How to Wear A Colored Leather Jacket

Throughout the years, leather jackets have become a staple in many people’s closets. They can be worn in all sorts of occasions and can be styled depending on a wearer’s personal taste. A person who wears a leather jacket understands one thing: this piece of clothing is a powerful statement.

A leather jacket is much cooler than your everyday pea coat and gives a refreshing twist to your winter look. Whether you’re wearing something real or faux, leather jackets can transform your outfit, even when the weather is not that cold.

While black leather jackets have long been a thing, we should pay attention to colored leather jackets too. You have several choices to start with -- there’s red, blue, yellow, burgundy, green, brown, mint, camel and multicolored leather jackets. So how do you wear them? Read on to find out some style inspirations below.

Red Leather Jacket

If you want to really make a statement with your outwear, go for a leather jacket with an extremely bold color. Stay away from the typical blacks and browns, and go for a stunning red.

Pair your red leather jacket with black jeans and a cool band shirt. Think Michael Jackson’s Thriller era… get it? It’s an edgy look that can be easily pulled off with a spunky personality. Go ahead and make MJ proud.

White Leather Jacket

A white leather jacket just spells ultra chic. Go for a subdued look and pair your jacket with black trousers, cream-colored blouse, and some fine jewelry. Think modern and elegant, something you would wear to Paris. It’s a simple look that can be achieved if you wear the appropriate accessories.


Blue Leather Jacket

An electric blue leather jacket should make quite a striking fashion statement. Though popularly worn by women, a leather blue jacket when worn by a man simply means he knows his fashion. Blues are best paired with black and white, but if you want to go bolder, you can also go for yellow, orange, and red.

Brown/Tan Leather Jacket

A brown leather jacket is also as popular as the black leather jacket. However, when worn as an outwear for a rather simple outfit, it can transform what you’re wearing into something more interesting. It means you don’t exactly want to forgo having to go traditional, but at the same time, you’re open for more bold pieces that stand out.

Take the bomber leather jacket from Independence Brothers. It’s made of full-grain leather and an all metal hardware. It definitely screams class, but at the same time, it can be worn when you’re trying to achieve the classic biker look.

Pro Tips in Choosing the Right Leather Jacket

Colored leather jackets are a hit or a miss. It’s either you nail it or you’d look like a walking disaster. If you want to be safe, you can always go for the classic leather jacket, but it won’t hurt to experiment and give your wardrobe a haul once in a while.

In choosing a leather jacket, here’s what you should remember.

Quality of Leather

A huge factor that contributes to the price of colored leather jackets is the quality of the leather. Here’s a secret: cheaper jackets will look super corrected. Technically, animals that are raised for their hide will have a lot of branding, scarring, or knicks. These skins are sanded down and the tendency of most manufacturers is to press faux leather grains into it. They treat it and spray it with dyes of the many sort in order for the jackets to appear more uniform.

Due to the many processes it undergoes, corrected leathers will have a super smooth, almost like a plastic feel. Uncorrected skins, on the other hand, are uneven, oily, and softer.

Top Stitching

When choosing a leather jacket, always observe how it’s stitched. In garments, this process is called topstitching, which is a decorative way of stitching clothing materials. It gives the piece of clothing more element and makes it look a lot better.

Leather jackets that are quality made will have thick threads. A specific type of thread they commonly use is by Guttermann, a German company. If you spot thin looking threads on your colored leather jacket, you should think twice about buying it.


Cheap leather jackets often have synthetic and lower grade linings that easily tear or shred. They also don’t breathe very well and feel dry. That said, expect that leather jacket to be damaged even with minimal use.

Pricier jackets, on the other hand, use different linings for the body and for the sleeve. Body linings are thicker, so they feel warmer and are made of better synthetic material. On the sleeves, look for silk or any material close to it. They should be breathable and feel luxurious when you are wearing it.


If you check all the pieces of clothing you have that have zippers on it, you’ll notice that some of them are branded YKK, the most common of all zippers. These are good zippers, but there are better ones that add to the cost of the leather jacket: RiRi zippers. These zippers are stronger and feel very smooth when you zip it up.


As mentioned, black leather jackets are a much safer choice. Black goes with any color and can be used in any occasions. But since we are talking about colored leather jackets, you must be extra careful of your choice.

If you have a lot of clothing pieces, then you have the liberty to choose whatever color you like. But if you’re aiming for a certain look, at least see to it that the color of your leather jacket matches with your outfit and the occasion. For styling ideas, refer to the colored jackets section above.

In buying your first colored leather jacket, avoid the mistake of trying and skimping, which means settling for something that’s made of cheap, shiny leather; or a leather jacket made entirely with synthetic fabrics.

By nature, a leather jacket is one expensive piece of garment, so if you can’t avoid designer labels just yet, visit as many vintage shops as you can. A vintage shop isn’t exactly the first place you want to hunt for leather goods, but when it comes to jackets, you’ll be amazed by the amount of high-grade leather shoved in the shelves.

It pays to have good leather, so never settle for less. Only buy a leather jacket made by quality makers.

How to Determine the Right Leather Jacket Color

Black and brown leather jackets are the most common choices, but because of modern fashion, we now have leather jackets that come in contemporary color, such as white, green, tan, red, grey, blue, and a whole lot more.

These colors experiment with different aspects of masculinity and how much a guy is willing to risk a certain look. That said, if you’re the type who’s more attracted to bolder colors and you have the courage to pull it off, go ahead. Take note, however, that it can be very challenging to accomplish the look.

Here’s a pro tip: black and brown are your best bet when it comes to versatility. This tip goes out to people who are shopping for their very first leather jacket. It’s better to avoid colored leather, at least for now. Black and brown leather can’t go wrong even if you wear it every day, but imagine wearing a blue jacket for the third time in a week. Everyone will notice it and not really in the best way.

When determining the color of the leather jacket, here’s what you should remember.

  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the color. How daring are you to pull off a red leather jacket? Do you want to be seen in public donning a blue leather jacket? Ask yourself these questions and your answer will determine if you’re comfortable with color.

  • Ensure your jacket fits you like a glove. Imagine spending a hundred dollars, give or take, for a leather jacket that doesn’t fit you well. And it’s a colored jacket too. Make sure you get your measurements right before making the purchase.

  • Set a budget range. Your jacket is no ordinary jacket, it’s made of leather and comes in a non-traditional color. Are you willing to spend your money on that piece of clothing? You’re trying to make a fashion statement. Make sure you get it right.

A colored leather jacket that’s carefully chosen will enhance your many looks and maintain masculinity and ruggedness. Gone are the days when guys have to stick to darker hues. Today, color matters, not just for women, but men as well.

Don't be afraid to experiment and add some color to your wardrobe. Nothing beats a man who knows his fashion and has the guts to pull it off.

A colored leather jacket guarantees you many years of use, with some lasting more than a decade, so make sure that you pick out the right one, in a color that suits you best.