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March 07, 2019 8 min read

There is nothing more iconic that comes packaged with as much heritage, attitude, or unfiltered masculinity as a classic leather jacket. Today, I will tell you how to buy the best leather jacket for you. A leather jacket is a significant investment and will last you several years.

A great leather jacket is an easy to wear and versatile piece, regardless of the season. So, whether you splurged a month's wages for the best leather jacket, or went a bit cheaper, you could always style a leather jacket to suit the occasion.

Whether you want a formal look, or would like to dress it down for a more casual approach, a leather jacket is a timeless piece of menswear that you can always rely on. In other words, no well-edited wardrobe is truly complete without a leather jacket.

However, if you thought about purchasing a quality leather jacket, you know that it is not a simple proposition. This is because there are several options out there, and many of them are questionable.

It is worth mentioning that sorting the wheat from the chaff can take some time, and often the remaining good options will not be cheap. So, is it really worth the bother?

For men who want a strong and impressive style statement that will stay in their wardrobe for decades and are willing to make a serious investment, the answer is a resounding yes.

Types of Leather Jackets

The style of the best leather jacket is something that is personal. All of us are different, and we prefer different things. This is why we are likely to seek different qualities in our selection. Whether you are crazy about the biker style, or are after something a bit preppy, such as a varsity jacket, rest assured there is something out there for all.


Bomber Jacket

The original and trendy bomber jackets were specifically for the crew of the airplanes they get their name from. Though quite consistent in its simple and elegant shape, a cropped body with fitted waist and cuffs and a central zip, you can easily render the jacket in anything, from supple leather to shiny nylon.

Today’s bombers are available in leather, sheepskin, or fabric and are usually waist-length with a ribbed hem and cuffs.


Leather Moto Jacket

Short for “motorcycle”, leather moto jackets offer a minimalist and modest take on the iconic protective motorcycle jacket. Designed for speed, these leather jackets often include clean lines and spare details. A moto jacket generally has two zip pockets, a front zip, and a small snap usually over a band collar.

Note that these jackets lack the elasticized openings and warm lining of a bomber, and the snaps and flaps of a double rider.

Types of leather jackets
Leather Field Jacket

A handsome leather field or barn jacket may suit you if your style is more rugged, laid-back, or rooted in Americana. Usually buttoned using a hidden placket, this jacket looks particularly great in rich brown leather. In addition, because it falls below your waist, it will not only keep you warmer, but will also better shield you against the elements.

A classic field jacket is usually hip-length, and typically loose fitting. It also has either a zip or button front with clean and elegant lines. Note that the field or barn jacket has U.S. military origins along with a similar shape, but it has four front flap pockets, an adjustable waist drawstring and a front storm placket.

Flight Jacket

It is a casual leather jacket initially made for pilots (as the name suggests) and eventually became an important part of popular culture and apparel. Bulky and featuring a shearling lining for comfort and warmth, today flight jackets are a statement piece for airmen and trendy civilians alike.

To stay cool and comfy, make sure you do not go overboard with the layering. Instead, it is better to keep it contemporary and simple with plain trousers and a T-shirt or a light gauge knit.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Leather Jacket

Considering purchasing a quality leather jacket? The investment definitely needs some serious thought. Here are my key tips on what you should look for when getting this classic item.

Quality of Leather

The type and quality of leather is important as it varies dramatically. Remember that some are quite thin, thick, hard, shiny, super soft, suede or have a distinct texture.

Full grain, for example, refers to leather made from the hide of the animal, which includes the outer skin layer. It’s not altered and easily retains the animal’s natural skin pattern. In addition, it also shows various natural irregularities, such as scars, scuffs, and blemishes. This is precisely what gives full grain leather jackets so much appeal.

These details tend to play a part in the way it will sit, wear and eventually its versatility. Cheaper leather jackets usually comprise of cheaper skins and corrected leather treated chemically in order to look better.

As you can imagine, these treatments will affect how the skins breathe, feel and last. Over time, they are likely to crack and split. So, you need to be careful.


Deciding on whether you should get a cropped jacket or one that ends or hangs on your hips can be tricky. I can argue with experience that you need one of both.

That said, if you want to choose just one, it mainly depends on the shape of your body and what you would like to mainly style it with. For example, if you want to wear a leather jacket with jeans, I think the longer length will work best.


As a rule of thumb, more details mean the jacket is more complicated to make, which leads to higher cost. High-end leather jackets will have more interesting and intricate details such as seams, pockets, cuts, and zipper details. Features like zippers and stitching can make or break your leather jacket choice. Just make sure the product is classic and flattering.

Shoulder Alignment

Your shoulders must line up perfectly to create structure. Make sure the shoulders do not sit too wide. On the other hand, if your shoulders sit too narrow, you need to up a size as it is likely you will not be able to move your arms.

Jacket fit is everything

Cheaper jackets tend to use low-grade synthetics. As a result, they breathe poorly, and they are often the first thing that falls apart over time. In contrast, the best leather jackets often have separate lining materials in both the sleeves as well as body. Also, you will usually see a top quality insulating material in their body in particular.

