How To Know Which Leather Jacket Color Is For You


Buying a quality leather jacket is no small task. Many options exist, and sorting out the genuine from the fake takes time. The few options you are left with after this won’t be cheap either. For the strong style statement it brings, and the extended period it will occupy in your wardrobe, I dare say, it is a worthy investment. For a man ready to make this investment, a question persists, which leather jacket color is for you?

Color speaks a lot about your personality. Therefore, the answer to knowing which leather jacket is for you is to be found with what character you portray. With leather jackets, however, you rarely get it wrong when you stick to the classics and keep it simple. Thus, here are a few classic leather jacket colors you should consider

Black Leather Jacket

Long are the days when black was only worn at funerals. Today, black apparel portrays extremes. Punk and Goth personas remember? It is the power of elegance, sophistication and authority.

A black leather jacket can be used to make various statements. For instance, if you want to bring out your “badass” self to the masses, this is the jacket for you. It will speak tons about you, of your power and intelligence yet at the same time conceal and promise mystery. 

Consequently, I do agree with the popular opinion that it can be a lady’s kryptonite. If yours a persona similar to a spirited rock star, or that of an individual who travels on his own path and is the authority, you will wear the jacket well.

If you prefer a more formal look too, the black jacket will do. The color possesses a more modern appearance and commands authority more than any other leather colors. For this reason, it should be your preferred jacket for formal events. Just make sure it is the right cut and fit without the extreme modifications rock stars at times put on their jackets.


Brown Leather Jacket

Brown is associated with an adventurous spirit. When you wear it, you exude stability and smartness as it portrays you as being grounded and solid. It is best worn when you need to work hard or be better organized. When purchasing a brown jacket, you will have two options to choose from; light and dark brown

  • Light Brown Jackets – They are often to be found worn by people in the field, on the plains or by archaeologists about to go rogue. A huge plus with light brown coats is the varying colors it will acquire with continued exposure to the sun and rain. If you frequently wear cowboy boots, a light brown leather jacket is perfect for you.
  • Deep Brown – A dark brown jacket works just as well as a black one to intensify your look. Brown does, however, have an advantage over black as it’s a bit more suburban. It is also likely to match with more of your shoes and belts effortlessly as well as bolder pastel colored shirts.

Regardless of light or deep brown, both would be excellent choices for the outdoors. Brown jackets are more casual compared to the black jacket; thus, a brown jacket would be a perfect everyday outfit.


Contemporary Leather Jacket Colors

Although black and brown are the main choices, modern fashion has brought with it colored leather. The result has been more leather colors to don such as grey, red, tan, dark green and even white.

These colors experiment with different aspects of masculinity and how much an individual is willing to push his. All the same, if you feel drawn to a more wild color, and you have the guts to pull it off, feel free to try. You should note though, that very few men accomplish the look.

For versatility, black and brown remain the top choice. If you are shopping for your first, genuine, leather jacket, avoid colored leather, like gray, red or army green; at least for now. Black and brown will be more acceptable even if worn almost every day. Picture wearing red leather daily for a week, people would notice, and not in the good way that elicits compliments.

A leather jacket is not just another piece of clothing in your wardrobe. More than any other apparel you wear, your choice of jacket will matter as you will be making a statement. While figuring out the jacket for you;

  • Figure your budget range – You will be making a fashion statement, you do not want to make a wrong one.
  • Ensure it fits right – There are few things as depressing as spending hugely on a jacket only for it not to fit. For this reason, take time to try on the jacket or get the right measurements if buying online it.
  • Sweat over the details – Ensure you are comfortable with the finishing touches and how they are customized. Zippers and buttons might seem a minor detail now, replacing them would be costly.

A well-chosen jacket will upgrade many daily looks and maintain ruggedness and masculinity. It is also guaranteed to offer you decades of service so take your time while shopping for the right one. So the next time you go for shopping, ensure that the color you go for reflects your personality.

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