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June 25, 2019 8 min read

by Sarah Makhluf

Sarah is a freelance content writer from Boston, MA. She loves traveling, fashion, and the beach.


Taller men with longer arms and torsos know the struggle of finding the perfect leather jacket. A great leather jacket is a staple piece every man should have in their wardrobes. They are timeless, effortlessly cool, simple to dress up or down, and usually last for years if not a lifetime.

Tall men face many issues when shopping for clothes and buying a perfect leather jacket is no different. While some stores today cater to the big and tall customers, is it really enough? Do these manufacturers know what will look best on their customers, or are they just trying to cover all the bases by offering one or two jackets in a larger size? With plus size women’s fashion on a steady rise, isn’t it time for the men to catch up? Companies must become more aware that just adding a few extra inches to the torso and the sleeves is not cutting it anymore. Plus size men are seeking clothing that caters to their unique body types, with pieces that fit them like a glove. Keep reading for the top brands for big and tall leather jackets, and new alternatives to shopping at your average retailers.

What is big and tall clothing

Big and tall clothing is specially designed for men 6’2’’ or taller. These clothes are cut for men with larger waist, chest, and hip sizes. Tall men face a host of issues when shopping for adequately fitting clothes, big and tall sizes are there to try and help lager guys find clothes that fit. Whether you are longer in your torso or legs, big and tall sized offer a more extensive range than your average XS-2XL. Big and tall sizes begin from 1XL, and depending on the brand can go up to an 8XL, and up.

Brands/stores that offer Big and Tall leather jackets

DestinationXL- DXL is probably the go-to for most plus size men; they are easily found in most shopping malls throughout the USA. They exclusively sell men’s clothing and cater solely to larger guys, with their jacket sizes start at 46 and going to 64. Their clothing ranges from 1XL to 6 XL, with many their items coming in a tall option as well. They offer more than 10 leather jackets on their site, which is considerable for a plus size shop; however, they don’t have the best selection of sizes currently on the site, so that may mean their clothes sell out quick, or they don’t re-stock often.

Kohl’s - This superstore sells plus size leather jackets by the brand Big & Tall Franchise Club. Their handcrafted lambskin leather jackets start from size 3X and go up to size 6X. They have a fair range of leather jacket styles to from, including leather vests, and even a leather suit jacket. While the brand is not exclusive to Kohl’s, that’s where you will find the most options.

King Size - KS is another store geared solely to plus-size clientele. For over 100 years, King Size has been offering larger men more options when it comes to their everyday wardrobes. This size inclusive company offers leather jackets starting from size XL to size 8XL, making it one of the stores with the broadest range of big and tall men's leather jackets. They also cater to big length and tall length, giving extra room where necessary to ensure a better fit.

Big and tall leather jackets

How these companies are not cutting it

While the stores mentioned above do offer a range of plus size leather jackets for men, customers are still saying it’s not enough. Consumers are tired of spending their hard earned money on subpar jackets, merely making the jacket wider or the arms longer is not doing the trick. Larger guys are demanding properly fitting leather jackets, that look and feel great, as they should. The underlying issue is here the gross lack of options for plus size men. Why should they have one or two jacket options in a massive store to choose from? The problem here is that men with bigger builds and frames are limited to shopping in stores that are only geared toward big and tall. The average leather jacket company with straight sizing needs to work on making more size inclusive products for their customers who don’t wish to only shop at a specialty store.

What’s the solution to the problem?

While stores should add more inventory for big and tall men, there may be an even better option. In the last decade, custom made clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women have been making waves in the fashion industry. Retailers offering custom sizing and designs are seeing an influx in happy customers, and in turn, gaining more business. The same goes for leather jackets. The days of bigger men having limited options when it comes to leather jackets are over thanks to companies like Independence Brothers, and The Jacket Maker who are making it their goal for every man to find the perfect fitting leather jacket. Going custom means you can get any size you wish, ensuring a perfect fit.