The lining must also be nondescript and not clash or compete with the jacket itself.

Jacket’s Silhouette

Only because a leather jacket fits you it does not mean it will make you look good. So, make sure the overall shape of your leather jacket slims your waist, broadens your shoulders, makes the arms look proportional, and enhances your natural look.

Collar/ Lapel

It is worth mentioning that brands will frequently change up details on their leather jackets to differentiate their designs. However, nothing can beat a classic lapel. We would recommend you to avoid anything that is too trendy, such as a drape, fur or shearling (unless it is removable).


Although not all leather jackets feature topstitching, you are likely to find them in most well-designed jackets. At times, they are mainly decorative, but they do add the much-needed punch to your jacket’s design.

Finely crafted jackets would be topstitched with bold and heavy duty threads that tend to stand out, whereas budget jackets often use thin thread and some avoid topstitching completely.

Note that some back detailing may have folds that make it seem more biker-styled whereas others could taper in to create a more polished shape. Although neither is right or wrong, you should always have a good idea before buying to check out the back, making sure it is in line with what you really want.

How much should a jacket cost

How Much You Should Spend

Finding an ideal leather jacket price is not like baking. Note that it is not an exact science and there’s no set formula. The price will depend on your budget and preferences. However, you can easily determine a number that works for you once you consider the several factors (discussed above) that go into buying the best leather jacket, from the style to the detailing.

To hit the sweet spot in terms of quality and price, you should look for a leather jacket in the range of $800 to $1,500, if you are purchasing from a conventional retailer. This may seem a lot, but if your leather jacket lasts you about 20 years, it comes down to around $50 annually.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

How to Care For Your Leather Jacket?

  • Keep the jacket dry. Avoid wearing it in the rainy season. In case, your jacket comes in contact with water, make sure to dry it properly before putting it away
  • Keep it away from heat. Heat can cause leather to become fragile
  • Use leather conditioners over time to prolong your jacket’s life.
  • Polish your jacket on a regular basis. This can help give it a better and sleek look
  • Remove minor wrinkles from your jacket by having it dry cleaned.
  • Keep your leather jacket away from areas affected with pesticides
  • Make sure your leather jacket has breathing space. Do not store it in tight plastic bags.
  • Hang the jacket correctly and avoid keeping it in a folded position as it can lead to wrinkles and cracks

Our Top Four Picks

Custom made leather jackets


1.Independence Brothers Custom Leather Jacket

Independence Brothers is a top brand that specializes in custom-made leather jackets for both men and women. The company guarantees a bespoke, high-quality and luxurious product that will last you a lifetime. I ordered a leather jacket based on a gorgeous grey biker jacket designed I found on Google.

In terms of product quality, this leather jacket comprises of topnotch sheepskin leather. I love this material as the jacket feels luxurious, ultra soft, and perhaps best of all, quite lightweight.

2.Alpha Industries G-1 Leather Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries has long been manufacturing military jackets for the United States military since the 1960s. This alpha model uses the best goatskin leather available, and real mouton fur. This jacket has underarm gussets, a bi-swing back and knit cuffs and waistband. The jacket allows for free range of movement.

Initially, the US Navy introduced the G-1 leather jacket during World War II and issued to the troops in the late 1970s. The jacket is available in both brown and black.


  • Genuine mouton collar
  • Goatskin leather shell
  • Knit rib waist and cuffs
  • Bi-swing back
3.Frye Strabler Leather Moto Jacket

Frye Strabler is another quality brand that produces high-quality, unique leather boots; hence, it is not surprising that the company makes incredible leather jackets for men who appreciate a rugged and classic style. This Stabler Leather Jacket is built to last and is iconic in its own way. The unique medium-hand vintage finish helps give it a nice and weathered look, and that will make it easier to wear soon after you purchase it. I highly doubt you would want to take the jacket off.


  • High quality leather
  • Good choice for motorcycling, driving, biking, racing and other outdoor activities
  • Long sleeves for warmth
4.Belstaff Weybridge Leather Jacket

Belstaff has a knack for producing striking and amazing heirloom-worthy pieces that is really second to none. Weybridge Jacket boasts the brand’s immense attention to detail. The leather jacket has the durability you need in all of the right places. It is available in a variety of colors, but the brand’s rich black-and-brown shade will look great on you. The quilted shoulder and sleeve detailing and slim fit make it moto-ready.


  • Covered zipper
  • Sturdy front zip chest pockets
  • Comfortable material
The best leather jacket guide


I hope you like the article. Please feel free to leave your comments. Buying a leather jacket is a hefty investment and you should take it seriously. Hope the information I shared will help you make an informed decision. When investing in a top-notch leather jacket, it is important that you be able to completely trust the source.

Independence Brothers has made a name for itself by offering the best leather products for more than 3 years, and aims to provide its customers with an extensive range of well-crafted, stylish, and durable leather jackets at various price points.

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