures that you'll want to take in order to guarantee that you have the best chance of finding a jacket that does your needs justice.

Deciding on your leather jacket's style

Though the plus size leather jacket market of the distant past may not have offered the most diverse options in different styles beyond faux leather, the modern market is far more rich in variety than before. Since the heightened interest in plus sized clothing designs that emerged in the international fashion industry near the beginning of the new millennium, many immaculately styled plus sized leather jackets have been brought to life.


When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your leather jacket, consider just what kind of image you want to cut with the jacket's contour. The style factor of a leather jacket isn't just determined by the way it's front is designed, but the overall silhouette created by its trim. Naturally, you are going to be much more capable of cutting a striking figure in your leather jacket if you avoid investing in one that just looks like a glossy box on your shoulders.

The bold lapel-flaring biker jacket is a timeless champion of the people that hasn't lost a single bit of its rebellious luster in the current year. The contour created by the jacket is capable of being both smooth and edgy at the same time, complementing a personality that is both fiery and fashion-forward. If you want to bare your buttons and zippers to the world with pride, then a biker jacket can be your best buddy.

If you're a bigger fans of subdued look, you would be better off with the smoother racer jacket style than the bold biker jacket style. A racer jacket can still preserve the big lapel appeal that characterizes the biker jacket, only without quite as much glittering metal on the surface.

Considering plus size body type needs

Wherever it is that you decide to look for a plus size leather jacket's style, you're going to want to make sure that the interpretation of "plus size" that the vendor has in the first place is truly considerate of its meaning.

Though there are many who would assume that plus size clothing is synonymous with large clothing, this is a common misconception. Plus size clothing can't be as easily kept on uniform scale of proportions like the regular sized variations can; because of this, the manner in which they're designed is generally done in a more distinctly form-fitting way.

When shopping for your jacket, make a point to look into how much care has been taken to distinguish garments that are created with consideration to the definition of plus size. A good sign that a store has properly taken account of the difference between large clothing and plus size clothing is if the two have been given separately designated store departments or catalogs.

Any online catalogs or brick and mortar stores that have plus size clothing and larger size clothing in the same area for browsing likely won't provide an easy time finding a good fit. As far as stores that do fit the bill, Kohl's, H&M and JCPenny are all smart places to begin looking for plus size jackets that you can try before you buy with confidence.

Look for businesses with body type-based buying options

Before you go on your search for plus size clothing, you're going to want to consider your precise body shape. Though many people may misinterpret plus size to simply be a description of someone who is on the healthier side, there are very different variations in the proportions of plus size women that need to be taken account of in order to determine what leather jacket will fit the most flatteringly.

Though the differences in body contour when interpreted through metric measurements are infinitely variable, plus size body types can generally be categorized into five general groups:

  • Petite
  • Rectangular
  • Pear-shaped
  • Apple-shaped
  • Hourglass

The petite designation applies to women who are on the lower end of the 5' ladder (generally between 5'0" and 5'3"), the rectangular designation is for a body shape that is mostly free of curves, the pear-shaped designation is for more bottom-heavy bodies with a narrower neck and shoulder with, the apple-shaped designation is more uniformly round body types with a broader neck and shoulder area, and the hourglass shape describes bodies with relatively proportional curves.

Depending on your unique body type, certain cuts of plus size jackets are going to be more flattering than others.

Petite body types are best off with understated jacket cuts that doesn't overtake the figure, rectangular body types fare well with jackets that simulate curves with slightly convex frames, apple shaped body types do well with looser fits, pear-shaped body types are popularly complemented by jackets that emphasize their top half with pronounced shoulders, and the hourglass body types goes well with waistline-flattering jacket cuts.

While the above guidelines are fairly well-tested trends, don't feel the need to fixate too much on obeying concrete rules for your jacket cut. Ultimately, you'll be able to determine your ideal fit through the feeling. A leather jacket is a garment that isn't just meant to cut a striking image, but also feel completely natural and empowering on you. The more relaxed and at-home you feel in your leather jacket, the more organically you'll be able to exemplify its contour.


If you want to have the best chance at acquiring a plus size leather jacket that is exactly what you need in terms of style and fit, then you're going to want to look for the vendors that have a clearly demonstrable understanding of how important the differences between uniquely proportioned plus size body types are.

Ideally, you should be able to try the leather jacket on before you make a purchase. There is no better way assess the compatibility of your body and a leather jacket than getting a direct feel for it. If you're searching online, simply make sure to closely examine how thoroughly the vendor has considered the distinction between plus sized and large size.