Custom-made leather jackets vs. off the rack


  • No size limitations
  • Guaranteed a perfect fit
  • Complete control over the design: color, style, material, shape, and lining
  • Quality materials are used
  • More opportunities to express your personal style
  • No time wasted shopping in stores


  • Sometimes more pricey than high street or typical stores
  • There is a waiting period. Custom-made leather jackets are usually hand-made, which can take up to several weeks
  • Customization is still limited, while the options are much greater than regular stores, there is a cap on how much a customer can tweak a garment
Custom made leather jacket

Common problems men face when shopping in regular stores

Bigger men know the struggle of walking into a local mall or boutique shopping center; they know their options will be limited if they have any at all. The issue with stores only offering straight sizing is the fact that a considerable percentage of men are missing out. Either an item will not come in their size at all, or maybe it has to be special ordered. Owning a custom made jacket takes away the negative feelings associated with going into a retailer and not finding anything that fits properly. When you have a jacket custom made, it’s guaranteed to fit your body like a glove, and no need to feel embarrassed about asking for a larger size. There is no reason why men who fall under the big and tall category should have a hard time finding clothes. Stores who offer custom made goods are trying to break this barrier, so many men face.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

The beauty of a custom-made leather jacket that fits your body just right

You may be surprised by just how many benefits a bespoke leather jacket can give you. Did you know that clothing is scientifically proven to have mood-boosting properties, or that people will make their first impression of you within 7 seconds, wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward, or in this case, best leather jacket to ensure you’re always ready to meet new people and feel great doing so?

  • Confidence - Why is it that when we are wearing clothes that fit us right and look great that we get a confidence boost? Believe it or not, it’s scientifically proven that wearing ill-fitting clothes will make people feel less put together, less confident, and can even have an effect on their business lives. Having the perfect leather jacket that can be worn anywhere will give you the feeling of comfort that you will always be on trend, always look sharp, and still be ready to walk into any room or situation with confidence.
  • Mood - Clothes change the way you think. Wearing athletic clothes may make you more motivated to work out and wearing a suit may make you feel ready to talk on any boardroom. The same goes for a properly fitted leather jacket. When most people think of leather jackets, their minds wander to the ‘badasses’ of the past, like Marlon Brando in the 1950s. Today, owning the perfect leather jacket still gives you that feeling of being slightly tough but still cool.
  • Showcase personality - Technology has changed the fashion industry forever; today, there are exceptionally more options for customers to customize their clothing, shoes, and even accessories. A custom leather jacket can be used as not only a fashion statement but also a symbol of your personal style. Most leather jackets come in black or brown, but with customization finding a big and tall jacket in red, blue, or even green is not that hard to come by. Show off your personality with choosing fun or bright colors for the lining, or have your custom jacket embroidered with words or patches. How cool is the feeling of knowing you are the only one in the world with that specific jacket?
Leather jacket for your personality

Styling tips for big and tall leather jackets

After finding your perfect leather jacket, or having it custom made, it’s time for the fun part. Remember above when we talked about expressing your personal style, well with these tips you’ll be able to show off even more.

  • Add a pop of color - If having a blue or red custom made jacket is not your thing, try pairing your big and tall leather jackets with a brightly colored shirt underneath to add a sense of style and dimension to your outfit. For a more subtle look try a light blue, or for the braver a soft pink can look great paired with a black leather jacket.
  • Embrace the classic look - The motorcycle look has not gone out of style in over five decades, there has to be a reason right? The effortless cool vibes given off by a moto jacket are incomparable to others. To give this look a more modern feel, try pairing your moto jacket with a button-down shirt underneath as opposed to the plain white t the guys in the past have sported.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear it every day - This jacket should be something you will want to throw on over any outfit, dressy or casual. Don’t save your one of a kind leather jacket just for special occasions, use it daily to make it mold to your body and become a like a second skin.
  • Take care of your leather - Always be sure to hang up your jacket at the end of the day, never leave it bundled up on the sofa or in a car to avoid the leather creasing. If needed condition your leather every once in a while to ensure it will never dry out. With proper care, leather jackets can last a lifetime. If you plan to wear your jacket in the winter during the snow and rain months, be sure to spray it with a water protectant, if not the leather made fade or get small spots of discoloration.
Leather jacket styling tips

Thanks so much for reading, writing this article and shedding light on this unfortunate problem plus size men face while shopping is something I am passionate about. I believe all men and women deserve well-fitting clothing that makes them feel as if they are on top of the world. The best thing about living in a world filled with innovations and technology is the opportunities for us to showcase our styles and ensure we all have clothes that fit. If you enjoyed this read, please leave us a comment below and share with family, friend, and anyone you think may be interested in learning a thing or two about men’s fashion.

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